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  1. The .fmf files work at the same way as .tac files... Try to re-download the file and import it in the folder!
  2. In this tactic the attack is the best i've never seen! The 3 strikers score a lot!
  3. Ok at the end of the season i can say that: -the tactic is very nice because you can win the season with the right players -the attack is strong and everyone who plays in this role mark a lot -the defence isn't so good but we can't have everything! Nice tactic for all Mr. Hough
  4. Thanks Mr Hogh because in my save with Màlaga i score 82 goal and right away 40 goals in 31 games... I am second with R. Madrid first at detached about 12 points! At the end of the season i will post some screenshots
  5. I've been changed the match prep on def position and use only strong and strenght man for the defence and the tactic is very good!
  6. I've try it with Màlaga and the defence is poor...my wings back give a lot of space at the opposite wings and with central movement they leave one man 1 v 1 to the goalkeeper... The Offside trap is inefficient... I didn't say if it is caused by the not so well players or is a tactical problem. P.S. Sorry for my English
  7. Yes i know that but i haven't understood that i have to set all the position like this or only the position that the opposite team use.
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