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  1. In following this post with interest since I'm trying to play in a similar way and I'd like to know the OP author's opinion and the one from @Experienced Defender, too, about my tactical setup. Keep in mind that I'm not in any way even close to Liverpool's player level, since I'm playing in the Hungarian second tier. My setup is this: 442 balanced (sometimes positive) Sk-d Fb-a NND-s CD-d Fb-s W-s Cm-a Cm-d IW-a/s PF-a Dlf-s TIs Play narrower, play ball into spaces, much higher tempo, more direct passes Much higher LoE, much higher DL, much more intensity, play offside Counter press, counter Paid/OIs none I understand that is a bit extreme, but I wanted to replicate the extremeness of a side like Roger Schmidt's Leverkusen. I'm not really sure anyway about a couple of things, mainly the two CMs pairing (maybe BBM-s BWM-d would work better for a Gegenpressing side?), and how to play on both wings; for now I tweaked my tactic to accommodate players in it, but summer is coming up and I will be able to make changes if I need to. If you could give me your take about this, it would be very appreciated. I'll follow with my thoughts on the OP later, now I fear I'll have to work... Always a pleasure to discuss with you guys in this forum. Cheers!
  2. That's true, @Experienced Defender, and thank you for the answer. I also tend not to use those options, but the doubt clinged my mind since my assistant manager told me that one of my opponents was very weak on his left side. Therefore I was wondering how to exploit that deficiency. Thank you again! Cheers
  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering if, by selecting the attack on the left/right side/center of the pitch option, I am just telling my players to launch the ball there and then I must have people instructed to attack those specific areas (i.e. a winger or a poacher)? Or the more attacking players or maybe the ones who are instructed to get forward more are going to attack those areas more in their movements, independently from their roles? I hope I am being clear. Thank you! B
  4. Good morning, I just bought FM and I am short on time with work and girlfriend and so on... I'd like a suggestion about what team to manage for the first save that could be my only one for some time. I'll post what my desires are: - European League - NO England (but could be other UK countries), NO Italy - Possibly a remote country (football-ishy) - Bottom league of the country could be fun - Should already be pros (at least semi-pros) - No concerns about money, staff, youth and so on, like to build the club for myself Thanks a lot guys, appreciate the help. Bye!
  5. I've noticed the same exact thing and was looking for an answer as well.
  6. @westy8chimp man I can assure you I was amused by this post, because I tend to play FM a lot like you do! Work, family, little time - that's the same for me (for a lot of people obviously) - so I scribble down on every piece of paper I have in the office, whenever an idea comes to my mind. And I also tend to use your "Semper instans" method! Respect! 👊
  7. Can the DoF scout players like a normal scout - i.e. in a player's profile page, report>get scout report>from "the DoF"? Thank you very much.
  8. First of all thank you both for the answers! @craigd84, I know that BPDs tend to play more lofted balls and it is something I have thought about a lot, but in the end I decided to keep him because I thought I had a suitable player for the role (which in Slovakia means: Pass 10 Tech 10 Dec 10...), plus I thought he would mostly stick to the plan and just from time to time (when he DECIDED to) give us the alternative of a long ball to maybe catch an opponent out of position. Anyway, tbh I couldn't spot him making a difference for us in those terms, so I will re-evaluate those considerations and try with two std CBs (maybe one with less risky passes, one without). Moreover, in the first setup of the tactic I didn't have the DLP - just a std DM - so, maybe you're right and the BPD is just redundant. The dribble less instruction is the one that most likely I will add next, so I think you're right again; when I get the chance to play, I'll tell you how that works out. I understand that I caused a little bit of confusion here. What I meant was that I think I'd like to play mostly with that mentality and shape; with that in mind, what do you think about the rest of the setup? Obviously I added that if you think: "No, no, no, you should never play std/structured, you should use Def/fluid!", or: "Never use a CAR with a STD mentality!", or something like this, please tell me and explain why do you think that, so that we can talk about it! That being said, what do you think about the rest of the setup?
