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  1. Possibly the weirdest glitch i've seen on this FM - https://gyazo.com/f3c2c05abc8c8522571e052bac66628f. United's gk had the ball like this, with players slowly moving 1 yard towards him and then back from the 55th minute until the 94th. As you can see, I ended up with 76% possession. As well as this, i'm also having issues with defending corner tactics, the left side works fine but when I set up the right side the same the LST disappears until i'm in game when my assistant tells me that I have 2 players marking the same post (LST supposed to be on other post). It won't let me click on my lst (he stands near the far post but off the pitch) until about 1 minute after the corner has been taken.
  2. So Sturridge gets a 3 month injury in his first preseason game then proceeds to get two 2-3 week injuries both times after his return..
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