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  1. Bit of a dumb one but does using the dribble less shout makes players with PI's to dribble more often just dribble in the normal setting? or does the TI only work on players with no dribbling setting on their selected roles?
  2. Very happy about the quality of discussion going on! Lots of interesting ideas being posted. With the feedback being shared around on this thread i've decided to join the party and try experimenting a bit too. I've chosen Chelsea as my team as they have a good base imo to try to work this kind of strategy. I was however lacking a good playmaking centermid as i didn't feel comfortable playing Kante as a pivot as i want a good clean build up from the back and his attributes are not exactly oriented towards this kind of play. With that in mind i bought Steven N'Zonzi from Sevilla to play this role: He has very good attributes in decisions, composure, vision, concentracion and anticipation along with great technicals to perform a deep playmaker role. I'm however concerned with his PPM's as i feel like Plays Short Simple Passes can limit his passing range and Dwells On Ball might do the same when we attack with space, so i'm instantly trying to have him unlearn them starting first with the second one as i feel it is the most urgent one. Team Instructions Control mentality to keep a more risk oriented and proactive approach. Flexible shape as it is the most balanced option between vertical compatness and allowing creative freedom to my players to unlock defenses. Shorter Passing and Roam From Positions seem like a must to keep the ball and induce shorter passing without limiting through balls (as i think that retain possession reduces the amount of risky passes). Roam From Positions is there to let my players move around with more freedom to recieve passes in better angles. Play Out Of Defense to keep it short from the back and start build up from my DLP. Lower Tempo and Work Ball Into Box to keep a more patient approach outside the box without pumping up the ball too fast and relying on crosses. Close Down Much More and Much Higher Defensive Line to keep pressure on the opponents half and win the ball as fast as possible to try to increase possession numbers while defending away from my area. Formation Pretty straightforward with both wingers stretching the play, a DLP in front of my defense to pick the ball from deep and move it up the field. One attacking fullback to provide support while the other one holds his position (as Azpilicueta has really poor technicals and isn't much of a threat going forward) to be more of a passing outlet. One BWM to do the dirty work in the middle and aid pressing in general coupled with an AP expected to make more risky passes and drop deep to play one-twos with the DLP and the fullbacks. On top a striker in an attack duty to stretch the play forward and pin opposition defenders to make more space vertically. I have to say this was pretty much made on the spot and i haven't really thought it through as i've put more emphasis on the TI's this time. The formation is pretty basic in itself as i didn't want to overcomplicate things with PI's as the focus is more on TI's on order to take a more holistic approach. In this sense, formations could change in between matches but the overall philosophy should stay the same if TI's remain unchanged. I'll report back once i can free up more time to play more serious games once preseason ends. I would really appreciate any kind of feedback in the meantime.
  3. Thanks for your response. Tbf i like your approach in that i don't feel that its necessary to push passing all the way to short to achieve a style such as Guardiola's as i feel a little variety is needed to not become too predicatable in passing. For all of Guardiola's insistence in short passing you can still see his defenders hitting long passes to the wings or directly to the strikers if there's space behind their D-Line. I feel like using a combination of retain possession, play ball out of defence and short passing rules out these kind of passes in some way, specially from deeper areas. Mentality is really something im puzzled about. I know their names are plastic and misleading but what it does is adjust risk and i don't feel like such systems should in theory be played with lower risk settings. It feels unnatural to me to play in such a proactive approach while limiting the risk my players could take.
  4. I think that there has to be a balance between having players close together in support in the middle while having wide players stretching the play and pining opposition wide defenders away from the center. I find it difficult to transalte that to FM as my inmediate responde would be to have lots of support duties in the middle including strikers with maybe a winger coming in as an inside-forward on support. Problem with that is that it the low amount of attack duties upfront could maybe inhibit offensive penetration? Regarding vertical spacing and shape decision i don't that this TI has as much stretching intensity as the width setting, and that duty alocation has a more relevant effect than shape in this matter. As in width, i'm favoring towards a more balanced approach using flexible shape.
