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  1. maybe its because his name is so bad they dont wanna play with him ha
  2. is there any rich team in the lower leagues i can get a bit of fun with before FM12 comes out?
  3. all i really want is a better transfer system. I want sagas like Fabregas where a team keeps bidding for and him keeps talking about him until they catch him instead of making one really lame offer for your star player and you doubling what they offered and then the transfer being over because they dont agree with you. Its really lame and its about time they done something about it. Yeah id like to see other things like the F.A getting involved but they need to sort out the main things first then add these little things.
  4. I wouldnt say that, remember a young boy called Lulinha??
  5. He had a terrible year and a half now. He went from being the best forward in the world to being like Paulo Wanchope. I still think he can find his form again but after the last few months he should be downgraded.
  6. ok, who should be downgraded?? Torres maybe??
  7. Are you messing or being serious??
  8. No, why would I be kidding? He done amazing for a few months tore Maicon apart in one game and everybody was saying hes the best player in the world. Then after Christmas he went a bit flat.Hes good but theres no way he should be improved, maybe just his physical stats. Jordan Henderson in my opinion does deserve an upgrade, he played very well for Sunderland at the start but went a bit like Bale did. He didnt turn out very well in my FM11 game and I dont know if thats the case for everyone but he definately deserves an upgrade. Andy Carroll will be another player to get one too. Messi and Ronaldo should get upgraded too but that would make the 2 of them almost unstoppable in the game then.
  9. yeah I agree he had a good first 3 or 4 months with spurs and then went mediocre. I wouldnt downgrade him but wouldnt improve him that much, hes still very good in FM11.
  10. with all this talk about Paul Pogba and Ravel Morrison they better be 'wonderkids' in FM12
  11. Im just wondering who does everyone think the next best players are going to be in FM12? Who do you think was very under rated in FM11 and should be better in the new game? I think England will have a few very good young players in the next game. Players like Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Alex Chamberlain,Jordan Henderson to name a few.
  12. Scouting Africa

    ok thanks people, i have no leagues loaded in africa so it shouldnt take long to find um
  13. I have 4 scouts, all good,, scouting Africa the past 4 years and none of them found a decent player yet. Im just wondering what is the best way to find players in Africa because I heard its the best place to find a world class regen for a bargain??