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  1. That's fantastic ED I think I couldn't have set it up any better (but probably you already know that ). Thanks for the inspiration, I think I'll try something like that and see how that goes. Unfortunately one of my wingers broke his wrist so I was in a bit of a mess tactically, but on the bright side his substitute is playing even better. Btw I played the first competitive league match, home against Livingston (projected 4th) and I managed to draw 1-1. Their goal came from their attacking winger who completely annihilated my poor fullback on a header, from a cross coming after a throw in :/. Tbh my keeper later had to save two clear chances, but he did that so I was safe. My goal actually didn't come from a counter, anyway during the match I saw a couple of lovely moves in transition that my striker missed completely (shot in the face of the keeper with all the goal in front wide open). Not able now to take a screen or gif but I'll see what I will be able to do tomorrow. I played this game with the tactic and formation I posted initially, plus the slightly higher tempo added as correctly suggested. I'll keep you updated and thanks again for the help.
  2. Well, I can relate, having the same project with Partick Thistle in the second division of Scottish football (youngsters development and counter attacking football with a 4411 formation. If you want, I opened yesterday a topic on this. Based on the screenshot of your 4411, though I understand what your purpose is, I can see a few issues here and there. Firstly, as far as roles and duties are concerned, they seem to me a little to plain and stale: two WB-s, two W-s on the flanks. One AM and one P both on A that would both look for penetration and don't offer much support to the play (though I'm ok with that in a counter football since I play a SS-A along with a PF-A). Moreover, the dribble less and shorter passing instructions I find a bit odd for counters; I understand however that you set those up in order to achieve what you said you wanted. The work ball into box doesn't make any sense to me because you said you wanted to go quickly and rapidly into the attackking phase and that's definitely something that would retain your players to do so. Furthermore, I completely disagree with the defend wider instruction since you seem to want a deep and compact side on the defensive end and that's definitely something you don't want to say to your players, becuase it would tend to disrupt your shape horizontally. And the use offside trap is absolutely out of context both because you are looking for containing the opponent and catch them on the counter. Lastly, and this is just a question out of curiosity: if you want to do counters, with a positive mentality (which is absolutely fine), why didn't you set your defensive line to lower? And on the contrary why did you set the LoE to lower? For points 2., 3., 4., I'll leave it to other more expert users. Thanks, cheers!
  3. Thanks Robson for the reply. I've thought about the A mentalities. Don't know about it, because on a Cautious mentality having less than 3-4 ppl with A, could mean (my idea) that everybody stays back in order to avoid risk. But when we get the ball and the opportunity arises, I want the right people (i.e. those with A) to run forward and support the counter. Yes, this could also be achieved playing on positive or attacking and in that case I would use maybe 2 or 3 attacking and maybe 4 defending. Anyway, that's a good point and I'll try and develop it and also your suggestion about the wb. I'd also like to implement a iwb on support in those kinds of systems , but not sure how to make it work. Does somebody have ideas? Thank you again.
  4. Thanks, ED. I know that it is possible, I just thought that implementing a cautious (sometimes I play balanced) mentality could help me achieve a more risk-free, launch from the back type of play; I hoped that by setting 4 players with an attacking ment. and - for example - deleting the defensive of the dlp, I could in a sense achieve counter runs and fast transitions. Then I thought that the dlp and the wannabe bpd, along with the sk would launch the ball in the space for them to catch. Please tell me how would you set up in order to be compact in defence and hard to break down, I'd love to know some more. And yes, thank you very much, an example tactic would be greatly appreciated in order to draw inspiration from it.
  5. Hi guys, Thank you in advance for any help that will be given. I'm managing Partick Thistle in Ladbrokes Championship. Being newly promoted I thought I'd set up a counter tactic; anyway, having had little success in doing so in last FMs (I'm playing FM19 now), I thought I'd ask for your opinion on what I've developed so far. I have tried the setup for a number of friendlies, but I still have to test it in competitive matches. I've been content with the defensive solidity, though I've played mostly against weaker sides. Still, I'm not seeing the kind of fast paced-played into space football I wanted. Now for the tactic: Gk-d Fb-a cd-d cd-d wb-s Dw-s b2b-s dlp-s iw-a Ss-a Pf-a Cautious Pass into space Counter, distribute quickly Defend narrower, more urgent The thought behind all this was that I wanted a low, vertically and horizontally compact side that would defend in numbers and then launch quick counters mostly with combination between the ss-a (the most talented players) and the pf-a, with wide support from the wide players and the eventual late run from the b2b. Firstly I set up the dlp to be on defend duty, but then I saw that with a cautious mentality he would be on a very defensive mentality, and I didn't want him so only-defensive minded. So I tweaked him to be on s. Still I'm not sure if the dlp is a good choice for a counter attacking side, though that's his best suited role and he was great last season playing as a dlp in a slightly different tactic (and the lower level of football...). I'd have loved to play a bpd-d to launch counters, but I don't think I have the personnel, so I kept the standard cd. Another thing is: I have a strong and tall striker who likes to play as a TM-A, would you recommend the role for a counter tactic? I'm not sure. Thank you all in advance, I'd like to know what's your opinion and if you have had any success with a tactic of this kind. If you want screenshots that's no problem, but right now I'm on my smartphone. Anyway, lately today I might be able to provide some for you so feel free to ask. Cheers!
