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  1. I do but when I do I put a lot more thought into it and not always going for the outsiders!
  2. There's also the length of time. I've signed someone who was 35, to fill a gap, and it was going to take some crazy like 35 months.... The contract length was only for a year!
  3. I know Frankie Hunter is in the game and she's a Fitness Coach. Aileen Anderson is a physio as is Kate Gascoigne. There's a female coach in Argentina somewhere I believe.
  4. It's normally in the Transfer Offer under clauses unless the player said to you that he would move if you topped up his wage and you accepted it. If you have a DoF in place he might have agreed to it if you left him to confirm or handle transfers.
  5. Could it just simply be down to licensing it?
  6. Well the Vatican have a "National" team but as mention do not wish to become a member of FIFA as it mean it'll be a business and not football for the love and friendship. Vatican National Team
  7. The best bet is to go into the scouting section and send the scouts out and about to have a look. Set the assignment up with the "Ongoing" option enabled. Then have a look in the "all known players" section and have "realistic transfers" selected from the filters. This will filter out all the players that just aren't interested in moving to your club. Without knowing your tactics, player roles it'll be hard to suggest players for you but that'll give your a good start. If you see someone you like I would send a scout out to watch them for a couple of weeks or a month and see if they will be suitable for your club. Also have a look at getting a senior affiliate for your club and see if you can get some cheap loans for them.
  8. It's my little way of remembering my holidays in that country and also a conversation starter!
  9. Nice, I've got quite a few. It drives the misses mental when I'm on holiday and I have to find a sports shop! PK-35 - From Finland Zenit - From Russia Suwon Bluewings - From South Korea Hawks Bay - From New Zeland D.C. United - From US St. Pats Athletic - From ROI Bristol City - England (D'uh!) Rakvere JK Tarvas - From Estionia (They have a very angry bull for a logo!) Inter Milan - From Italy PSG - From France Ajax - From Holland
  10. I always stick to what I currently have National C and Semi-Pro.
  11. Loads of keepers have played with a broken finger it's not unusual. Broken hand yes that's a sub off but finger they would probably play on and sometimes they don't even know until half time or at the end of the match.
  12. Yep. I build a affiliation with a club from other countries then when I go on holiday to that country I tend to buy the shirt. I collect football shirts from countries I visit.
  13. 1) You can ask your board to send you on coaching courses. They can of course decline but if they accept you will be "sent" on the course. I will take between 3 - 12 months to complete. This can increase your stats. 2) You can and will automatically improve your stats. These can be done through winning matches etc and also through coaching certain areas. How you keep discipline through the squad. 3) They get auto-assigned 4) They do impact areas. Your coaching stats will affect how will you coach your players, how they get motivated through team talks etc etc. They aren't cosmetic in the slightest!
  14. It shouldn't cost anything. Though with only a week you'll be able to see a rough guide to his stats but they won't be exact. Longer trials will narrow down the stats to almost accurate.
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