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  1. [FM17][SKIN][RELEASE] TCS 2017 v1.4 | v1.5 Preview

    Final version of TCS 2017 - v1.5! Changelist: New views come integrated into the skin, specifically the tactics screen, player and staff search DF11 Support Inbox has been overhauled More information added to screens such as the Players Released screen New match titlebar scoreboard Changes to the competition screen New Scoreboard (Sky Sports 2017-18) Stadium Overview Panel tweaked Various tweaks to lower resolutions, may not be perfect but it is certianly better than the last version. ---------------------------------------- Closing Notes: So my time with FM 17 has come to an end! It has been an amazing year for TCS with this version being the best version of the skin ever released, as well as accumulating over 35,000 downloads over the course of the year, blows my mind considering TCS was started in 2015 as a personal project. I'd like to thank every single person who has downloaded the skin over the past two years, every person who's offered feedback, positive or negative as this allowed me to grow as a skinner and has provided a source of inspiration, when not only my FM time gets low, but also something to distract myself when my personal life gets low, it truly means a lot. Since we're being honest atm, I'm not entirely too sure of an FM 18 release. I've not hidden the fact that I'm not happy with the direction Football Manager is going, and outside of skinning 90% of the time spent with FM17 has been filled with frustration, and simply not fun. Another reason that TCS 2018 may not be getting released is monetary. I won't go into too much detail, but funds are tight at the moment, hence why I'm opening donations. Provided I don't need them for something urgent, any donations made will go towards FM 18; you can find a link below if you want to help out, or even just say thank you, ------------------------------------------ Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/iy8a5dpcj9b6236/TCS 2017 v1.5 FINAL.7z Donate: https://www.paypal.me/TCSSkin Older Versions: https://bluestillidie00blog.wordpress.com/2017/07/01/fm-17-tcs-v1-4-released/
  2. [FM17][SKIN][RELEASE] TCS 2017 v1.4 | v1.5 Preview

    Hard at work on v1.5. Release soon hopefully.
  3. [FM17][SKIN][RELEASE] TCS 2017 v1.4 | v1.5 Preview

    Read through this guide. I don't have this same issue, that's odd.
  4. Post Match - Tabbed Containers

    Yep that's sorted it, cheers!
  5. Post Match - Tabbed Containers

    Hey guys! So I'm working on v.1.5 of the TCS skin, and I've got everything mostly sorted, unfortunately I'm having a couple an issue, that I've been trying to fix for a while now. The tabbed containers where it says Stats, Milestones and Performances. It recolours to the Secondary League Colour and I can't seem to keep it white. I've tried every graphic I could font, forcing the font, but nothing I try seems to be working.
  6. Please help with sidebar and action bar editing

    have you tried editing the graphic, and editing the slices?
  7. [FM17][SKIN][RELEASE] TCS 2017 v1.4 | v1.5 Preview

    Check the front page! New version out!
  8. Football Manager 2010 Skinning Guide Part 1: The Basics

    What makes you think it'll be any different to the FM11 answer?
  9. how to move Scoreboards?

    You're missing a colour, search in the panel for the gold colour, then copy that from Vitrex's settings.xml to yours.
  10. Match Screen Goal Icon

    Hmm, seems to be hardcoded, that's a massive shame. Thanks anyway!
  11. Match Screen Goal Icon

    Sorry if I didn't explain clear enough, the goal icon works fine on stuff like penalties, but on regular goals it forces the icon to be black and white. Essentailly, I want the icon for normal goals to look like the own goals.
  12. Match Screen Goal Icon

    Hey guys, working on a new release of TCS. I decided to replace the goal icon, unfortunately, as you can see, I'm having some issues. As you can see, regular goals have the icon converted to black and white, but the penalty icons work fine, as well as working everywhere else in the skin. Is there any fix for this or is it hardcoded?
  13. match lineups intros mod (updated 23.06.2017)

    GPU or CPU rendered?
  14. match lineups intros mod (updated 23.06.2017)

    Something like this for the Bundesliga?
  15. [FM17][SKIN][RELEASE] TCS 2017 v1.4 | v1.5 Preview

    Also working on Low res, wide sidebar doesn't look ideal but it works.