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  1. Its pretty annoying because the most direct solution would be to increase Coady's passing but using those TI's doesn't allow it to be done in the PI's interface. If memory doesn't fail me i think that you could do that in FM18 which is very weird.
  2. Maybe Coady's problem could come from using play out of defense in conjuction with having a DPL directly in front of him?
  3. Thanks everyone! eneded up loading loading up Sweden and started in April 2019. I just noticed that. I did load up the USA leagues and all the starting dates in 2019 were greyed out. Only after taking it out i was able to start in 2019.
  4. Thanks but i was wondering if there's any way to start the game without the AI making any adjustments before i come in. The problems with holidaying the save is that in the background the AI will make transfers, managers will move around and players will sign new contracts, so i was wondering if there's anyway to start the save with the same DB before the AI makes any changes. I remember that in past versions of FM you could load up (i'm just guessing at this point) a country like Australia i think and choose the start date a year after so you can begin the game lately without any changes. I don't quite remember which country had that starting save date and if that is even possible in FM19.
  5. Hi, does anybody know how to start a new save already in 2019? i'm looking to start a save ahead of this season with the freedom to be able to move on some players with more flexibility including those already signed the past summer transfer window. Is there any league/country i can load up before starting a save so i can start the save after 2019? preferably close to may/june. I'm looking to start a game in spain if that is of any importance. Thanks in advance
  6. Is it possible for any on the top minds on this forum to clarify this?
  7. Yes, i meant that when Bale is unavailable i need another source of goals and since i dont have a direct replacement in the shape of another IF-Attack then i would have to make some tweaks to the tactics and considering the personel available then playing a more offensive striker is most likely the best solution. Apologies for the confusion, english is not my first language.
  8. I would love to know that aswell and if that applies to all the midfield roles/duties which have a lot of different starting positions in the tactics creator.
  9. Im intrigued as to how does the false 9 really drops deeper than a DLF-S, since both of them have the same mentalities i think? at least they did back in FM 18.
  10. Thanks again for the feedback, really apreciate the time you take to answer my questions. I've made a couple of changes taking your suggestions in consideration and my team seems to be creating better chances thanks to the change in movement mainly from the left wing. Playing Marcelo as an IWB coupled with a winger infront of him really adds another dimension to my attack and to my surprise my winger is not relying on crossing the whole game (which may be due to the cross from the byline PI you suggested). I may have to take a more conservative route in difficult matches away from home and play Marcelo as a Wingback in support and play around with the winger in front him to see if i need to bring more people into midfield (IF on support) or take advantage or space in the wing (Wing back in support or even attack if i want to take advantage of an opposing full back making too many runs in behind). Using a HB as also been beneficial, mainly during build up as it allows my fullbacks to be wide while being covered by an "extra" defender while moving the ball forward. The TI's have also helped with the style of football im aiming and i can see now how much of an overkill was playing with such aggressive defensive settings. I do however wonder, specially as @Elitee mentioned, that since Bale is very injury prone, what kind of backup plan do i have when he isn't available and since i don't have a player like him on the wing i might have to change some roles to make up for him and have someone else be the focus of my attacks and score goals. I do have this guy Mariano who seems great at being the end of offensive plays and finishing chances: Benzema has the right attributes aswell but his PI's (specially Looks for pass rather than attempting to score) really hinder his goalscoring abilities. I instinctively would use him as a Pressing Forward in attack but im undecided about which other roles from the rest of the team i could change as playing him as a striker in attack completely changes the whole attacking scheme i got going on with Benzema playing as a support striker. Most likely change would be to play an IF on support on the right but that might isolate him in the box i think? And i'm not sure if i should make any changes in midfield to react to the lack of a supportive striker helping move the ball to the final third. I would really like to hear your opinion on this if you can!