  9. Good afternoon everybody, I thought about writing this post for a week or two and finally I have had time to do so. I am an eager reader of this forum and therefore I want to thank you all for every beautiful idea you unconsciously gave me and for the wonderful community you have established. I am writing this post because I wanted to share with you the experience I am currently having while managing in a secondary European League and I’d like to ask for suggestions from people who is far more experienced than me in FM features. Unfortunately, I am away from home and I do not have access to FM, so there will be no screenshots (at least until I get home in the next few days). I am currently managing FK DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda, which is a Slovak based club that plays at First Division level; as you might be aware, Slovak football is not what you would call top-notch level, and neither are we: moreover, I took on the club when they were standing at the very last place of the table, with fifteen games already played (Slovak First Division consists of thirty-two games https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017–18_Slovak_First_Football_League ). Finally, we currently are in a poor financial situation, with no room for extra wages nor any kind of transfer budget, poor staff members employed for at least two more years, no sponsor whatsoever and poor to average structures. So, quite a restful job, uh? Anyway, I am trying and create a solid system for my club, that will last throughout several seasons and that could fit more than one formation (namely 4-1-2-1-2 DM Narrow and 5-2-1-2 WB right now, possibly a 4-1-2-2-1 DM in the future). My idea is to have those three/four TIs that almost never change, that establish our style and give the players a solid base to stick with – and learn during training. The style I’d like my side to undertake is something maybe overly-used or too much popular nowadays, but it’s something I’m not accustomed to: I’d like to have retention of the ball, to use possession as a defensive weapon while trying to move the opponent around and find the right spot where I can launch my attack; wing backs should always provide width, while we crowd the center of the pitch with many players – thus creating many lines of passing and avoiding to give the ball away. While forced to defend, I’d like to keep the shape and be compact, negate the center and drive the opposition on the sides, outnumbering the strikers when a cross is launched into my penalty box; if they find a way to take the center of the pitch, at most concede long shots from as far away as possible. Please note that I am still in the observation and correction phase for my tactics, so I tend to be as simplistic as possible with instructions, because I am not the most skilled player and I cannot take into account too many variables at a time. I mostly play with a Standard mentality and a Structured shape, tweaking them when needed before or during matches, when I consider whether I am favourite or not (mostly no), how fit my players are and so on; therefore, I do not think I need much insight from you on these two aspects of the system, even though I am always open to suggestions. TIs that I already use are Low Crosses (for obvious reasons – since my tallest striker is 5’8”) and Retain Possession (because I have seen that without it my defenders tend to launch long balls more than I want, even though on the offensive side we sometimes refrain to take inviting through ball); I am considering adding Dribble Less and Roam from Position to the equation, I have tried them a couple of times, but – read above – I couldn’t see much difference, so I didn’t add them permanently. As per the 4-1-2-1-2 DM Narrow formation, which is the most used since my appointment, the setup looks like this: GK-D FB-S BPD-D CB-D WB-S/A DLP-D/S B2B-S CAR-S AM-A DLF-A DF-S PIs are: - GK slow it down, pass to center-backs; - CB less risky passes, tight marking; - DM dribble less, fewer risky passes; - B2B get further forward. The 5-2-1-2 WB formation: GK-D WB-S CB-X BPD-C CD-X WB-A CM-S CAR-S AM-A DLF-A DF-S PIs: - GK slow it down, pass to center-backs; - CBs less risky passes, tight marking; - CM dribble less, fewer risky passes. The most pressing question to me is: are roles and duties that I assigned logical to you or would you blow them up and start over? I was also considering: - using two wing backs on attack duty; - switch the B2B-S to a MEZ-S; - switch the CAR-S to a BWM-S or CM-S; - switching the striker combo to a DLF-S/AF-A combo. What do you think of these possible changes? Furthermore, if you have anything that could, in your opinion, help me achieve the desired style of football, please share it because I could use some help and I’d like to discuss about that with you. Finally, if anyone has suggestions about that 4-1-2-2-1 DM formation that I was previously talking about, please feel free to write it down and start a discussion about that. I think that’s all for now, thank you very much in advance; I hope that this endless post didn’t scare you away or bore you to death. Cheers!
  10. Sometimes it happened to me that my Assistant Manager said it would have been a good idea to tell one of the players (who had just been booked) to ease off his tackles, so maybe if you're lucky you can just click on the "make changes" button that pops up. Otherwise you have to make manual changes, I fear.
  11. With regards to what most people are saying in this topic, I wonder if there is a way to get your CBs cover wide areas of the pitch, wether that's with a back 3 or 4 or whatever. I noticed that any way I setup my formation/role/duties, I seem to fail at making them do that. I am trying to recreate what S. Ramos does to cover for Marcelo in R. Madrid, or what Radu and Felipe did for Lazio this year in the Serie A, when they often went in wide areas to cover the spaces left open by Marušić and Lulic. Thank you very much.
  12. Does the play wide/narrow instruction affect offensive shape or defensive shape or both?
  13. @Herne, do you think that scout reports in terms of stars and thus in terms of comparison with other players on your team, compare them, in the vision of the scout, just looking at the attributes of both players, or also taking into account all those things you mentioned? And, if the latter is the case, how much are hidden attributes valued in the comparison? Thanks a lot!
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