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  1. I've had David DeGea win POM once. And deservedly. But generally, yes, the ratings are depressed. More notably though, a keeper who performs heroics in a penalty shootout never gets a cherry on top. If missing a penalty can depress ratings unrealistically, then saving one in the 90 mins or in a shootout deserves a big uptick.
  2. I have to say, I haven't found this. Before the ME update, most crosses weren't clearing the first man for me, and when they did the headers ballooned. That seems to have been fixed in the update, but I'm still not seeing a disproportionate amount of goals from headers.
  3. Aha! Brilliant! Thank you.
  4. I get messages saying that the loan manager has accepted a loan offer because the player is on the loan list. I can't fid the loan list. Am I missing something, or do I just have to go through over player in the underage squads to check they're not about to be loaned out?
  5. Does it actually impact on how the game goes for you? If you fulfil the more tangible targets, would you still get fired for not having the best youth system? I doubt it, but I could be wrong. It might be one of those things -like the tactical advice you get from coaches - which is largely irrelevant.
  6. Don’t get hung up on those lists of wonder kids, or players you “must sign”. Buy players with good teamwork and work rate. Especially with clubs who are not elite teams.
  7. I've just got to 2021, and suddenly at the end of the season there it is. It could do with a bit more signposting - despite only being a few weeks after the end of season, players' recovery times seem very slow. There's a completely new format with much better teams which is good, but one day between group and quarterfinal. And suddenly, your board thinks it desirable, when in the past it has been unimportant. Is this a reflection of a change in real life? Given how much clutter there is in the inbox, and how poor much of what lands there is, it would help to be given more information.
  8. It has, and it's a shame - personally, I'd love it to be a more active part of the game: hunting down the right assistant manager and coaches, so that it has some bearing on the game. But I guess it would need such a sea-change in the game that it would be unfeasible.
  9. I'm probably being dumb here, but what does that mean if you run FM19 (or subsequent iterations) via the Steam client, which is 32 bit?
  10. Leaving aside the legal issues, I'm not sure what it's supposed to add to the game, in terms of your skill as a player. I mean, what's supposed to happen?
  11. I have a soft spot for Sheffield United. And the idea of getting my head round centre backs who overlap is challenging. I've never managed Barca. I might revolutionise them. There are a few players there who seem over-rated to me, and the issue of how to replace Messi in a couple of years time would be interesting.
  12. A very bold statement that football is in the lap of the gods anyway. I salute you.
  13. So, halfway through the next season, an update. He dropped his concern after another month or so. Then, it surfaced again, without any disagreements - that's to say, apparently for no reason. I thought it might have been gone at the end of the season. Following season, it's still there. He signed a new, improved contract, is listed as holding me in the highest regard, but now it's turned up in an Assistant Manager's report. It doesn't seem to be having any effect otherwise, and is really just an irritant.
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