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  1. i had the same issue (no application running, only the process) on my netbook and adding that parameters helped me to launch the game in 'visible' mode, but unfortunately, after the intro passes the games disappears just checked on intel website, i have the latest drivers for my intel 945 any idea?
  2. Hi, in fm2012 demo when I use hyperlink from the news and click on the name of the club or switch between teams like Athletic Bilbao and Bilbao Ath. (B team), I have a club overview screen appearing instead of first team squad screen, it's not so convinient since you usually 'enter' the club/team to view the players of it and not the general info of the club, would you explain the reason or revert it back as before if i am not alone complaining on this.
  3. Sorry, if I have not found a similar thread, but what about Russian Premier League in FM 2012? Is it to be in transition 2011-2012 way for the first season (it actually lasts 1.5 years), and then is switched to common autumn-spring tournament?
  4. yeah, that's a real challenge. the best players are X.Alonso and Arteta and you need to make some progress with the club to sign them: Arteta was brought before my 3rd season when I finished 4th and was qualified for CL, but Alonso was still unreachable for me even when he was 33. the real problem when you have concentration of good players in central midfield while wingers are generally pretty moderate, so using the middle is the choice and at the same time your squad is physically strong and good for direct football which is more appropriate for using the flanks, crosses and so. also i must admit that central defenders were very good during corners and IFK: there were seasons when San Jose and Amoribietta scored 20 goals a season together. anyway it's very interesting experience, and it would be nice to hear opinions of other 'basque-philles' my results were: 1st season: 9th + copa, 2nd: 4th, 3: 6th + europa league, 4: 5th, very-very tough task to compete with both madrid clubs and barca