  5. I agree as i feel like a more medium tempo gives a good balance between moving the ball fast enough to keep opposition defenders moving but not too fast that it would make my team too direct. I wouldn't go into a slower tempo though as i wan't my players circulate the ball quickly and not take too many touches with it before passing. A slower tempo wouldn't be too logical i think. I Agree with this aswell. This could also perhaps suggest using a less wider width? making players closing horizontally to make short passing easier and aid the counter-press once the ball is lost. I'm however a bit worried about it making my team attack too much through the middle as i think i've read that it focuses play down the middle and i'm not sure if that is beneficial considering how most of these kind of teams have more space down the flanks rather than through the middle. A couple of points regarding this paragraph: Mentality: I actually didn't get it clear which mentality you use . If it is standard then do you not feel that support players become too risk averse? I'm asking because players like Iniesta, Xavi, Thiago, Silva and De Bruyne under Guardiola and also the likes of Jorginho under Sarri are tasked to move the ball forward and find strikers in advanced positions and in result they end up attempting lots of through balls and key passes which i think mentalities below control would inhibit this kind of play? Passing: I think that short passing is a must be it using any combination of short passing TI's (retain possession, shorter passing of play out of defense). However im worried about it limiting the passing range of the team's creators. I don't feel comfortable instructing people like De Bruyne and Messi to pass it so short all the time (which an offensive mentality with short passing TI's would end up showing the the PI's screen for support and even attacking duty players) Also no use of roam from positions? any reason behind not using it? as it feels like a must from the threads i've read. Also thanks for your response
  6. Currently trying to achieve a passing scheme similar to Guardiola's Barcelona and Sarri's Napoli. That is, short but quick passing from the back in order to move the defence around, with an attacking oriented approach rather than keeping the ball just for possession. Im trying to get set on a couple of instructions but i'm very undecided on a couple of them: This is purely a tactical discussion rather than a squad composition one. Please assume i have the required players to play this kind of passing style. Mentality: Feels like a more offensive mentality such as Control or even Attacking could be a great canvas to start out, as they by default play with a higher tempo and wider width than the more deffensive mentalities. Most importantly, the individual mentality would be high and more riskier oriented which would help the team have a more proactive approach with the ball rather than being conservative with it. There are lots of possession based tactics around set on more defensive mentalities but it doesn't feel natural to play such a style on conservative mentalities. Shape: Really unsure about this one, since more structured shapes would theoretically allow more space in between the lines by stretching mentalities but it comes with a reduction on creative freedom. More fluid shapes are the more intuitive shape to use in this case and in game managers such as Guardiola and Luis Enrique use them but i feel like the reduction of space is a much bigger concern than the limitation of expresivness. Passing: Obviously short but how short? i kind of feel like shorter passing and keep possession (sorry for the translation, i play in spanish ) might be too much of an overkill? specially for more creative players expected to create chances as it might limit their passing options (with out without PI's to play more risky passes). Tempo: Higher tempo is probably a must but a quick tempo with an offensive mentality is generally associated with playing quickly and offensively instead of keeping a more controlled approach. As in my question regarding mentality, a lot of possession oriented tactics are set on lower tempo which in tandem with defensive mentalities could result in a very conservative use of the ball. Width: Another important instruction. More wider approaches will generate more space horizontally but wouldn't that make my players too far away for each other and make short passing more risky since the ball will have to travel more and make interceptions easier? Roam from positions: It feels like an obligation to use this PI but i can never quite appreciate the effect of it when i use it on my them. Are there any general obvious patterns that happen when using this instruction? I understand that it will make players move away from their starting position to recieve passes on better angles but i almost never really see much of a difference when i use it or when i don't. Wanted to know what everybody else's thoughs are on trying to achieve this style. As you all can see, it 's mostly a thing of achieveing the right balance between these instructions but i feel very disoriented regarding these specific instructions. Feel free to add anything to the discussion even if it's not directly answering my questions. Cheers
