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  1. 4 screenshots that confirm what in the ME should be improved. I don't say that a game match like this above couldn't exist. 1-2 in a season would be real, not 4 in a mounth.
  2. "And I've lost count of the times I've gone up to 3-0, 4-0 or 5-0 and then completely lost all sense of defence and let two or three goals in. It's rarely so that I lose any points, but it's still completely unrealistic to completely trash the opposition and then start concieding several goals in the end." This is not an opinion. This is his experience, and it's same of mine and a lot of other players.
  3. Ok, anyway, I only tried to explain what a lot of players would like to see improved in the game. My mistake, I should stay here only to say that everthing it's perfect. (2+2=5) Bye.
  4. This is not a bug, this is something to improve to do a better game. In every forum in Italy and also in other countries people are talking about it (high number of shoot/high number of goal), only here, where we can't post image, it seems that this situation doesn't exist. I would be very curious to see the stats about the shoots in your games. You say: "It happens in some games, not all" and this is very strange because FM it's done with a binary code.
  5. The high results are not an opinion, are a fact. The tactic that you are playing, not influence. I tried to take a lot of stats from my 4th season played. I taked all my matchs and a lot of match played by AI. The result is that we have 1 shoot every 2.8 minute, and if you try to image something similar in real, you will see only 22 players that run like crazy to shoot without play any tactics on the field. Big numer of shoots = big numer of goals, this is normal, but if you think that every managers in the games are using wrong tattics, you are only transfer the problem, not delete it. PS. sorry for my english :-)
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