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  1. I'm probably being dumb here, but what does that mean if you run FM19 (or subsequent iterations) via the Steam client, which is 32 bit?
  2. Leaving aside the legal issues, I'm not sure what it's supposed to add to the game, in terms of your skill as a player. I mean, what's supposed to happen?
  3. I have a soft spot for Sheffield United. And the idea of getting my head round centre backs who overlap is challenging. I've never managed Barca. I might revolutionise them. There are a few players there who seem over-rated to me, and the issue of how to replace Messi in a couple of years time would be interesting.
  4. A very bold statement that football is in the lap of the gods anyway. I salute you.
  5. So, halfway through the next season, an update. He dropped his concern after another month or so. Then, it surfaced again, without any disagreements - that's to say, apparently for no reason. I thought it might have been gone at the end of the season. Following season, it's still there. He signed a new, improved contract, is listed as holding me in the highest regard, but now it's turned up in an Assistant Manager's report. It doesn't seem to be having any effect otherwise, and is really just an irritant.
  6. I play it on a MacBook Air, with no problems.
  7. I use the tactical briefing, and I can't make head nor tail of the colour coding. I think @theinfamousmielie might be right about it being the AM's preference, but since much of what he advises overall seems to be just plain wrong, I don't know. Occasionally the team will not agree with my instruction, then agree with something else enthusiastically, but I'm not sure how much difference it makes. If I omit the PMTB, it sometimes feels as if the gears are grinding a bit, but that might just be my perception. I'm not convinced that it makes a lot of difference overall.
  8. I suspect it's to do with sales - in fact. I'm pretty sure that @Hunter said this last year. It's more likely to be more attractive to players who - for instance - don't buy the game every year - by saying "we have shiny new features which make the game different and better", than "hey we fixed that thing you didn't like." I'm not saying it's right, or persistent faults aren't annoying, but I suspect that this forum represents a fairly narrow proportion of their customers, and it might well be that the things that annoy dedicated players just get a shrug from most people. I'm happy to stand corrected if anyone can give me statistics of how many people buy the game as opposed to how many people are on this forum, but marketing departments have priorities and it's probable that attracting new business is their priority here. I'm not saying they don't pay attention to what is being said here, btw. Just that there's a bigger picture.
  9. Not what I said. My issue is with the over-reaction. And as for one red card a season - Milinkovic-Savic alone has had three. Herrera also fulfilled his reputation for being a s**thouse, and reliably patronised the bath before his team-mates. I don't mind the reds - it's a function of players getting stuck in. After all Arsenal and Man Utd had their most successful periods with Vieira and Roy Keane regularly getting sent off.
  10. Yes, good point. Do you have a suggestion for how to deal with it?
  11. I always treat it as integral to the game that you have to decide what to ignore, and what to act on: the assistant manager, for example, regularly talks nonsense about what traits you should discourage when they are actually beneficial tot he player, or what tactics to adopt. I don't think t's a strength of the game, but if you just had to click yes to everything, it wouldn't be much of a game.
  12. It's only few games ago. And it's mid-season, so I'm going to give him games, see if he gets over it. Real Madrid are watching him, so we shall see. He was a replacement for Pogba, who wanted to go, unprovoked by anything I did, and who hasn't been missed. So I am open to a lucrative offer :-)
  13. Yes, perhaps, though I don't think the situations are comparable. And a red card - two yellows or not - is not a minor indiscretion.
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