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  1. I'm pro monarchy and said no . I think the idea of knighthoods seem a bit out of date now - it's one of the things i'd scrap altogher to be honest. Not that i'll be able to scrap them I guess
  2. Southgate reminds me of an NFL coach - very methodical and organised and very often risk averse. I thought Italy were there for the taking in the 1st half - they could barely string two passes together. He needs to learn how to kill good teams off I think. I think when Italy came out for the 2nd half they were much improved and controlled things. I think you're right when you say Mancini made good tactical choices.
  3. My heart says England, but my head says Italy. I think both teams will probably score, but I just think Italy are the bigger threat in front of goal. I think that will pay off in the end. But I think it'll be a great game regardless of who wins. Both teams are deserving champions.
  4. Two ex Darlington keepers playing tonight - the first time that's ever happened in an international like this . Both made their debuts for the Quakers too.
  5. Wasn't there someone who had a season ticket for a football club a lot of years ago who ended up living at the stadium because the ST entitled him to do that? Can't remember much more than that of the story, but i'm sure it happened. As for tonight's game I can't see past Italy - Spain seem to score goals without their strikers looking particularly convincing. I think 2 - 0 Italy.
  6. I've only seen highlights of Italy in the tournament so far but from what i've seen they look good, whereas I think Spain have gone one step too far. So I think it'll be an Italy win. Home advantage could be huge for England I think, but equally Denmark have really impressed me. I think this one will be close, but I can see England winning in extra time due to the depth of the squad.
  7. I think all the games here could be quite close. England on paper have the easiest game. But if the Ukraine sit back will England become more adventurous, or play as they have done and take minimal risk? I'll go for: Spain to beat Switzerland. Switzerland look good though and I think they have 2 great strikers. I think they'll almost certainly score against the Spanish, but you'd expect Spain to have a bit too much know how. 2-1. Belgium to beat Italy. It's anyone's guess here, but I think the Belgians will sneak a win. 2-1. Denmark to beat Czech Rep. Of all the teams i've seen Denmark have probably impressed me the most. Not necessarily the best team, but the most surprising team in a positive way. They've got a great team spirit and seem capable of scoring goals. 2-0 England to beat Ukraine. You'd expect England to score over the 90 mins and I can't see the Ukraine offering too much up front. But I think it could be closer than people expect. 1-0
  8. England played very well and didn't really do anything wrong. I agree with you on the slow build up too. I think the big problem will be if England play against a team who just sit back and don't look to attack. I think England's game is largely based around playing it safe and being strong defensively. It'll be interesting to see what happens if/when they play Denmark. For me they are the big danger. But they have a tricky game vs the Czech's.
  9. I can't really see many shocks happening in this round. 1. Denmark (I think this is the most unpredictable game for me) 2. Italy 3. Netherlands 4. Belgium 5. Spain 6. France 7. England (I think home advantage will be key here) 8. Sweden
  10. Right now i'm not totally convinced by any of England's front three. Foden is doing ok, but I think both Kane and Sterling are not really offering much at the moment. It's a bit surprising as they're both good players, but I think they're playing well within themselves right now. I'd like to see Southgate make a few changes to the team and add a bit of creativity. One player i've not really seen much of in the PL is Declan Rice, but watching him play for England i've no idea what the fuss is about - he looks bang average to me. I'll probably be missing something, but i've no idea what at the moment. I think England need a creative player to operate in the centre of midfield. Someone who can pass the ball a bit and get forward to support the attack. Grealish is probably best suited to the role i'm thinking of. But with a few changes I think England can get back on track.
  11. It's a really crafty way of advertising because if you have a can of coke near Cristiano Ronaldo for example, he's effectively promoting it, as the advertising is suggesting that it's there as he will drink it. So that could influence people to buy coca cola. I remember years ago companies like Coke were banned from plugging their products in films and TV shows as there was no need for their products to be shown as part of a story. They'll do anything to plug their products really.
  12. I'm English and am predicting a 2-1 win. I think it'll be quite close to be honest as it's a Derby and most of the players will be quite familiar with each other. I watched Scotland the other day and thought they looked alright. They just lack a couple of strikers really. My concern about England is the football they play. I think Southgate is largely safety first and it's a bit negative at times. I think he sets up teams to do just what they have to do. Which is probably fine in a tournament. But i'd like to see a bit more of an attacking threat tonight. Whatever happens I hope both teams can progress in the tournament.
  13. I think some of the bigger teams in Europe will be keeping tabs on Miranchuk of Russia, after his goal/performance yesterday.
  14. I think it's been ok so far - I haven't seen all of the games but what I have seen has been decent. I thought England were ok - but a bit negative at times. It was very much a performance about getting the win, and they got that. But they'll have to step up a bit as the tournament progresses. I didn't know what to make of Portugal yesterday. At times I thought they were great, other times they were awful. There was far too much cross field passing for me. But when they made the substitutions they looked a much better team. I thought Renato Sanches was great in the few minutes he played as he added a lot more drive to their team. Everyone else that i've seen has been much of a muchness. It'll come down to the star players like Mbappe, Ronaldo etc to make the difference in the later stages of the Euros. Before the tournament started I thought the last 4 would be England, France, Belgium and a surprise team. so I went for Russia, and I think they'll all be thereabouts at the end. One team I would like to mention though are Hungary. I know they are a bit limited. But I thought their work ethic and attitude was brilliant yesterday, so they can take credit for that, even if they did fall to defeat.
