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  1. Try going to the Man City overview screen, or the squad screen. You might find the 'declare interest in job' there in one of the other click down menus on those screens. I've no idea if it really is there but given the changes in the UI, they might have shifted it somewhere else. Alternatively, maybe you're no longer able to declare interest in it, unlike previous iterations of the game?
  2. Definitely looks like a bug, given that it's impossible for Van Dijk, Salah and Asensio (for example) to qualify for 'trained in nation'. I'd suggest you report this to the bugs forum. I wonder how that's happened.
  3. See, Liverpool, this is what happens when you don't play the world's best defender, Dejan Lovren....
  4. I'm unbelievably slow. It was an achievement that a while ago in FM17 I got to like, 2021 and that's the furthest I've ever got. I think I take a couple of weeks or months at least to get through a season? Just because I take an age doing literally everything.
  5. I agree that it seems conflicting. Maybe they'd want you to do both...just not in the same transfer? So on the one hand, sign someone like Pogba, and on the other, someone like Martial?
  6. I think it's definitely down to your 4-2-4 formation. Looking at your tactics - more direct possession means you would have the tendency to lose the ball if you're on the counter and someone hits a bad pass. Given that you've got four forwards and a BBM, it means that if you're trying to counter you've got about 5 players running up the pitch, which might presumably outnumber the opponent. Plus the two strikers, I'm not surprised that you're scoring a lot since you're basically flooding the opposition area with players. So if you do get up there - you've got a pretty high chance of putting the
  7. Number 7 in the Bundesliga video has two defenders crashing into each other and letting the striker in completely; number 9 has multiple opportunities for players to clear the ball but don't. The ME looks a bit clunky for sure but what I see in your video is three defenders who challenge for one ball, get in each others' way and lets the opposing striker in. Physics-wise it doesn't show them fully bouncing off each other (like maybe FIFA would) or falling on the floor, but given that the three of them run into the same spot and stop, I would call that about as close to three defenders bal
  8. Do you have a concrete example? I mean, if the game clearly is unresponsive to what you're doing then there's potentially something wrong. But it could also be conflicting instructions, or that your players just don't have the capacity to play the way you want, or that they aren't familiar enough with it yet.
  9. I'm....not entirely sure it works that way. If you wanted a tactic system guide, you might end up with about 300 pages of permutations and combinations that would drive even the most hardcore FM gamer insane. This, I think, is because the game works based off a combination of instructions, not just one magic button that immediately makes everyone play incredibly fast or incredibly slow football. Just because you select a higher tempo, doesn't necessarily mean there's more runs or more dribbling. Playing at a higher tempo could definitely mean trying to race the ball up the field as fast
  10. Isn't there that thing about Brexit affecting loans, because work permits were given only if the player was earning x amount? So that might be why, if he's earning less than (what i think was) £11k a week/you're paying less than that. Just a stab in the dark but I remember seeing people mention this in one of the other threads about Brexit.
  11. Basically just about all of these, bar the one where the keeper took the penalty, where the keeper played outfield and Neuer wandered into the opponent's penalty area. There's probably more, but this was the first result on my Youtube search.
  12. Cheers. Sometimes difficult to detect tone with words on a screen!
  13. Isn't there also something to do with when players reach their peak years? Like how strikers peak earlier than defenders and goalkeepers or something like that? Also, arguably - wouldn't it be technically harder for a player to go from 16 to 17, given than 16 is already really good, compared to say, 12 to 15? Like just thinking about improvement on a curve and how the difference between good and great players can be really tiny, minute things. So for them to go up an attribute point from 15 to 16 in my mind would be a pretty big deal, as compared to a young 16 year old going from 12 to 15
  14. To be fair, I was previously one of those people who never quite ventured into the set-pieces section of the game, despite owning FM17 where the option was also available to customise set piece routines. I also always took it for granted that the set piece routines functioned like real life until I read a thread where someone pointed out shifting Van Dijk to attack corners (I was managing Liverpool). So, y'know, don't think you need to be quite so harsh. But yeah, I would agree that maybe the default should have the CBs attacking corners. But then again, perhaps the game is trying to enc
  15. I reckon there's someone out there who prefers "places shots".
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