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  1. I'm currently working on a personal database based on this season's English football structure, with all the division changes, some extra custom teams, and some changes of strength. It's been fine so far, but I've run into a massive stumbling block whilst adding the 11th tier. The competition rules are entirely new, and have been set up in Basic - they aren't perfect but they worked perfectly fine. I know that there is a limit of 512 teams in a competition (for cups and things), as well as a workaround by editing the xml. However, there also seems to be a similar block on parent competitions. My 11th tier currently has 33 subdivisions, and a total of 524 teams (roughly). Before I hit 512 teams, things worked perfectly fine, but now the game scrambles up all the subdivisions when I create a save (so for example Devon teams play in the Middlesex League, or London teams in the Midland League). Worse still, some leagues fail to schedule, and the teams in them only compete in cup games. Is there any way to work around this 512 team limit for each tier? There seem to be larger databases which do it, but I'm yet to find a straightforward solution.
  2. I appreciate this probably belongs in Rules Editing, but I wouldn't know whether it belongs in Basic or Advanced. I've created a fantasy database for FM19, and I'm really happy with it for the most part. The structure is: First Division (16) Second Division (16) Third Division A/B (2*16) Fourth Division A-D (4*16) Fifth Division A-H (8*16) Sixth Division A-P (16*16) Letters distinguish between the different sub-divisions at the same level. The only problem comes with promotion and relegation. Take the Fifth Division, for example. The Fourth Division relegates 16 teams in total, and these all tend to end up in the Fifth Division A, with teams from that sub-division pushed into Division B, and so on. The newly promoted 32 teams from the Sixth Division all end up in the Fifth Division G and H. This happens at all levels. This is awful for a team relegated from the Fourth Division, since all their games will be against other relegated teams, so it is pretty unfair. I'd like to try and fix that. I believe when deciding which sub-division to put teams in, it just puts the 16 with lowest ID into Division A, the next 16 into Division B, and so on. Is there any way to make the divisions either: Constant, so teams remain in their sub-division. Teams are promoted and relegated into set sub-divisions (so for example, D promotes into B, and relegates into G and H). I think this is possible, but seems to work best when each sub-division relegates into one other sub-division. However because the number of sub-divisions doubles at each level, that isn't possible. Completely random, so at the start of each season each level completely rearranges its teams. Ideally I'd want to do this using the Basic competition rules, but if I have to go advanced, that's probably fine.
  3. My suggestion is simple and would be relatively easy to implement. I would like to see View-Only leagues introduced for lower divisions of a nation you have as playable. For instance, you might have the Premier League playable but lower leagues as View-Only. As someone who tends to create lower league databases for England, and then simulate them to see the results, it would be beneficial to have this feature. At the moment I have to add a second nation such as Gibraltar or deal with seasons that take over an hour on my relatively powerful machine. But it would be nice to have this feature. Similarly, in the dropdowns where you see "Add as playable league" in lower divisions, you should be able to "Add as viewable league". I don't think this suggestion would be hard to add but it would be a lovely little addition.
  4. Well, I may as well give this a crack. I'll give reports of how I get on in a narrative style. ------------------ It had started as a joke amongst my mates. We had went down the pub on a Friday night and one of us had suggested applying for random managerial roles in tiny Pacific Islands. So I tried it, and went on the official Papuan National Soccer League website. There were email addresses for each of the clubs, and I sent all of them a message asking whether they would like a new manager, before listing my Sunday League achievements. Amazingly I actually got a reply from some of them. Morobe United realised that my application was a hoax, but still sent back a reply saying they were honoured by my interest. Madang Fox took it more seriously but even they refused to sponsor me for a visa. FC Port Moresby, on the other hand, offered me a visa, and a house. I was shocked, but it seemed they thought that my lowly Sunday League was a major competition in England. I didn't want to be scammed so I asked the club if there were any costs I would have to pay, and they admitted that they could not afford to pay my flights. My family said I was crazy, my friends said I was crazy, and even my boss said I was crazy. Luckily, I work an office job that you can do from home, and FC Port Moresby promised me internet access, so my boss decided to keep me on, as I would not be managing full time. I decided to save up for the cost, and two months later I flew long haul via Dubai and Hong Kong. As I flew in, I realised that I was officially a football manager. After the flight, I walked to the stadium where I was greeted by the owner, Job Ponis Gule. He invited me into the very impressive ground, the Sir John Guise Stadium. Unfortunately, the team did not play there regularly, instead opting to play at a smaller ground locally. Mr. Gule implored me to make use of young talent, and then handed me over to my assistant, Tony Bayung. Tony told it pretty straight, the club have some major problems. The team do not have a goalkeeper, and there is a leadership void. What's more, he explained the format of the league, "If you lose even one or two games, you are going to struggle, because you only play ten games. The top two teams from each of the divisions play off for the championship." The last thing to do was to speak to the press. They pushed me on the goalkeeper issue, and then asked me whether I planned on selling Valentine Posman, who was my best player by far. I had already had a chat with Valentine and had encouraged him to stay, so I made clear to the press that Posman was staying, and that was non-negotiable. Needless to say, the press scrambled after that! I had a kick about with the team on the training ground to introduce myself, and my players seemed to like me. Fortunately the language barrier wasn't too severe, as many of the players spoke English and even the ones who didn't speak English could communicate with the ones who did. The Under-21s proved an easy team to beat, and we crushed them 4-1. Join me next time to see how my first few games went!
  5. I think it links to language, for example when I made Gibraltar mostly Norwegian speaking the surnames became mostly Norwegian. However, there's still a basic set of surnames that gets used for each country.
  6. Thank you so much! This will also allow me to filter teams and use this to edit en mass, so thank you very much. Could you create multiple divisions to draw from (ex: London League and London non-League), if you wanted seeding? Edit: If this cup has a low reputation, will managers tend to play weakened teams? I don't want Arsenal to have their full team beating Dulwich Hamlet 11-0. But a reserve team would lead to problems if Arsenal wound up in the National League and were still playing a poor side.
  7. How could I go about adding a cup with a specific set of teams in an quick manner? For example, could I add a London Cup with all of the London teams?
  8. First Name: Charlie Last Name: Miller Ethnicity*: Mediterranean/Hispanic Hair Colour*: Black Skin Tone*: Light Brown (about 11 I believe) Date Of Birth: 02/02/92 City Of Birth: Scunthorpe, England Height: 174cm Weight: 64kg Second Nations: Mexican Preferred University (UK Only): York Preferred Position: ST C Second Position: N/A 3 Key Attributes: Finishing, Decisions, Off The Ball Up to 2 Prefered Staff Role: Manager, HOYD
  9. Name: Phil Connors From which movie/TV-series: Groundhog Day Birthday (Day/Month): No idea, so I'll say 2/2 because that is Groundhog Day. Nation: USA City of Birth: Pittsburgh Primary Position: AM © Secondary Position: ST Main Foot: Right Height (in cm): 188 Weight (in kg): 80
  10. An excellent performance there for Chester. It's just a shame that you weren't able to win the Playoff Finals. Are any league clubs trying to hire you yet? It seems that there is a fair bit of manager turnover in League 2, and you've done some impressive things in the past.
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