  15. I think Scotland will win this afternoon. I know they struggled to qualify, but it's a fresh start for them and I think home advantage will swing it in their favour.
  16. You couldn't be more correct. About 10 years ago my Mum was walking in the street and collapsed - her heart had stopped. By pure chance she collapsed right outside a Drs surgery and a nurse was inside, who ran out and resuscitated her. Pure chance really. She spent some time in an induced coma in intensive care, but made a complete recovery.
  17. I'm managing Nice in Ligue 1 and we've just had a takeover where the new owner has decided to float the club on the Stock Market and turn it into a PLC. I know roughly how a PLC works - it's a way of generating cash for the club through shares, with limited liability for the owner. But I was wondering if anyone has had this before and if there could be other benefits to the takeover?
  18. I've never had a team that dominant, but in FM20 I managed to build a St Etienne team that won Ligue 1 3 years in a row, with not necessarily the best players. There were probably 2 or 3 teams in the league with better players than me. But I had the best team. In the 4th year of my title winning run I sold a key player as he wanted to leave and had some key injuries, so I remember finishing 4th that year. Nowhere near challenging for the title. It probably kept my interest in the game as I had a bit of a challenge from that. I think if I had finished outside of the CL spots one year it would have been disastrous for me as that money meant my team could challenge at the top. We were hopeless in Europe though.
  19. I think it's England's to lose this time around. If things go to plan and all the games are at Wembley that's a huge advantage, even with a limited crowd. I think Belgium are the real danger as I think they're the best team. But after that I don't think there is anyone to really worry about. France are bound to be there or thereabouts and there'll probably be a surprise package. Maybe Russia again. Italy and Germany will flatter to deceive I think.
  20. I haven't seen any Tycoon takeovers yet in FM21. I'm playing in France in 23/24 where there were always quite a few on other versions. But nothing so far. The nearest I saw (so far) was Lille being linked with a Tycoon right at the start of the game. But nothing came of it. I've had a look in England and there's nothing going on there either. Newcastle have been taken over twice within the space of 6 months. But both times a consortium took control.
  21. It varies for me - last time in FM20 I managed at Sochaux and did better than expected by getting them promotion straight away and landing a mid table finish in Ligue 1 the following season. The year after that I was rock bottom but St Etienne came in for me and I took that job. I ended up winning them a few titles and cups so must have spent 10 years there. This time around I started at Red Star who were expected to be promoted into Ligue 2, I achieved that and took over at Le Havre the next season - took them up too via the play offs but struggled massively in Ligue 1. So when I say that Nice were bottom of the table and were interested in me in the press I went for that job and took it. Got them relegated though, so now i'm in Ligue 2 with the expectation of promotion. If I don't achieve that I think i'll be looking for my 4th job in 4 years. But if I do go up I think I can lead them to some good times. So I intend to stay put.
  22. I hate playing 'weakened' teams so I rotate as little as possible. I tend to only take players out of the team if they're carrying an injury or have lost a bit of form. I tend to like small squads too. Maybe 20 in the first team squad, but if I have a good youth set up i'm not afraid to put some 16 or 17 year olds into the team at times. Usually if they're what I think are really good prospects. The other thing I like are players who are versatlie and can play in a few positions on the pitch, so I think that takes away a bit of the need of rotation for me.
  23. This has happened to me a few times. I find that if you just carry on playing him and if he sees the team doing well, eventually he may be happy at the club again. I think it's a real problem if he is close to the end of his contract - then you'd probably lose him due to his unhappiness. But if he has a few years on his contract i'd just carry on as normal with him. Keep him in the team etc and hopefully he'll come to his senses after a while. Praise him after training/good games etc as well.
  24. I've just taken over at Le Havre in the second season on FM. I had a look at the squad and thought they looked a bit light up front but I didn't have enough money to buy anyone that I wanted. so I decided to try one of the players they had there. I plumped for a player called Godwin Bentil who is about 20 years old and had previously scored 2 goals in his career. I don't know if it's the system i'm playing but i've never seen anything like him. He's started 20 games for me and grabbed 21 goals so far. He's broken into the Ghana squad too, unfortunately missing a few games due to being called up by them for the Cup of Nations. Right now, when he gets the ball in the box, I just think this is going to be a goal. He's never offside too. Hopefully he'll keep this form up for a while longer, but at the moment i'd say check him out.
  25. I've just started playing this version of FM and my first impressions are that there is just too much unecessary info now. The game appears to be heading down the tactical route much more I think, but when I play I usually dismiss a lot of the stats and concentrate on what I see on the pitch. So far I think FM 21 has taken a step backwards in gameplay. But it's early days for me yet.
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