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  1. Pretty sure I had Mikel Arteta as a Model Citizen at Athletic Bilbao on FM 15/16
  2. Loving the game so far, best one for a long time. Minor issue - I was talking to a player and promising him Champions League football to persuade him to stay and I got the options of either promising it this season or by next season. I initially went with by next season, to see if that would satisfy him, didn't want to promise something I couldn't definitely deliver. He didn't like it, but then I have no option to say "Ok, well if we don't qualify this year I'll sell you", my only options are either agree to sell him now, or be a jerk and say something about him training with the kids and rotting whilst his contract runs out. It would be good to be able to negotiate a bit more, similar to the pre-contract talks feature
  3. That is how I sometimes do it. But still it would be nice if you could look down the list, select the 4/5 you want out and change them all at once, then do the same for the few that you want in
  4. I've also found this. Only a minor issue but they do resemble the greyed out buttons from last year, so can be confusing
  5. For squad registration lists, I don't like doing auto select because it fills the squad with loads of rubbish youth players/ I worry I'll leave someone out accidentally, so I normally select my own, but its then a pain to click each player and select 'In'. You can select 10 consecutive players in the list for example, but then if you select 'In' for one of them it only changes the status of that one player, if it changed all of the selected players it would save time and repetitive clicking
  6. So my curiosity got the better of me... I edited the premier league to give each team 25 copies of one player, and holidayed for a season. Here's how the league table finished; 1st. Paul Pogba 2nd. Cristiano Ronaldo 3rd. Neymar 4th. Yaya Toure 5th. Arturo Vidal 6th. Lionel Messi 7th. John Stones 8th. David Alaba 9th. Gerard Pique 10th. Sergio Busquets 11th. Nemanja Matic 12th. Sami Khedira 13th. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 14th. Thiago Motta 15th. David Luiz 16th. Blaise Matuidi 17th. Ilkay Gundogan 18th. William Carvalho 19th. Philip Lahm 20th. Manuel Neuer (he didn't often get picked to play outfield often, they mainly had a lot of grey-ed out players) Pogba also won the FA Cup, but Yaya took the league cup. Let me know if you want any more details
  7. That is excellent. I'd be interested to see how a team of Vardys gets on against a team of Philip Lahms or a team of David Luizs
  8. This is something that I have often discussed with friends, and I realised that FM might be an ideal way to settle the debate. What I want to know is, if football teams consisted of 11 clones of the same player, which player/team would be the best? Who would you pick? If anyone knows an easy way to set this up in FM using the editor so that we can find out, please let me know/run it for a season and post the results! Cheers
  9. That is a great thread and I've read it all but I'm keen to do something similar with my own tactic rather than just copying someone else's ideas completely. Any thought on improvements to what I have above?
  10. Hi guys, I'm playing as Athletic and doing ok but really struggling for consistency, it seems I either score 3/4+ or 0 each game. Also having problems keeping clean sheets. Here's my tactic, please let me know what you think. GK - Iraizoz GK - D RB - Iraola CWB - S CB - San Jose CD - D CB - Laporte CD - D LB - Aurtenetxe FB - S DM - Itturaspe DM - D CM - Rico BBM - S CM - Benat AP - A AMR - Susueta IF - S AML - Munian IF - S ST - Aduriz AF - A Counter Fluid Team instructions: Retain possession Shorter passing Work ball into box Higher tempo I sometimes dominate possession (60%) and play really well, other times it seems to create no chances at all and we lose without ever really threatening. This seems to be independent of who/where we are playing (excluding Madrid and barca who smashed us home and away). Any thoughts/ideas/tips about where I might be going wrong would be welcome.
  11. Hi, I'm playing with Ajax, and although we obviously have a great academy already, I wanted to get a feeder club to get a wider range of regens in every year, I was thinking maybe a Danish or Belgian club would be good to link up with. However, whenever I suggest this to the board and they agree, I end up with a club linked with us "having first option on their players" and no mention of recruit youth players into our academy on regen day. This was definitely possible on FM14, is it because I'm Ajax, or am I pressing the wrong option when asking for a feeder club, or has this been taken out? Thanks
  12. I'm playing with Ajax and the rep of the eredivisie keeps going down each season, what influences this? I've been doing ok in europe (didn't make it out of cl group but got the the semis of the europa league) and trying to offload youth prospects that aren't good enough for me to other dutch teams but i can't seem to change anything. Do i just need to go further in the CL? Cheers
  13. When searching for staff or players, the ability to make some attributes a must have and others match x/y for example must have goalkeeper coaching greater than 17 and any 2 of determination, adaptability and level of discipline greater than 15
  14. I already had close down much less on the centre backs to try and stop it but it wasn't enough, I guess when they saw an opposition AMC in loads of space they couldn't help themselves. I've now toned it down to just close down less and it still seems ok so it must have been the lack of holding midfielder causing it
  15. Have now created a second tactic with counter mentality to be used against big sides in europe, or against smaller teams who've parked the bus to try and draw them out a bit. Ive made the full backs a bit more defensive, and have one CM as DLP - D with PI close down less which works really well. He sits in front of the back four and is in the right place to stop the centre backs from doing that stupid thing where they forget their striker completely and rush towards the ball like idiots. So far its working pretty well, thanks for the help guys
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