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  1. This is very good!.. Keep it up mate!
  2. Ticket prices, look at Leeds United in real life, Leeds vs Preston was expensive for example: NORTH AND SOUTH STAND : £26 FOR ADULTS, £15 FOR KIDS EAST: £35 FOR ADULTS KIDS FOR £13 WEST: £35 ADULTS AND KIDS 18,400 was in attendance.. FOR THE LEEDS VS LUTON, QPR.. North, South were £15 adults, £8 for kids West: £26 fixed price I think East: £8 for kids, £15 for adults I think.. For QPR there was 29,500+ at Elland Road, for Luton there was 27,000 and for this Saturday vs Plymouth there is an expected 30-31,000 there. So depending on the size of the city, reputation, quality of players etc more people will turn up making a better atmosphere and inspiring the team, get my gest? I think this is the only thing missing for the game, I am sick of being Leeds manager and gettin only 15,000 despite doing well in the league.. Doesn't make sense? If enough go along the club will make more revenue anyway! Thoughts?
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