  7. @summatsupeer Thanks for the reply and feedback. I was actually thinking of maybe moving my high block into a more medium-yet still-high block to give my opponents time to build from the back and space to open up. I still want to press them into making mistakes while holding a high line to compress space. Would that kind of setup work? I understand more direct and defensive teams would be way more difficult to counter attack but i'm hoping i can take advantage of teams willing to build more from the back. As for tactical changes i guess removing close down much more and adding push higher up to keep my D-Line high could give me that result?. Think of Brendan Rodger's tactics against Arsenal back in 2014 That makes sense. He's still not making enough impact defensively with only 0.4 tackles and 0.8 interceptions per game and i'm not sure if any PI's changes to his role could make him more involved defensively, so im kind of lost in that aspect. I'll try him on my left side and see if he can help Iwobi get into more attacking positions. I do prefer to have my team attack more through my right side as the triangles that Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Bellerín make are really good at breaking defensive lines. You're right. Will try that against team that leave more space behind their defence. He is right footed and his PPMs are cuts inside and run with the ball often. To be fair i wasn't expecting him to play as a traditional winger in the sense that i was hoping that we would stay wide during build up and then using his PPM's he would cut inside and dribble his way in 1v1 situations (sort of like Sané or Robben when Guardiola was still at Bayern). I'm not sure what to do with him as i feel like his role and PPM's do pretty much what i want from him so it's either the roles around him or that i'm completely wrong tactically Maybe changing Ramsey to the left side will help him, having someone with a support mentality playing through balls to him (Ramsey has "try killer balls often") instead of the less risk oriented defensive DLP. Yes, attacking mentality might be too offensive and i agree its pushing up my team too much and restricting space for my forward block, however i do want my player to take risks and explot space quickly so it makes sense that my tactic struggles against deep defensive team if i don't change much. I however feel a bit reluctant to drop my mentality beyond control (which won't make much difference in terms of players positioning up the pitch) as offensive mentalities are the most logical choice to implement the kind of tactic i'm trying to (high press coupled with quick attacking). I feel like the problem might be the pressing as it may be too agressive and counter producing against the more defensive teams that look to play directly. If possible i would really like some feedback on how to implement a pressing scheme that actually helps my team force my opponents into making mistakes while at the same time creating space for my attackers to run into. Apologies if i sound too stubborn regarding this point about mentality. Regarding the Winger and CM points i think you're right in that i've focussed to much on creating chances and not so much on having offensive outlet to exploit these chances. I have two questions about this. I would like Iwobi to be a secondary goal threat alongside my striker and the logical role to play him would then be an IF-A. I feel, however, that two IF would make my team too congested in the middle and generally way too predictable with two players on the sides looking to move into the middle. Could a Winger on an attack duty coupled with Iwobi's PPM work in this case? remember his PPM's are cuts inside and runs with the ball often. So in theory he should stay wide and once he recieves the ball he should dribble inside with much more space than an IF because of his starting position. I'm unsure if this change is enough to provide my team with another goal scoring outlet. The other option i'm thinking is changing mkhitaryan from an IF-S to an IF-A. It makes more sense than a winger to provide another goal threat but i do want him to keep creating chances and generally combining with Ozil, Aubameyang and Bellerín and i'm thinking the duty change might make him too "vertical" I will play more matches and wait for the more open games for which my tactic was designed for and report back when i can, as i feel i've become too fixated with modifying it to break teams down before analysing if it works against other kinds of opponent. Finally, looking at your tactic i have a couple of questions i would like to ask but i'm running out of time right now so i prefer to make them on a separate post if you don't mind
  8. Hello everyone. With the rise of football based on fast transitions i've been trying to apply a high tempo game with Arsenal as i think they already have a solid base to begin with: A mobile and mentally aware pair of centerbacks in Mustafi and Koscielny (plus De Ligt whom i bought from Ajax). A solid supportive midfield with lots of teamwork and also with the football brain to play a fast passing game. Pace in abundance in attack with the likes of Aubameyang, Lacazette, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan and Nketiah. Taking a look at my squad i've grouped a couple of attributes which i consider key to implement this kind of tactic. These are the following: Teamwork and Work Rate in order to sustain a teamwork oriented heavy press. Anticipation, Concentration, Composure and Decisions to think quickly and under pressure. Vision, Passing and First Touch to quickly release my attacking players into space. Pace, Acceleration and Off the ball to exploit any space left behind by the opposition. This is my mainly used first team and their key attributes: (I'm not used to uploading images so apologies if the image is too small. If it is, then if possible please tell me how to actually post the image in its full size ) A couple of points regarding my squad, i have: Great teamwork and