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  1. Which preffered moves are usually the best to teach? and how many can one player learn?
  2. I managed to buy Leo Messi in FM 2014 save for Dinamo Zagreb LOL with no problems at all (after I got money)
  3. 24 been playing since FM 2006 when I didnt know anything about game LOL
  4. Yeah I know, can they still reach their full potential when they are a bit older?
  5. thats awesome Im in premiership with whitehawk, lol Man Utd and Man city are not that strong in my save,mostly arsenal and chelsea are rocking. Btw its funny , in my save Munir has only 15 finishing and he is in AC Milan, guess their stats are developing differently? wish I would know how to take screenshots
  6. btw idk how much this affects game but I learned Zivkovic 6 preffered moves LOL: runs with ball down right, runs with ball through center, shoots with power, tries to beat offside trap (this one isnt that good he is offside most of the time), knocks ball past opponent, tries first time shoots
  7. well idk how far in game you are, I am in 2022 and PSG was offering 48M for Zivkovic lol, he was top goalscorer in europe previous season and I also have Malcom and Gabriel Barbosa, it was funny, noone ever bought Malcom from Corinthias until I bought him 2021 (Gabriel Barbosa-cultured striker, Malcom-clinical striker (finishing 18) )
  8. he is a professional and my best player he never complained about training LOL
  9. What to do to stop player being unhappy with training? It just says he is unhappy with training overall and started losing stats :/ I dont know what should I do??
  10. I am manager of Whitehawk and I just managed to qualify for ECC and for my 1st game I got PSG as my opponents. Most of my team were already tired from internationals and last game with Norwich which ended 1-1 sadly so I was expecting to lose heavily from PSG. I certainly didnt expect my team to play like crazy and crush them like ants :O. They crushed PSG 4-1 with ease. Did the teamwork match preparation have any effect? I never before used teamwork as match preparation. . Proud of my boys
  11. well I think I need to train more his vision for beginning, in description it says he is dubbed new michael owen LOL,a dn he can play AML/AMC/ST oops guess I have to cancel tutoring as he already has professional personality
  12. So I am playing in 2019. year now and just had a new youth intake and I got one player who has the potential to become world class striker. Any advice how to properly train that player?
  13. okay thanks my squad is crippled now but I can pull it out this season just hope bob vankan's contract doesnt expire before hahah
  14. so if I get promoted everything will be okay? Im only stuck for a season? Im spending 5 times more on wages than its allowed
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