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  1. Funny idea for an experiment. I admit I'm not that well-versed in Christian mythos but this seems really interesting. I have a feeling most of the demons will end up somewhere plastic.
  2. Yay! Sims are more fun than real games anyway
  3. I notice that FM15 and 16 are officially available on Amazon. Will FM17 be available when it comes out, and will sales on it apply?
  4. Thinking about signing this Mitsuki Sato? Would be interesting... Also, good to see two Israeli teams in the Europa groups. Are coefficients more flexible with all the loaded leagues? How's Israel's?
  5. God, that Jacopo Casadei is insane. Shame it didn't come to anything, but maybe like Tim Howard he'll be immortalized for those saves.
  6. I have to say I really love how deep this thread has gotten into FM the game, FM the computer program, and FM the realistic simulation of world football. It's fascinating and admirable how much y'all have figured out prompted only by San Marino and youth only games.
  7. I like that you've signed so many players of different nationalities. Surprised so many Japanese players would want to come to NEC.
  8. Wow, what a save so far! Had me hooked straight from the beginning. Hope all keeps going well in France--maybe a decent shot in Europe is soon to come. I like the slower pace a lot, too. Gets a good sense of your ~universe~ going. I hope your Portuguese youth prospects are developing well.
  9. What a save you've had so far! I'm really impressed you got a Maldives player to actually join a big European league. Let's hope Ibrahim stays around there, and doesn't take some lofty deal in China to sabotage your Asian Cup run
  10. Definitely a very engaging read. I know very little about Scotland's team, but I think the mid-2000s attempts will be very interesting. Can you win the Euros over Greece?
  11. Is Euro qualification still weirdly glitched to have teams with terrible results go through to the playoffs? It really bothers me in FM15.
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