work rate from most of the team aside from Ozil and Aubameyang. Great off the ball and speed from my most attacking players, coupled with good anticipation from Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang. Very good vision and passing ability from my midfield. Good enough pace and mobility from my defense, altough their mental attributes might be lacking a little bit (specially Bellerín and Mustafi). This is my tactic, i want to achieve mainly two things: Press high and force my opponent into making mistakes and exploit space quickly through speed and passing. Pretty standard 4-2-3-1. I've opted to use this formation because of its natural high block to enhance my pressing and to fit the genius that is Mesut Ozil in its best position. Regarding to the role selections: Standard Goalkeeper and Central Defender roles for Cech, Koscielny and Mustafi. Nothing special. Wing Backs (Support) for Monreal and Bellerín in order to support my midfield with runs from deep. Deep Lying Playmaker (Defense) for Xhaka in order to use him to start attacks quickly from deep. Ramsey as a Central Midfielder (Support) to balance my midfield providing a bit of everything. Ozil as an Advanced Playmaker (Attack) to play in between the lines, providing killer balls constantly to Mkhitaryan, Iwobi and Aubameyang. Mkhitaryan and Iwobi playing supportive roles in order to ensure they provide cover for my full backs (whom both have get furter forward PPM). Mkhitaryan playing as an inside forward and Iwobi as a winger to give a little variety to my attacks. Aubameyang playing as a Poacher with the intention of playing on the shoulder of the last defender and be my main scoring outlet. There are no added PI's to any role. Team instructions I've gone for an Attacking mentality which will make my players take more risky choices which goes in hand with the idea of taking advantage of space quickly through fast transitions. Only TI's are Close Down Much More and Prevent Short GK Distribution which give me a very high pressing block in order to recover the ball quickly and pin my opposition into their own half. Team Shape is structured and to be fair it might as well be fluid as im very undecided with this instruction. The main reason why im using structured is in order to not make my side too compact which, coupled with my agressive mentality and pressing, might make my team lack space to play against congested defences (which is something i'm seeing a lot in league games). I've already played 5 league games, winning all of them but i'm still not too satisfied by team's performance specially against teams that play defensively as seen by our matches against Brighton and Stoke, both of them won with goals at the latter stages of the match. Changes i ocasionally make during matches: I tend to ask my team to play with shorter passing when either i have low amount of posession or when i see that the opposition is playing too deep and my tactic requires a bit more patient approach towards chance creation, which for the reputation of my team happens a lot. I hope i won't have to make this change when playing against more adventurous team in future matches. I also make my Wing Backs play in an attacking duty if i need to get a goal. Other than that i also tend to use retain posession at the end of matches im winning in order to seal the result with conservative posession (usually coupled with a change to control mentality). So what kind of feedback am i asking? I have a couple of points im a bit lost and which im having trouble fixing. I'm not exactly seeing the Liverpool like kind of attack i was hoping for. My team looks good when in possession and we are scoring goals and creating chances but not so many through counter attacks. Aaron Ramsey looks a bit lost in my tactic. I was hoping he would provide a secondary creative outlet besides Ozil but when Ozil is not playing a good game then the burden seems to fall entirely on Mkhitaryan to create chances. He also tends to shoot a lot when under pressure. I thought it might be because of the attacking mentality im using but he seems to be the only player taking these kind of decisions (even Aubameyang who is playing in a more attacking -and risky- duty restricts his shots more than Ramsey). These are Ramsey's stats from his last games: I would like to see Xhaka creating more chances from deep. At the moment he does his job of taking the ball from defense and distributing it to my more attacking players, but i would like to see him taking the ball from deep and playing a quick long pass into space if there's space available. Xhaka's stats: Iwobi (Or Sione Pisto, who i bought from Celta) is having really bad ratings, which i think are because he's not really creating many chances compared to Ozil or Mkhitaryan. He's having a good amount of shots on target per game so maybe if he starts scoring his chances he would get better ratings? perhaps the ME is being to harsh on him regarding match ratings? i do want him to be an alternative to Aubameyang as a scoring outlet. These are Iwobi's stats: And Pione Sisto's stats: Finally, if possible, i would like to get some feedback on my tactic in general. I'm not entirely sure if the roles and instructions i've choosen can be good enough to break defensive teams down. I'm also unsure if i should take further considerations when playing against more (and generally better) teams. I have an upcoming match against Manchester United so i should be able to see what my team is made of in a couple of games Before ending the post, here's my team's stats for reference: Thanks in advance. If there's anything else i should've added please feel free to tell me.
