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  1. Hello all. I’m about to start one last save before FM21 with Real Madrid and i’ve been trying to figure out how to get the best out if himb bith in terms of his instructions and the people around him. First thought is playing him in his favorite position, which is on the left wing in a 4-1-2-2-1, preferably with a left back overlapping him and a striker making runs in behind, stretching the defense and making space for him, although with Real’s reputation space might be hard to create with so many teams playing defense systems. When playing 4-1-2-2-1 formations i’ve generally us
  2. That was very useful and straight to the point. Thanks @Experienced Defender and @GianniM
  3. Just wanted to make a quick post with a couple of questions regarding the sweeper keeper role: What's the difference in using a regular GK and a sweeper GK in defensive duty, since neither have hardcoded PI's in the instructions UI? How does both the support and the attacking duty sweeper GK play out in possession based systems? specially considering those that instruct players to build up short from the back and with both roles playing risky passes and being in fairly progressive mentalities (specially on positive mentality and upwards). Whan kind of system would benefit fr
  4. Honestly fantastic work. Reminds me of Betis scouting Lo Celso after selling Fabián Ruiz and trying to find a player around europe with similar performing stats for that role. Would love to be able to process in game data and being able to make graphs like that one. As someone who has never touched R (or never really did much coding before) how hard would you say it would be to learn enough to do what you did?
  5. Very interesting. Would you suggest using a normal (or even lower) LOE along with a higher d-line for achieving this mid-block against these defensive double pivot sides? What about instructions regarding pressing? Would using a Pressing Forward mess up the press? Also curious about prevent short GK distribution and what it actually does. Do you mind expanding on this? Edit: In particular why do you think PSGkD is innefective with a lone forward?
  6. (1) Thing is i'm a bit torn about using a CM (A) because i don't want a player in the central zone being in a very attacking mentality, and i already have 2 players in this system playing very attacking in the Tetraquartista and the IF. I don't want too many players (specially attacking wise) taking too many risky decisions and losing the ball, specially against compact defenses (as we are a big team and encounter those teams a lot). (2) He is doing his job but as i said, when we attack and push the opposition into their own box, spaces get congested and i think that my players just strug
  7. @summatsupeer Thanks for your reply. To answet the points you highlight: Which if those instructions specifically would you suggest to change? Im thinking take short kicks is probably not needed but i don’t think it only removing thst TI would be enough. interesting point. Mez was choosen as a role because i wanted to introduce roles that roam from their position in this tactic whilst on the left Car was selected to offer defensive protection to my somewhat more offensive left flank. It makes sense that my midfield pulls wide too much because of this. I dont neccesarely think
  8. I though the same and sometimes i’ve replaced the CAR for a B2B mid but performances haven’t improved much
  9. Regarding mentality, keep in mind that while i have lots of support roles i am playing with a positive mentality, which means that all my players in support are playing with positive mentalities themselves (and even my IF (S) is playing in very offensive mentality). Will try some of your suggestions regarding my system. Your intutions were pretty spot on actually and i did want to create some sort of overload on the left half space, but i was expecting to see some sort of movement on the right as well and it ending up with goal scoring chances for both my IF and my CF but in the end
  10. Hello everyone. I'll keep it short. Taking inspiration on a lot of @herne79 and @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!'s threads and posts about possession football and the use of team mentality alongisde player duties to balance risk, i've come up with this system having recently taken over of Chelsea in 2023. Complete Forward (S) Tetraquartista (A) Inside Forward (S) Carrilero (S) Mezzala (s) Deep-Liying Playmaker (D) Wing Back (S) Central Defender (D) Central Defender (C) Full Back (S) Sweeper
  11. That is something im having thoughts on, specially against more offensive team in order to move Odegaard from the middle and have a more competent defensive option in midfield. Would you still play a striker in a support role with Odegaard as a APs in the wing? I agree although i never said that i wanted Odegaard to be the one getting the assists. I want to make him the focus of our attacks and lead the team in terms of key passes and chances created. Following that example, in general, i want him to be the one making those hockey passes into my striker/wingers/full backs. ---0---
  12. If you compare both roles in terms of PIs, the BPD has more freedom to dribble (regular CD is hardcoded to dribble less often), plays more risky passes and i think (can't really tell as i'm not playing FM18) has more direct passing and creative freedom. This means that a BPD will dribble into midfield more often than a normal CD and play a more expansive game from deep. If you wan't your early build-up stages to flow directly through a DLP you will probably want to ensure he gets the ball deep in a more safe and controlled manner. In this case, a normal CD is probably the best option in
  13. Thanks for the feedback, really apreciated. A couple of questions though: 1) Why the switch of wing of both IF and IW? Currently Traore has been fantastic as an IF on the right but playing as an IW i don't feel he has the technical/mental attributes to play a less offensive/direct role, let a lone a supporting role that restrics his main ability which is just running at the defense/into space as an IWs is not instructed to make forward runs more often. 2) I thought that the B2B was maybe a role i could change as i felt that with a MEZs alongisde him and a very offensive trio,
  14. (1) I do agree that that it's not a requirement for him to be a playmaker in order to increase the amount of key passes/chances creates he makes. My B2B also racks a fair amount of key passes and hes not a playmaker. Its just that the reason for him being a playmaker is that i want the team to look out for him and have him on the ball a lot. Also, i fear that if i play Neves as a playmaker, then when Odegaard has the ball and the opposition defense is in good position, instead of trying to unlock the defense via a killer ball or a drible, or try to open the pitch with a ball into space to the
  15. Thanks for your reply and yes, i think that even if Neves is the better player now and he's one of the best midfields i can trust with orchestating from deep, if i want to unlock Odegaard's potential he will have to be the playmaker and Neves will have to take the second seat. I'm leaning towards a simple DM (D) with no PIs because i need him in defense duty so he doesn't try to play too proactively and generally prefers a more safer option, hopefully directly to Odegaard. HB i think is not the best choice in my case because Neves, while having great mentals, doesn't have the attributes n
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