  6. Usually I start the season with one tactic that is my main one (the one I want to use the most) and then mid season I start to add another one based on what I want to change (if anything) the following season, youthlings replacing older players but with different traits, new signings for following season and so on. I spend some months with the two tactics active using more and more the second one - less and less the first one. At the start of the new season I start over with the same process - i.e. swap the two tactics, the second becomes my main one and the first get cancelled. So I have only one main tactic for the start of the season and then mid season I think of changes that need to be made....u get the point. Cheers!
  7. I took over mid season at Soroksár SC (Budapest suburbs team) in Hungarian second division. We have a pretty decent squad for the level, but awful facilities overall (first team and youth). They were just above the relegation spots when I took over, managed to take them to 10th place as of now, but with a defensive counter 4411. Starting to think to next season and what I want to accomplish, I came up with the aforementioned setup, which I'm training and playing regularly now: results are a bit fluctuating right now. Biggest problem of course are conceding and not being able to keep a result at the end of games (I tend to change nothing or just a little during games, because I want to see how my tactic develop without tweaking too much). But I assume that is also because I do not have the personnel I really want for this tactic. Oh, btw, yesterday evening I squeezed in three games of playing time, so I have been able to notice that my dlf is left footed and the other one (pf) is only right footed (but he's on a loan from Ferencváros). I notice now what you were saying about the boring draws with lesser opponents, I think that that may be due to an opponent who is less willing than you to expose himself and to being lured out of his half; therefore, between two sides not exposing and waiting for the opponent to do so, the obvious result is a boring 0-0 old italian school style. Maybe you did so, but I'll tell you anyway: if I noticed that no one is creating chances and everybody is just waiting on the pitch for something to happen, I would put much pressure on the opponent (trusting that you're Liverpool and your players are fairly better than their opponents), in setting the DL higher, with more pressing and maybe switching to a 4231 or 433 to have more people up front to press and to force the other team in his own box. Just brainstorming now, but could be something worth taking a chance. Have a nice day, cheers!
  8. Aha! You ask for too much, mate! I really can't say for it's been days since I last played. Moreover, I tend to rotate, my first option Just broke his foot and as I was saying summer is coming and I can make changes in the transfer market; so, let's just say I can have the best option (regarding footedness) you were thinking of. @reg22
  9. About the OP, I think your setup is give and it's definitely something I could have come up with. Maybe, since I assume you're trying to lure the opponent out of his half and then hit them with the speed of Salah and Mane, and since you have Van Dijk in your back four, I would go with a BPD that would try some killer balls when the opportunity arises.
  10. I meant that in my setup I use the PFa on the left side of the attack duo and the DLFs on the right one, and not the opposite as was initially wrongly stated by me.
  11. Isn't it balanced or positive as I said after mentioning it's a 442? (Yeah I get it's not the best I could do... :D). Anyways, I now think I might have put the two strikers on the wrong side --> they are instead swapped (PFa on the left and DLFs on the right).
  12. In following this post with interest since I'm trying to play in a similar way and I'd like to know the OP author's opinion and the one from @Experienced Defender, too, about my tactical setup. Keep in mind that I'm not in any way even close to Liverpool's player level, since I'm playing in the Hungarian second tier. My setup is this: 442 balanced (sometimes positive) Sk-d Fb-a NND-s CD-d Fb-s W-s Cm-a Cm-d IW-a/s PF-a Dlf-s TIs Play narrower, play ball into spaces, much higher tempo, more direct passes Much higher LoE, much higher DL, much more intensity, play offside Counter press, counter Paid/OIs none I understand that is a bit extreme, but I wanted to replicate the extremeness of a side like Roger Schmidt's Leverkusen. I'm not really sure anyway about a couple of things, mainly the two CMs pairing (maybe BBM-s BWM-d would work better for a Gegenpressing side?), and how to play on both wings; for now I tweaked my tactic to accommodate players in it, but summer is coming up and I will be able to make changes if I need to. If you could give me your take about this, it would be very appreciated. I'll follow with my thoughts on the OP later, now I fear I'll have to work... Always a pleasure to discuss with you guys in this forum. Cheers!
  13. That's true, @Experienced Defender, and thank you for the answer. I also tend not to use those options, but the doubt clinged my mind since my assistant manager told me that one of my opponents was very weak on his left side. Therefore I was wondering how to exploit that deficiency. Thank you again! Cheers
  14. Hello everyone, I was wondering if, by selecting the attack on the left/right side/center of the pitch option, I am just telling my players to launch the ball there and then I must have people instructed to attack those specific areas (i.e. a winger or a poacher)? Or the more attacking players or maybe the ones who are instructed to get forward more are going to attack those areas more in their movements, independently from their roles? I hope I am being clear. Thank you! B
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