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  1. Well, I am back to FM 17. I`m disappointed about the ME of FM19. I think there won`t be a decent patch which could improve the gameplay. So I enjoy playing FM 17 at the Moment.
  2. It still happens to me in 3D matches. I really hope it will be solved with the next patch.
  3. Yes, that would be great, if someone could help. Beside this issue the skin is brilliant.
  4. As I mentioned before, for me turning off the crowd helps a lot to bring back a decent gameplay in 3D. I would also prefer to turn off weather effects such as in FM 17. But there ist no chance in FM 19 unfortunately. I think the problem of lagging could be solved by SI by giving users the chance to turn of weather effects, for me it won`t make any sense seeing rain pooring down.
  5. Hi, I think the nicknames disappear, when you use the "Real Name Fix".
  6. You are right. Lets hope for the best. But I don`t believe in miracles.
  7. Hi, I realized that when I turn off the crowd the lag in 3 D Matches decreases. And I also have the issue of lagging when it is raining during 3 D match. Strange, isn`t it?
  8. I think "clinched17" could be the best. Unfortunately "Team instructions" can`t be handled in german language. Has anyone an idea how it could be solved?
  9. it`s a great skin! But unfortunately the team instructions can`t be used in german language. It would be great, if this could be solved. Probably with version 4, which cannot be downlaoded :-(
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