  11. Well now thats a great football simulator isn't it lol. Thank you for such a detailed answer! A couple of questions though: Marcelo coming in as an IWB and Asensio/Vinicius stretching play was something i thought of before setting for the tactic i posted above, as it is something that Madrid does in real life (or atleast it used to last year before Marcelo got benched). My worry is that Marcelo has a very fragile physique and tends to get yellow carded a lot, on top of being already 30 year old. Is there any other Full Back/Winger configuration that you can advise to me? Is there anything wrong with the good ol' Wing Back stretching play (Wing Back in Attack) and Winger coming inside (Inside Forward in support)? I might also add that Marcelo's substitute is generally Reguilón who has the Runs with ball down left trait which might make it difficult to play him as an IWB. What i'm trying to say is that the setup you advised makes a lot of sense but seems too dependable on Marcelo and Asensio both being available. I'm a bit confused as to why Casemiro being a HB would give more defensive support than a Defensive Midfielder in Defense duty? The problem is that both Carvajal and Odriozola have the Get forward as soon as possible trait. Since the only difference difference (as seen in the PI interface) between a Full Back and a Wing Back son support are the Get Further Forward and Play Wider instructions, what would be the difference between playing Carvajal as a Full Back and not as a Wing Back? Also, in what context would you play Bale as a Raumdeuter or as an IF in attack? When would you play a False 9 instead of a DLF in support? Im confused as to how do you suggest i should set my defensive instructions? is it just Higher DL, Higher LOE and Standard Pressing. I would like to play with a pretty aggresive deffensive configuration but i do agree that it won't help me open up more defensive sides. Is there any instance where you would suggest playing a more aggressive deffensive approach? What does "Counter" actually do? will it make my players inmediatly try to hit the counter whenever we win the ball? Because i'm a bit worried that it might make my overall approach too rushed and be in general a bit counter productive to my possession oriented approach I will try that, only a bit confused as to what does play out of the back really does as the change it makes is evident in the PI interface for defenders. Does it just reduce the passing range of defenders and defensive midfielders? Would it not be too much considering i already play with shorter passing and an offensive mentality? (meaning that by default my defenders already pass it shorter than in more defensive mentalities) I don't want to be the bastard that bombards you with questions about everything so feel free to answer what you want, i know i made a load of questions
  12. My initial idea was playing Isco as an Advanced Playmaker in Support in the AMC position but ended playing a 4-1-2-2-1 because i'm playing Benzema as a support striker and having him drop deep into the same "in between the lines" space as Isco would reduce that space for both of them. I'm also not too good at configuring 4-2-3-1 formations and i struggle at creating space for my more creative players in such a top heavy formation, and usually end up with very low ratings from my most offensive players against team that defend deeper. On top of that i've also watched this video on how Guardiola freed up Messi and Iniesta in the half spaces to create chances and i tried to replicate that with Benzema (he has the Move into channels trait) and Isco (playing the Mezzala role). I've also tried that DLP/AP partnership but i find that having two playmakers in the middle makes the play too congested and they usually tend to position themselves to close to each other (I highlight this as it is a very confusing pattern to me and the main reason why i try to stay away from using 2 playmakers in the middle), making it hard to circulate the ball effectively. I will try using a RPM and dropping Lower Tempo, thanks for your feedback. Is there anything else regarding player roles selection which might be relevant? I feel like using two support wingbacks might be too conservative but at the moment Marcelo is injured and i'm using Reguilón who is obviously not such a influential attacking player as Marcelo, which is why i prefer him being a bit more disciplined, specially with Kroos on his side who's not the best covering mid. I do want my fullbacks to be wide and to offer support so i think that Wingbacks in support is probably the best choice at the moment.
  13. He is left footed (he also is reasonably right footed), here is his player profile: I thought of playing him as a Winger and thought that his trait of Cuts inside from both wings would make him more dynamic on his movement, staying wider during buildup but once he got the ball he would cut inside instead of going wide and crossing but the role would still instruct him to cross more often and doing it from the byline which i'm not too comfortable with (I prefer to have him overload the middle and combine with my midfield). On top of that i didn't want to have him use the same space as Marcelo (who annoyingly also has the cuts inside from the left trait). What do you think of this? Another option is playing him on the right and Bale on the left but i'm not sure if Bale would be comfortable playing as an Inside Winger on the left (He only has a reasonable right foot)
  14. Team attributes Goalkeepers and Defenders Midfielders Forwards Thanks in advance!
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