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  1. I'm sure Sports Interactive will have figures that support their decision. Even publicly available figures from steamdb show it. I'll imagine there just isn't the userbase to justify whatever costs and general investments Touch requires. It's a shame for the Touch contingent, but that's businesses for you. Source: https://steamdb.info/graph/?compare=1263850,1263860&release
  2. Absolutely no correlation between the two. I can promise you that the team that is working on Women's football has minimal, if not no overlap with the team that was on FM Touch
  3. Hi @Priisek, hope you're well. Unfortunately, we don't allow content to be placed behind paywalls to be posted on this forum. Our rules allow optional donations, however not providing content unless a donation has been made falls firmly underneath the definition of content behind paywalls. Please either provide the "Plus version" for free, or remove any mentions of a Pro version that require a payment.
  4. From what I remember, the start of a game cycle they sit down, go through suggestions and decide what they want to and can accomplish and incorporate this year, next year and so on.
  5. Football Manager has such a large user base that everyone is gonna want something different. This is isn’t a small indie game, features are planned years in advance. Besides, i don’t blame staff for not coming in the forum. It’s incredibly toxic and i know first hand what seeing constant criticism has on your mental health. On this forum, it’s probably 35:65 people who love the game vs people who complain about it. Imagine how horrible that is for people who busy their arse, trying to make people happy, just to get shat on because the ui looks a bit naff or animations aren’t great. At least i can down tools when i get annoyed with the community like i did with TCS, they can’t
  6. Historically, yes. 18 > 19 > 20 > 21 have been relatively simple, it depends on whether SI have overhauled the skin completely, like they did with fm 14 > 15
  7. Might be worth raising as a feature request for FM23 https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/680-football-manager-feature-requests/?ct=1632236860
  8. Sort of. You can assign competition specific kits in the editor. However this only applies to default kits. Assigning external graphics doesn’t work, so if you have a 3d kit it won’t change
  9. Has nothing to do with my skin. Stop posting it in this thread.
  10. please post a direct link to the updated skin here, or the topic will be locked. this isn’t a place to advertise other forums.
  11. I use an overlay graphic which has just the borders to make it round, then set the colour to what the background of the processing box is. I changed the background_colour="" (bckl in this case) to Primary so in this case its green, in others it'd be yellow (Dortmund) or Blue (Chelsea) Even if im on a competition page it picks up that colour
  12. 1) The colour recolors based on your team. If you play with FGR it'll be green, Real Madrid white and so on. 2) This code. Edit the stuff in value="xx"
  13. Just seems unnecessarily hateful. There's constructive feedback and there's just "I don't like this". If I got this sort of comment I'd just think "Ok" and never think about it again. Why do you like the old one? What would you change, why do you think this is better? Stuff like that.
  14. widgets/training schedule session calendar match widget Actually changed mine since haha
  15. Not sure what could be causing that Yeah that was a bug that was in the game, they fixed it in the skin and I never released an updated version. Try deleting match team news panel.xml (skin folder/panels/match) and reloading the skin
  16. It's your choice. If you want to keep every single xml in your skin, there won't be any difference, if you want to release it however then yeah i'd recommend against it. I've looked and can't find anything that references fg cyan lighter
  17. Easiest way I find is to use Notepad++'s "Find in Folder" option, set up like this
  18. Anything that uses "xxx 300" for example uses material ui colouring https://materialui.co/colors You can find a whole list of these in sitoolkit.fmf, inside the palletes folder
  19. Hi! Unfortunately we're not in a position to provide graphics on this forum, or help with requests. Other fansites will have what you need! Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want more information. Thread closed.
  20. FM21: TCS3 The final skin release, TCS3 is a skin mainly developed with inspiration from others. @FMEnhanced, @Wozzie's amazing Tato skin and the excellent CFM skin that has served as inspiration for many years all became key inspirations for the skin. I didn't plan to release the skin, which is why a large portion of it is borrowed from other skins, which isn't something I like to do typically. I built the majority of the skin, turning the key screens, the player, club and manager home screen into tab switchers, aiming to provide the bulk of the information through that, and removing the need to be clicking back and forth. I'd built the bulk of the skin myself with various bits added in by other creators, before teaming up with Jack ( @WorkTheSpace ) and adding some finishing touches. Links: Mediafire | GDrive | Mega
  21. you can copy the edit folder inside the widgets folder over to the TCS folder. Never even thought to do it
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