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  1. Strangely enough I've had 2 attacking midfielders. Best player of generation however was a center back. Slightly off topic - apologies - anyone know how to improve quality / volume of foreign players coming through without going down the obvious avenues? Already have extensive recruitment, about 10 affiliated clubs with top rated overseas sides etc. Sure this isn't a coincidence but been taken over by Czech owners & in last 2 intakes I've had 4 in total of Czech players. Awful stats though.
  2. Thought I forgot my password on one account so made another! Well, thought I forgot it! Dafuge - yeah I'm keeping an eye on wages. Trying not to go over £3million. How long, on average, does a tycoon stay with a club?
  3. Cheers guys - I know nobody likes a show off but it was my first tycoon takeover I've ever had. To be fair, I've won the Premier & Champs League now for a few years running so already a force. Hoping the owners will still be around in 9 seasons time when I can hopefully build a new stadium for the 2nd time. This years wage budget has risen from £2.3million to a ridiculous £4.1million with a £77million transfer kitty. Totally unsustainable figures with a 25,000 stadium - let's hope they don't pull out! Dafuge - I've seen your threads & admire your work. Surely that can't be your first tycoon!
  4. Chelsea in the Championship Everton in L2 Stoke in Conference
  5. Wnet 61 games unbeaten with St Neots. First season was W35, D3 & L0 like the OP. Eventual loss was a 2-0 defeat to Tottenham away. Few seasons ago went 37 games unbeaten & had Norwich away last game. Was 2-0 up but lost 3-2. Made 3 subs & had 2 injured leaving 9 men to battle on. After an almost impeccable managerial record in the league fluffed it at the end.
  6. Wouldn't say that, but would say that the squad building apart from Arsenal from the AI is poor. Last season went 36 games unbeaten with my nearest competitors Leicester, Norwich & Fulham. In year 2041 the challenge domestically is non existent.
  7. Nicklas Bendtner Adel Taarabt And after his recent Ballon d'Or comment Mesut Ozil
  8. I find offloading any player easier just after I win the Champions League. Player value also rose considerably.
  9. As regards to AI squad building I sold my left back to Arsenal for £45million so I could have enough funds to make a £58million transfer for an even better one from Sampdoria. Despite no injuries & by far Arsenal's best option at left back, he has yet to appear once for Arsenal after 30 odd games. Absolutely bizarre. http://postimg.org/image/8b38ooec7/
  10. 37 games gone in the Premier, St Neots head into the last game against mid table Norwich with an incredible record of 24 wins & 13 draws with no defeats. 2-0 up within 8mins, all according to plan & a first ever 'Invincible' season coming up which I've never achieved of any game of FM. HT 2-2 & the numerous cup finals are seemingly taking their toll on a exhausted St Neots side but with 45mins remaining anything could happen. 70% & then 60% low levels were fitness were cropping up all over the place & it was time for 3 subs in the 78th minute just to add fresh legs to help my little lambs cross the finish line. Then. 2 injuries. Quick succession. 9 men. The big 38 game season unbeaten looks under threat. 5mins to hang on. 88th minute....3-2 Norwich. FT. I need a holiday!
  11. 89 goals. Haha. Seems legit What's the amazing tactic mate? Does it involve guns, kidnap of opposition players etc
  12. No real surprise inclusions in the Premiership apart from myself winning the league with St Neots Town, although Shrewsbury have just been relegated & West Brom are regulars in Europe. Chelsea randomly were relegated to the Championship a few seasons back before showing predictable bouncebackability to get promoted back at the first attempt. Plymouth in League One have just been taken over by a tycoon, but that couldnt stop Newcastle from becoming champions. Stoke are in the Conference Premier & lost a tense playoff final to..er...Hednesford of all teams.
  13. Good shout - this happened to me on the previous FM15 game. Bored of the English leagues, I added Spain & all these amazing players with no single digit attributes were added for teams like Elche & Granada. Like you said, these could be picked up for £1.5million etc. The only thing I would say was that the players were at the peak of their careers eg. 27, 28 & 29 never did I see a 17 year packing any wonder stats.
  14. Been playing FM since the 11 edition (sorry for the cliched boring statement) & it wasn't until FM12 / 13 that I discovered the whole regen youth intake dates meaning I could keep tabs on all the new talent worldwide. The thing is, all my teams that I've built up over the years with extensive talent of world class regens I've never come across these 15, 16 & 17 year gems with Messi / Ronaldo like wonder stats. Sure, I've signed the odd decent-ish Premier standard player at a young age that could slot in a decent side, but never have unearthed a monster like the ones above, so to speak. Not for a minute am I suggesting you have edited that player & I'm sure many gamers do happen to take a trip down the editor road, but after many intake dates trawled with hours & hours across many games I just remain sceptical on how players of that quality seem to appear!
  15. I had a similar situation where a spate of red cards occured & was getting extremely annoyed. So starting from the last few, I have a 2 week fine policy for anybody getting a red card, whether it be from 2 yellows, a straight red, or totally an unjustified decision from the referee. May upset a few players but coincidentally since I've clamped down on the ill discipline I haven't received dismissals!
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