  9. That’s the amount of time it takes for a player to register a match rating, although he can still get a rating with fewer minutes if he scores a goal or gives an assist i think.
  10. Interesting. Do you not find that playing 3 playmakers makes the play too congested? I don't particularely enjoy playing more than one playmaker at the same time as they tend to play too close to each other. Do you not have this issue aswell? Also, you say that you used TI to play narrower in order to channel the play through the middle. Why not use exploit the middle which would have the same effect without contracting your width? Or even not using any TI considering the amount of playmakers you have in the middle, which would make your play pretty centrally anyways. Can you specify what you mean by seeing the effect of roaming during transitions? I've always had trouble detecting when players are actually roaming and moving away from his position in FM (quite the noob, i know lol).
  11. Thank you very much! Talking about coaches overload, what is the direct effect of it on player development? Thanks in advance.
  12. Could anyone please explain to me what is the point of signing under-18 coaches if first team coaches train the under-18s aswell?
  13. Basically, shape modifies two tactical aspects: Compactness and Creative Freedom. A more structured mentality will: Make your more attacking and defending duty players deviate from the team mentality you choose, hence reducing compactness. Instruct your players to stick to their instructions by reducing creative freedom. A more fluid mentality will: Make your more attacking and defending duty players play along the choosen team mentality, hence increasing compactness. Instruct your players to express themselves more by increasing creative freedom. Therefore, in general a structured shape is better if you want your team to stick to their instructions and duties, while a more fluid shape is better if you prefer a more homogeneous approach, with players playing in a less rigid mentality structure, encouraging the interchange of positions, while having the freedom to express themselves and deviate away from their instructions. That is not to say that a structured shape is better for defensive or a fluid shape is better for mentality. Both shapes have their pros and cons and you can perfectly create a defensive/fluid or a attacking/structured tactic. So, with regards to your questions: No as explained above. Although i generally prefer a structured approach when defending as it reduces creative freedom, while encouraging my strikes to play a more attacking game in order to counter more frequently. Compactness can be worked around by choosing the same duties across the line. No. A fluid defense will play higher up than a structured defense (because their mentalities will get closer to your mentality barometer which is the choosen team mentality) but the effect is not that pronounced to make it less viable to slow defenders. Mentality has a much bigger effect on D-Line than shape. Again no. A structured attack will play higher, with less creative freedom altough with a greater amount of risk (because of the mentality increase), while your defense will drop because of the mentality decrease, but thats about it. This statement in particular doesn't make much sense to me tbh. If you wanna learn more about shape, i HIGHLY recommend O-Zil to the arsenal's recent threads. He has been recreating lots of real life tactics while toying around with the concept of shape and explaining the differences and the effect of that instruction compared to the rest. The Wales's 2016 euro tactic is a favorite of mine and it shows the effects of a counter-attacking tactic on a very structured shape and the value of that instructions when playing with a technically limited squad.
  14. Fantastic read! Apologies if any of these questions have been asqued before on the thread: -What are in your opinion the main differences from a defensive point of view of playing a line of 5 compared to a line of 3? (with a line of 3 being "wingbacks" playing on the MC strata) -What role and what player instructions would you use for a wingback playing on the MC strata? i've been playing around with a winger on support but a lot of people here use defensive wingers. -The likes of Guardiola like to use hardworking wingers instead of converted wingbacks next the midfield when going out with 3 defenders. What makes it a better option to play Sterling instead of Zabaleta on the wing? would you change the role and player instructions? Thanks in advance.
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