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  1. Is it possible to edit unique IDs within a save? It doesn't seem to be with FMRTE. I've created Zidane as a manager, and retired the original Zidane from the database. However, I would like him to be treated as if he were the original. I've manually changed various favourite relations, but the limits of FMRTE mean I can't replicate him entirely. If I could give him the unique ID of the real Zidane, this would be so much easier. Anyone know if this can be done? Thank you!
  2. Does anyone know how to change the name of a club's supporter spokesman? Is there any way in the editor you can set a spokesman to be Firstname Lastname rather than a randomly generated name each time? I've looked on FMRTE and spokesmen don't appear to be in their database, so that's no use. I can't even set a nickname. Thanks!
  3. Lol, I think Dwight Yorke scored one once, but I'm fuzzy as to whether it was with Villa or United.
  4. I prefer to send my young players on loan to local-ish teams, so this would be handy when managing in countries with which I'm unfamiliar.
  5. Yep, I think this is going to be my best option. The first time I realised I could add view-only leagues without changing the player count, I went mad and added all leagues. Soon got annoyed at waiting for the game to process Indonesian league results - just need to limit myself to the essential leagues this time! Thanks very much!
  6. If I have La Liga running, say, and Villarreal get relegated, Villarreal's players will be more likely to want to leave. Now, if I don't have La Liga running, Spain still sends teams into the CL each year, so the game must be running some (basic) simulation of a league season to determine who finishes where. Do 'relegated' teams under this simulation still suffer a reputation drop and a potential player exodus (or do things stay pretty much the same domestically season-to-season)? If so, is there any way to tell which teams have been relegated, other than monitoring player happiness, form etc? Basically, I want to be able to take advantage of relegations abroad, and am wondering whether I have to have those leagues selected in order to do this. Thank you!
  7. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    Is anyone else getting the following screen when trying the direct link above? http://i972.photobucket.com/albums/ae201/JX832/Megapacklinkerror.jpg?t=1263932080
  8. I've used these in previous years, but I've tried to set them up on 09 now and they're failing to work. The preset options on the tactics screen remain the same, they refuse to recognise my new templates.
  9. Just finished my second season, quite a disappointing end. Lost my Champions League crown after a 119th minute Gonzalo Higuain goal gave Chelsea a 2-1 win. Then lost La Liga on the last day of the season by one goal to Madrid. I won the Spanish Cup, European Super Cup and World Club Championship so not a disastrous season. Last summer, transfer-wise: In: Ivan Marcano £4.4m Andrea Pirlo £7.5m plus Henrique Fernando Torres £54m Juan Manuel Mata £20.5m Out: Henrique p/ex Samuel Eto'o £23m (Roma) Eto'o wouldn't sign a new contract. Mata was a deadline day rush purchase, I had £20.5m to spare and thought 'why not?'.
  10. Editing Media Sources + Journalists

    I created a file with a selection of media outlets, and one with journalists, started a new game (with the extra files ticked) but neither my media outlets nor journalists have appeared by October.
  11. I'm sure I read that journalists would have names, and that we could get to know certain journalists better and receive more favourable news stories. Every time I have a press conference though, it says 'Name: n/a.' Does anyone know why?
  12. Happened to me. Valencia offered me a job with about £15m to spend, when I accepted I had nothing.
  13. "fire in the hole!"

    Guys, I think he was talking about a different Gerard, as in Gerard who used to play for Barcelona...
  14. Hey guys, I've been reading the thread for a while now, but finally decided to post. I've had a few Arsenal games but I've finally found one I'm comfortable with. I've just finished my 3rd season, my trophy cabinet looks as follows: 3 Premierships 2 Champions Leagues 2 Carling Cups 2 Community Shields 1 FA Cup 1 World Club Championship I didn't buy anyone major immediately, just the usual bunch of youngsters (Sakho, Sankhare, Aquino etc) and Marcelo. I bought no-one second season, offloading a few reserve players. I bought Messi in Jan 2010 because he was unhappy and his release clause was acceptable. I've got a pretty decent squad. I decided to keep squad players like Eboue, Song etc for a few years, they're handy enough. Decided to sell them this summer though to let some youth through. I got £12m for Flamini (board accepted), £10m for Eboue and £14m plus 30% plus buback £18.25m for Song. Pretty good business I thought. Can't sell Hleb though. Not really planning on bringing anyone in, I'm quite happy as it is, with plenty of youth as back-up. Here's my squad. GK - Fabianski, Almunia DR - Sagna, Hoyte DL - Clichy, Traore 2 DC - Toure, Djourou, Gallas, Senderos DM - Diaby, Sankhare 2 MC - Fabregas, Denilson, Lansbury, Rosicky AMR - Messi, van Persie, Walcott AML - Marcelo, Vela, Eduardo ST - Adebayor, Bendtner Keeper looks like a weakness, but Almunia was fantastic first two seasons, and Fabianski was great this season, getting a place in the EPL team and the CL team. Adebayor has been on fire, he has won numerous awards and his goal tally for each season is 64, 63, 59. Nordtveit is looking fantastic, and is pushing for a place in the first-team squad, as are players like Merida and Aquino. What do you guys think? I'm a tad worried how I'll cope without Flamini and Song, they've both played really well and provided good cover in the centre of the park. I didn't really need to sell them but I thought, with my squad getting bigger and with them likely to get slightly less playing time, now was the time to cash in.