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  1. I've updated my driver and loaded up FM16 3 times first time it didn't work but the last two times it worked and loaded up the game. Thanks for your help always helpful here
  2. OK thanks alot I'll try that once I finish work and let you know
  3. i hope this is the file your after, and its every time i try to load it up doesn't even get on to the game, and yes i have for custom editor but only one i'm using and thats all transfers and loans august 16 by x8-ball FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2016.09.05 17.14.36).dmp
  4. I'm getting a message saying a serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated C:\USER\PHIL\DOCUMNETS\SPORTS INTERACTIVE\FOOTBALL MANAGER 2016\CRASH DUMPS\FM2016V16.3.2.830543(2016.09.04).DMP I have already tried uninstalling both FM16 and avg antivirus software and re-installing them with no look? I don't know what's happened it worked last Monday but come Friday can't get it to work
  5. just to let you know im all good now think its sorted fingers crossed it stays that way. Thank you kriss frazT neil and tony for all your help you all have been great
  6. tony as ive said before fm tab on my dektop didnt have Compatibility mode so ive just did it with fm tab in the folder and the Compatibility mode box was ticked so i unticked it and ticked Run this program as an administrator. And it has loaded up this time but looks like it stuck on the loading page?
  7. sorry ive tried Run this program as an administrator and Run Compatibility troubleshoot both option still no luck same message
  8. and offline mode im getting the same message
  9. tony i cant when i right click on fm tab there is nothing saying Compatibility?
  10. Ok I will try to do all of this once I'm in as I'm back at work now and don't finish till 5
  11. You think this will be sorted by Friday?
  12. So what am I looking for? As I can't see anything called graphics.txt file
  13. hello tony I've have do what you asked but i cant find any think called graphics.txt when i go into logs file all that's in the is a file called shaders
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