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  1. Playing a match on a network save, going into the second half, about 48 minutes or so, I unsynced and had no highlights while my friend watched my team (Harrogate) score a goal and the error popped up. Managed to instant result to the end of the game and everything seems fine but figured i'd report just in case. PKM and screenshot attatched https://www.mediafire.com/file/diwxdb8gxk8d2ci/network_save_luke.fmt/file Harrogate v Hartlepool.pkm
  2. It’s XML, I’ll find a guide michaelmurray done in a few minutes
  3. Yh I created the title bar and player overview panel for tcs 2020 yesterday and it took me about two hours just to do that. It’s a nightmare sometimes as for the making your own skin, personally what helped me is taking a ready made panel, and building it from scratch in pieces and you’ll learn what does what. Once you have the knowledge, it’s just figuring out how to put things together
  4. check your email that you donated with, if you haven't had anything yet, send me a screenshot of the PayPal receipt or whatever and I'll send the password
  5. sometimes code just doesn't work on specific screens. I can't find any reference to a kit_icon in any FM12 file, so more than likely it just wasnt introduced yet. It is what it is.
  6. Doesn't seem possible unfortunately
  7. the kit icon you're looking at was introduced with football manager classic I believe. If the code isn't in FM 12 then it likely won't work. I'll take a look when I get back
  8. apologies, I've been absolutely spent by the time I get home from work, I'm off on Tuesday I'll see what I can do then
  9. as I explained in the twitter thread, the skin won't be exclusive, I plan for the free version of TCS 2020 to be just as high quality as TCS '19 was. The patreon bonuses, will just be stuff like access to work in progress versions, or a random panel that I make that doesn't fit into the skin design (ie some of the stuff I've shown on the Show Your Skin thread.) For higher tiers I could probably do something like custom skins or something, idk. TCS won't be going anywhere, and people who don't pay won't be losing out. I've been in the position of not being able to afford to donate to a patreon or not wanting to donate and I completely understand those viewpoints and respect them, but as I've grown older and gotten a full time job, my time is more limited and anything extra would be a bonus. I appreciate your opinion, and thank you for giving me something to think about
  10. Love you all I'd also be interested in everyone's thoughts on this
  11. still works like that. If you extract a base skin, look inside text.xml, there'll be a line that says file_name="gt-america-regular.ttf" or something to that effect, download a font file, call it gt-america-regular.ttf, put it into the fonts folder, clear cache and reload the skin.
  12. making skins to work on resolutions is an extremely tedious and difficult process. As for less skins being made for smaller resolutions, there's just a lack of skins being made nowadays, and the majority of one's that are made are just bits taken from other skins (without permission) horizontal_adaptive_container and vertical_adaptive_container are your best friends. These are what you'll need to make stuff disappear based on resolutions. I'll throw together a more detailed guide when I'm home from work.
  13. download a base skin, it goes in panels/tactics
  14. no idea, the only time I get crash dumps is if I'm changing the skin then jumping into a match, whenever I change something on the match UI then go to play a match I reload the game which stops it crashing
  15. yeah si broke the scout player button and I never got round to releasing the fix
  16. not exactly sure what you're asking? Are you trying to replace the RCA title with the first touch one? If so just use the custom languages
  17. place them in the base skin, so the three folders overwrite the ones in the base skin
  18. nope, it reads both entries, but if there's a conflict will prioritize the one on higher in the code
  19. not possible, if you look at the code for the city pictures they use the same code as the background pictures
  20. because the dark mode TCS skin isn't made to show backgrounds. Use the aero skin
  21. no need to apologize man! Skinning is a very daunting thing to get your head round, I started in FM 15, and it wasn't until last year where it clicked and I figured out what I was doing. I was probably that guy
  22. couple of things, can you post the config.xml for the 2d kits, and have you cleared the cache and reloaded the skin?
  23. change the top line to say <container id="" height="10"> For the record, it wont work because FM17 files have different code to FM19, mostly 'layout_children' was replaced with 'apply_to_children'. The easier option would be to follow this guide, and grab the file from FM19, and remove the ID in that.
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