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  1. Hi Neil, deleting the cache and preferences fixed the problem. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi. I was playing FM14 earlier today and left my machine while the game was saving. When I came back to my laptop, the screen was no longer saving but the game had frozen. The laptop wouldn't respond to anything, leaving me no choice but to turn off the machine. Now when I start up the game, I get the following error during loading: 'XML parsing error! not well formed (invalid token) at line 1 of last_saved_game.xml'. The games loads to the start screen but the screen resolution has been changed. My last save isn't showing under the 'load last game' option - it says no game available. I can click on load game and highlight my last save, but I can't then click select to load it. Do you have any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks.
  3. I followed this thread for a while and ended up buying the Acer Aspire 5755G (6GB i7-2670QM) that was suggested early on in the thread. I've had it for about a month, and am absolutely delighted with it, so just wanted to say a belated thank you to Welshace and Eugene Tyson for their excellent input.
  4. I am essentially traditional when it comes to numbering - 1 for GK, 2 RB, 3 LB, 4 & 5 CB, 7 RM, 11 LM, 6 & 8 CM, 9 & 10 ST and 12 for the sub goalkeeper. However, if new signings have a favourite number that differs from that I will always try to accomodate it. If existing players have high numbers when I take over they can keep them, it doesn't really bother me. If the main numbers are already taken I often assign numbers that have been associated with famous players that have played in their position - 18 and 32 for strikers (18 - Klinsmann and Zamorano, 32 - Vieri), 14 for a skillful AM (Cruyff), 23 for a RM (Beckham) etc. Variations can be things like 22 for a back-up RB and 33 for a back-up LB. If I have to put youngsters with no real future on the bench to make up the numbers I'll give them a high number in the 30s, as I don't feel they deserve a more significant number. Talented youngsters breaking through will either get an available number from the teens or twenties. They may then progress to a more conventional number or keep their current one if I feel it suits them.
  5. Interesting stats there, particularly for Inter. They must have had a huge cash injection to reduce debt by 800m! Genoa had a huge debt increase for just a two year period.
  6. In previous versions you could only do it at the start of a game when creating your manager. Not had the chance to play the new game yet so not sure if is still the same.
  7. Values are always subjective and it depends on the circumstances. At the moment, Bale as a player is probably worth somewhere in the region of gbp25-30m, but with the over-inflated prices in the Premier League you could feasibly bump it up a bit to somewhere in the region gbp35-40m. He may go on to be worth more if his game continues to develop (or may sell for more if someone like Man City bids big just because they can). As I said, it also depends on the circumstances. If the bidding team have unsettled the player, the selling team may decide to accept a bid that falls short of their ideal valuation to get rid of an unhappy player. That happens both in real life and in the game. As a previous poster said, irl Spurs were looking for crazy money initially for Modric but, after a long, drawn out transfer saga that unsettled the player, accepted much less than they originally wanted.
  8. Paulo Sergio had two assistant managers at Hearts last season.
  9. There have been some very interesting points raised in this thread so far about how the game moves forward. I wouldn't be against the idea of a release every two years to allow a longer development if SI felt it necessary - I didn't really take to FM11 so kept playing FM10 instead for an extra year and really enjoyed having a much longer career than I normally would. As others have pointed out though, it's probably a non-starter for financial reasons. On the whole, I feel that the game is in a good place and the fact that there are currently only incremental changes needed reflects that. I have to say that i haven't really experienced some of the issues that others have mentioned on this thread, maybe I have just been lucky with my career or not picked up on them. Maybe I would feel differently if I had. For me, the one significant thing that could be changed to improve the game would be to be able to run the game with all leagues and all players available, while running at a reasonable pace. I don't know enough about programming and processing speeds to know if there it is a way that the game could ever allow that but I suspect not. I used to love playing Sensible World of Soccer on the Amiga back in the 90s and one of the great things about it was that you could sign anyone and also get job offers from any team in any league. You obviously can't compare the games in terms of level of detail or complexity (in SWOS for example, your team was the only one that ever signed anyone!) but being able to have a truly global career was great. It would be great in FM to be able to start a career and be able to move anywhere, to any league would be great. It would also lead to better long-term careers as all leagues would be properly simulated and nations could go through revivals or slumps based on youth production and/or league reputation. No more playing teams in European qualifying matches years into the game where the don't have a single proper player, real or regen. As I said, I don't know if this is really possible and if it were, it would probably take a long time to achieve. Would it be a case of SI taking a couple of years to redo things and optimise everthing or is it just a case of waiting for PCs to reach the stage where the are powerful enough to cope with it? For now, back in the real world, I'm looking forward to seeing how SI's latest tweaks will improve the game. I'll continue to enjoy playing the game and squeezing in as many leagues and players as my PC can cope with!
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