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  1. Thou shalt always lose your 12 game unbeaten streak to a championship side due to a 90th minute goal from 25 yards out. thou shalt always have their save ruined by their laptop battery dying and youve got to play the 10 games you played before the defeat of the battery.
  2. Does anyone watch the full match or leave it to highlights? I find highlights a bit boring but them again the full math could last up to 90 minutes which is also a lon time ti watvh a match. how does everyone else watvh the match?
  3. Believe it or not, I drew 0-0 twice in a row and to be honest. It made me happy. The formation I use gets me a clean sheet majority of the timr though I may concede sloppy goals which ovbiously is coming through my tatics.
  4. As I posted above, what I meant by deadly is affective not thumping deadly lol. I just added the youngster bit into it due to my starting 11 having 1 player over 21 so it was more of a "put it there just because of 5-3-2 as the title is bland" lol As your suggestion to the penetration in the box, I also stated it above The majority of goals start with the team around the half way line (the CF being no forward than the D) and it's built up. Yes, I also admit. I got leaked once or twice out of the 5 conceded since usig this tactic but thats expected.
  5. As I said its a work in progress. When I update the thread with screenshots and more detail, you'll see what I mean. I'll providing examples of how it works for me throughout a match against a weaker then a stronger team and etc. Should be done tomorrow night. yes, players are on support also for the main fact of the defensive side. What I am gathering with this formation and tactic is that my whole team starts around the half way line, they pass the ball about, working their way upfront as it will show on the screenshots via action zones. The counter mentality is there for the aspect of patience. And I meant deadly as in affective, yes I score of course but my shooting accuracy is horrible at the minute. I want my players to pass into the box and be affective and its coming along but not as I want it. Just to add, 2 more games won. Scoring a total of 5 and conceding 1. 3-1 v Swansea (A) and 2-0 v Southampton (H)
  6. Their tactics? Analysis the game, their strongest points and their weak points. Try and exploit their fullbacks/centerbacks if theyre having a bad game. Look for ways to exploit the tactics they use. However, I'd put on a more counter mentality if it was me. Switching the midfield to 3 men so you woulf have 4-1-3-1 if you were using 4141. If it was 442 id change to 441 or even the 4-1-3-1. Put the midfielders into a more support role like box to box, deep lying playmaker and a CM support. Also your full backs, change them to wing backs (support). Give them instructions to stay wider. Thing I noticed about the counter mentality is that it brings a patient game, so click shorter passing on the team instructions. This will change if youre losing of course but going by what you wrote, no-one will know what you were up against, the score of the match and etc.
  7. I had the choice to talk to him or contract offering (he wasn't that interested) but contract went smoothly and only took one attempt.
  8. Start praising players, try and make sure everyone is happy with the training. When giving the chance, speak to the squad. Give them morale support for their upcoming work. Soon as you win a couple of games morale will rise too. For example, Woodrow at the start of the season hated being at Fulham, his heart was set on leaving to Tottenham. I rejected, broke my promise to let him go. He took it to the press. Couple of games into the season he scored 5 goals, and 5 assists and he then released to the media he is very happy to stay at Fulham and he even signed a new deal and scored 4 goals on his England debut. So, games is a huge factor as my squad harmony was below half way due to this now its top again.
  9. I ain't an expert or even that knowledgeable of the FM system but I want to put my input down on it. Lower league, I'm assuming ammetuer (semi) contracted players? Some players like their team bond, their local team. So I'm assuming it could be one of those reasons. These players may not be in it for the money but for the fun, and team bond?
  10. I got my staff assessing them, telling me if theyre worth the new contract. Then I will decide what player deserves the contract. I find this better as I like my staff focused on the youth leaving me, my coaches and assistant(whom is useless and only useful for the 2 weeks review).
  11. A notion As I was playing football manager, I recently got promoted by Fulham and now on my second season. I used to play with a 4-2-3-1 which was okay but not effective defensively as I wanted it to be. I decided for a change two games in to my Premier League when I faced Manchester City (H) with a 4-1-2-1-2 formation, put on a counter mentality with a structured play. I scraped a 1-0 win however this is just how I thought to myself, defensive play works. I want to try and build something like Van Gaal's Manchester United but a bit of my own twist. I want to try and establish possession, short passing and deadly attacking while remaining composed and unbreakable at the back. With my Fulham team this seems to be working well, achieving 7 games unbeaten (5 in the league, 2 in the CAP cup.. and to brag it is 9 games but didn't use this formation for the start of the season lol). It may pick up some draws, but a draw is point more than a loss. As you will see, I have a fairly young starting 11 with my oldest player being Rocker at CB (25) and second youngest Jorenan, GK (22). With this formation in place, I have only conceded 4 goals and scoring 13 in those 7 games. So to start it off here is the formation ----------------------------GK(D)--------------- ---------------CB(D)------CB(D)-------CB(D)--------------- WB(S)---------------------------------------------WB(S) -------------------DLP(S)------BBM(S)---------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- IF(S)------------------------------------------------AP(S)--- ---------------------------CF(S)------------------ Why did I choose the roles I did? GK (D) - I don't want him coming out, making bad decisions and probably costing us a goal. Jorenan is great at shot stopping and has proved that, so therefore that's where I want him to be (on the line). Player Instructions - Distribute to Flanks (solely on the purpose of creating width) - Take short kicks (I don't want it humped up the field to no man's land) - Pass it shorter. .......... CB (D) - All three CBs to be set at Center Back (defend), I personally don't like messing about with the CB role, so I keep it simple and it proves to work. PI - Close down less (I don't want my CBs being dragged out of position to close down someone when it could exploit the rest of the defence) - Pass it shorter. ...... Wing Backs (support) - Both of my WBs will remain on support for the purpose of their importance when attacking but also defending. Right WB PI - Stay wider - Pass shorter Left WB PI - I find my left side stronger than my right due to the options I have so therefore I would get that side to play more of the football. - Stay wider - Pass shorter - Cross less often - Shoot less often - Fewer risky passes .......... Now for the two players in the center of midfield. Left CM will be giving the role of box to box midfielder (support) - I find this role is great, the player has to have good stamina or else you'll probably waste a substitute just subbing the player off due to the stamina side of things. BBM(S) PI - Close down more - Pass it shorter - Fewer risky passes - Move into channels (I want this player to create space in the middle, look for the ball and be the perfect joint partner in CM) Right CM will be giving the role of deep lying playmaker (support) - This type of player wants to intitate attacks looking for through balls and etc, and is great at defence. DLP(S) PI - Close down more - Pass it shorter (due to the role, it's the role's nature to initiate long through balls and etc and I want that too change) ......... AM® is the next position, giving the role of inside forward (support) IF(S) PI - Close down more - Pass it shorter AM(L) is giving the role of advanced playmaker(s) AP(S) PI - Pass it shorter. - Close down more ........ My upfront guy will be a center forward (S) CF(S) PI - Pass it shorter - Close down more - Move into channels. Team Instructions; - Retain possession - Shorter passing - High tempo - push higher up - work ball into box This thread is still under construction, screenshots and etc will be provided soon as I return when I get back home. If anyone has feedback please don't hesitate to let me know if it can be exploited. This is also my first attempt so if you're going to go all critic on me then please be polite as we all start somewhere at some point.
  12. Dele Alli and Martin Odegaard. Two CMs wgich are solid defensive and offensive. I just played them together. Odegaard had several positions before then but Alli likes 1,2s and and this comes in great with Odegard who is composed and also the same mentality.
  13. Yeah, exactly what I did. A couple of regens and Sebrotic (or something) from Celtic. All for less than 15m. So a bargain for me.
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