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  1. Quite a lot of players already listed but yeah I was on about regens and players sons which are younger. Like Beckhams kid's are with Arsenal at the moment. I suppose having now thought about it, it would be unfair to assume that because they are the son of a world class footballer, they too will become a footballer. Although as an Easter egg or for novelty factor it would be nice to see Benjamin Aguero Maradona pop up in the game one day.
  2. Something I have never really thought of in the game or thought to look for. Some legends of the game like Ronaldo (brazillian legend), Beckham and Aguero all have sons, Aguero's son especially is expected to be a footballer with Maradona as a grandad and Messi as godfather but do any of them feature in the game? I am in year 2026 and can't seem to find any of them but has anyone else or does anyone think it would be a good idea to include them? Granted they are not guaranteed to be footballers but some of them are already in trails and with youth teams.
  3. Great stuff, thanks for the info, really appreciate it If I am lucky enough to get a son any time soon I shall post a picture and hopefully show off his awesome stats!
  4. Oh right, are you on full game or classic? Looks a nice position too, I really dont want a defender as a son. I'd be so disappointed haha and does is say you are favoured personnel as a son? I keep getting players with the same surname but Lloyd is a popular name so I never know. My new aim in the game is to have a worldclass son
  5. Also Scribe can you post a picture? Love to see his stats and what not. I think all great manager should aspire to have a son, unless mine is firing blanks
  6. I really want a son, I have probably lost a world class regens trying to get him. How did you get your regen Scribe? How old is your manager, how many years have you been managing and what game mode? Even if he equates to a lower league player I will still proudly play him every game
  7. Thanks Mack4life I know you can on the FMC mode but I am playing the full feature mode so wasn't sure. Think I am at the stage where it should be possible and hey 10,000/1 odds aint so bad. 15 newgens a reload, about 667 reloads and I should have one according to the law of averages haha. I think after playing the game for a few years, the novelty factor of having a son would keep this save going a good 10-15 more years than starting a fresh game in a new league.
  8. Hello all Been a long time reader through this forum but never joined or got involved, not sure why but FM15 seems a great year to start. So I have a question which I know has been circulating for a while but I am still not 100% sure of the answer. On one of my saves I have been managing Sheffield Wednesday or 10 years and my manager hit 35 this season in October. I have saved the game on the 1st March and before I spend countless hours reloading the game over and over, is there actually a chance I can get a son? To summarise my manager turned 35 4 months ago, this is my 10th year at the club and the game mode I am playing is the full game mode, not the classic (Mainly through preference of having all the features.). Thanks in advance for any advice and it's nice to finally join the FM community.
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