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  1. What gets me more is that Gateshead are playing their home games 112 miles away.
  2. Try Wales. Start with a club in the 2nd tier, you'll have attendances in the 100's, hardly any TV money and part of the challenge could be to increase the reputation of the league.
  3. This could actually be quite interesting from a marketing point of view for SI. I first played Championship Manager when I was 11 back in 1997 (so yes, I'm in that "above 30 category!) From then and a few years afterwards I had a number of friends in school who played it too, at that point all under 15 yet now, according to this poll anyway, nobody under 15 is playing it. Or it could just be that the kids don't use internet forums anymore, I don't know.
  4. This kind of reminds me of a scene from Only Fools and Horses "All the players are mad at me" "Why?" "I don't know!" "You must have an idea, when did this start?" "Well... the players thought it would be a great idea to go to Qatar for the warm weather. I agreed so I sorted it all out, rented to best facilities there money could rent" "And was it a good trip?" "Yeah, I thought it was but then all the players got mad at me. I think what it might be was that I heard later, through friends, that they wanted to come with me!"
  5. I had one once years back but had terrible stats so didn't even give him a youth contract. I guess that's what he got for taking after his mother....
  6. I've been playing since Championship Manager 2. If that person gets a discount, I want one too! I've also had every Playstation console since the original, I want a discount when the PS5 comes out! I've paid my mortgage every single month for the past 6 years, I should get a discount on that too!
  7. This is a really great read and probably the best format on this forum. I only have one very minor gripe is when you say "Premiership". The league was renamed from the FA Premiership to Premier League in 2007 when it became independent of the Football Association. Just a very minor thing, but I love this career and keep it going!
  8. Loving the screenshots of the stadium. Well after it was maxed out, about a season later, the option appeared in board requests to expand the stadium so I just went for it and managed to get it after planning permission was granted.
  9. Great read as always. I remember reading yours from last year so I was glad to see you're doing it again. With regards to the stadium, I believe the maximum size is just the maximum size allowed without having to apply for planning permission. I had a similar issue in last years game after I thought my stadium was maxed out but we managed to increase further after successfully applying for planning permission.
  10. I live in walking distance from Moor Lane/Peninsula Stadium and technically it could actually be one of the oldest "stadiums" in the country, there's records of a Manchester rugby team playing there as far back as the 1850's (I think it is). Obviously the ground has changed a lot since then and more than one time! EDIT: Looking on Wikipedia, records go even further back to 1687 as the land was part of a racecourse ground.
  11. Just an update on this, he is now a wonderkid
  12. I had a centre half like that come through my system. He had bags of potential though so I worked on it. Finally he agreed to be tutored and his personality changed to "balanced" and now he's coming along nicely, he's 18 and a full Welsh international.
  13. I guess you could get permission from the club to talk to the player, agree personal terms etc. and then you go back to the club to arrange a fee.
  14. I literally had the same thing on my game last night. They wanted a selling team wage contribution of £16.25k a week yet I'm currently paying the player £5.25k a week. So yeah, the answer was no!
  15. The manager of an opposing team was bad-mouthing me in the press. Their top scorer was on loan from me so I recalled the player. They started to fall down the league!
  16. Beechfield United in the football league! Please can you show me league history and etc for them?
  17. Haha, I thought the same. I've been on it for the past 6 weeks or so at my work!
  18. The lump sum at the end of the season is prize money for the league. If you look at the league rules on the game, it tells you how much you'll get depending on what position you finish.
  19. For this reason, as I've maxed out my training facilities, I never allow a player under 18 to go out on loan.
  20. I think this is right. The top seeds in the group stage are the 7 league champions of the top 7 coefficient leagues and the holders (top 8 leagues if the holders are also the champions of their top 7 coefficient league). Leicester City were top seeds in the 2016/17 season.
  21. Haha thanks! No mans better than another though; we all have different qualities. My first game was actually the same, a 6-0 loss in Europe. I regularly qualify for the European group stages now. If it's the Champions League, I always finish bottom of the group and if it's the Europa League I usually get through to the round of 32. I'm in season 31/32 now, the Welsh Premier League is ranked 41st, was 105th when I took over.
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