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  1. Signed a 39 y/o Rickie Lambert for Bristol Rovers, played well in CM
  2. Exactly the same with me, so annoying. I've tried changing training/tactics etc but I always get atleast 1 yellow injury. I just keep a large squad now, which also brings it's own problems
  3. Happened to me with Watford. Someone else just takes over. Unfortunately for me he wasnt as ambitious as the italian
  4. Purchased the in game editor to see my hidden attritubutes amongst other things. One thing i noticed is my Professionalism is 1 - does anyone know what affects this? I assume something like applying for jobs etc. Pressure is 17 - nice and high but not sure why And my Ambition is 4?? but I've moved from the conference to the Prem
  5. Warn/fine the players and sell the ones with the worst conduct. But also chek out your tactics, could be that your asking them to get tight, make hard tackles etc
  6. couple off the top of my head 1. No scroll down/up arrow on player search - you have to drag the bar which is annoying if you have alot of search results. 2. Player complaints about first team football - annoying especially if they are back up players 3. In game inuries - so many! always 1/2 injuries every game, cut it out.
  7. If they're good enough they're old enough. I like to give my regens early debuts. With my conference team I had a 15 year old keeper, few years later I sold him to Leicester for half a mill. I'm now in the prem and have a 17 year old CM in my first 11
  8. On my new Journeyman save Leeds have fell to League 2 in 4 years and currently sit 17th. I did apply for their job while they were in League 1 but chose Danny Wilson (since sacked). Sod them now
  9. Had a mail from my HOYD saying one of my promising players has suffered a significant set back in his attitude lately. Says an off field event has severly affected his determination, infact it went from 14 down to 2! Would be interesting to know what it was as he was going to be a decent squad member before it. Oh well, guess hes one for the scrap heap now.. just wondering if anyone had come across it before? it cant be that common surely.
  10. Bernd Leno can be signed quite cheap, Real Madrid got him for 9 million on my save. Sergio Romero is a free agent after first season
  11. Literally just had a stoke one too, an Irainian tycoon. Philosophy is to sign high profile players. In December 2017 at the minute.
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