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  1. On Sunday watching Sunderland v Man City Alan Smith said Fletcher has been superb today and has done a great job for his team. I have to be honest I thought he was anonymous and a bit pants. However as an ex striker/ex pro I'll assume that Smith knew exactly what Fletcher should have been doing playing upfront on his own in a counter attacking system, I did not. My point is we have a tendency to read too much into the roles and tactics on the whole. Reading Gary Neville's and SAF's autobiographies and you can begin to draw a conclusion that perhaps "Opposition instructions" and "Shouts" are where the real tactics are created. Gary Neville was taught to be a right back as a kid, later on for England he was asked to be a wing back but this was all a little strange to him by his own admission. SAF also claimed although he signed a Wing Back with Evra, they knew he could be taught to play as a left back as he could tackle. I actually believe we are given much more freedom than real managers when it comes to creating tactics, I think that roles are much more pre determined in real life (When Utd signed Veron the biggest problem they had was getting him to stop roaming around, something they never managed to stop). So for me your more generic roles are what players are taught as kids and then the unique ones are the result of natural talent and what you teach coming together) which I think the lack of deep or advanced player makers in the English game only backs up.
  2. Everything you've said desribes you wanting to play a computer game, I'm not trying to ignite a real/game debate but read what you've posted and apply that to football. If you want to know if the player is holding up the ball read the role description and use a little common sense, playmaker type players are going to put there foot on the ball. Other than that any player you give the "hold up ball" instruction too. The game wants you to watch the match and respond to that so pre determining how much somebody runs with the ball just isn't important. I know it feels worse but it really isn't, it will of course take a little longer to get your team playing exactly how you want but the David Moyes has now been Utd manager for several months and is still tweaking away. Just try to approach it with an open mind and hopefully you'll soon learn to love!
  3. I'm in my 4th season, I've won 3 league titles with 2 different teams and 1 Champions League. I've also won 3 domestic cups. So far in the 4th season I've won 11/11 in the league, 4/4 in Europe and have qualified for the 5th round of the League Cup I play an attacking tactic and overall would say my results are exactly in line with what I would expect from playing any version of FM. I don't suffer from my team having 40 chances per game and on average I would say I have between 10-20 chances per game (I would guess 8/10 times I'm the dominant side). In the last game I played I scored 3 goals away to Liverpool, the first was a 20 yard half volley from a poor clearance, the 2nd was a player arriving late at the far post to tap in and the 3rd was a quick break from my 18 yard box that had 4 quick passes in the build up before the keeper was chipped from 30 yards out. The current match engine is fine and is totally playable. THE ONLY change I've had to make from how I would configure my tactic in previous versions of FM is to have both my full backs on Attack, usually I would leave them both on support, but this seems to cause me a problem. With that said the problem only happens down the side of the pitch where I also have an attacking player in front of the full back so in all honestly this is what you'd expect to see in real life and previous versions of FM allowed me to get away with being more cautious in defence, whilst more gung ho in attack, which just isn't right. Now the negatives, the game does have bugs in the ME, These are the GK will not pass to a defender, the only way to get his passing completion rate up is to use him as a sweeper keeper. Too many goals are scored from set pieces, whilst the % reported may appear to be correct far too many goals come from a clearance etc. Apart from those two I've not noticed anything untoward, I've seen the random annoyance but not anything that's made me feel I need to stop playing the game. This feedback is basesd on 200+ games as manager, I'm happy to post any supporting screen shots, videos or even provide the save game if people wanted to view this unplayable game being played. You cannot judge FM or the ME on 1 season, the game wants you to develop a team and that takes time. In the interest of balance I've had a disaster of a game with Chelsea where I was knocked out of every cup, was 17th in the league after Christmas and got sacked at the end of Feb. In that game I edited how much money I had, signed far too many players and tried to make Chelsea play like Barcelona which they just don't have the players to do, that save I won't be showing I hope this can balance out alot of the negativity I've been seeing recently, this match engine is great I don't want to see it get broken because people are too eager to blame anything but themselves.
  4. They're two considerations when it comes to space, the first is the correct use of space in regards to your passing style. As Papamogl suggests this would be push higher up/play more narrow for short passing or play wider and drop deeper for counter. The second is how you utilize space within that system, this could be asking your wingers/inside forwards to play wider in a more attacking formation or asking them to tuck in in a more defensive system. This would be set on a per player basis. An example of this would be Kagawa for United on Sunday would have been asked to tuck in, this would encourage him to get closer to the more central players. If you want to play a more direct flavour of short passing (Arsenal?) around 50% possesion then just select short passing, if you want to play a more probing variation (Barca?) then also select retain possesion. Inside forwards are also more useful than wingers but they need to be given the extra width (as above) in more attacking systems, this is how I approach short passing and I've enjoyed alot of success with it. Edit to add, if you're a team that is tecnically superior at passing (so top 2/3 in league for passing, first touch) then focusing passing through the middle might also help.
  5. I'm not sure to be honest, Try pushing your full backs beyond your wingers and see what happens is all I can suggest. My thinking is that maybe having a player behind him makes him behave differently than he would if the full back has just gone beyond and he's the last line of defence. I have to be honest I've only really noticed Valencia sheppard players (show them inside/outside) when Utd are under pressure, The chasing down a player is more a response to losing the ball and trying to buy the team more time to get it's shape back. Rooney is another one who does it alot in real life, not sure I've noticed it in FM though.
  6. Could you please explain how you define tracking back? I have to be honest I have NEVER experienced what you've described. I define tracking back as the attacking player coming all the way back to goal, in the match engine you would be looking for what looks like a 5 man defensive line. If you mean tracking back as in following the full back and closing him down then yes you're correct a support duty would never encourage this without modification however for me this is a characteristic of an attack duty. I don't worry about things like this, I would use opposition instructions if I felt a particular full back had the ability to cause me any problems which to be honest I don't. If you look at my fixtures further up I got stuffed by Southampton 5-1 and they did that by isolating Luke Shaw, I got over confident in that game as I've just bought Mata and had both Shaw and Mata on attack duties and they identified and exploited that. I conceded 3 goals in 15 minutes and by the time I'd figured out what was going in I was 3-0 down. I now use Mata with a support duty if I play him on the left and if I want to use him with an attack duty I bring him central and put Ozil on the left as my AP-S. I suppose I could have also put Shaw on a defend duty but he's going to offer me more with an Attack duty than Mata would. I love that game, even though I was stuffed it's my favourite game of this whole save, because I broke away from my regular tactic to accommodate a new player and had a few decent results I compromised my tactic and then the AI figured out the weakness and exploited it. To me that's testament to the match engine.
  7. But this is your interoperation of how an Attack duty works. I think in modern day tactics they're very few attack duties, I like to go over a certain team in real life and assign what I believe the duties would be and in many United teams I've perhaps only given the striker an Attack duty and nobody else. Then go over the Real Madrid team and the only player I can give an Attack duty to is Ronaldo, these are players who described in its simplest way are always looking to attack or score. Go over the Bayern team and I can't give anybody an Attack duty, every player is expected to help out with defending starting with the striker. However this is where defining the full backs becomes so difficult, we need to change the way we view attack duties with defenders as it doesn't work the way we assume. Although an attack duty will mean an increase in say run with balls the defensive nature of the player means he would only attempt to do so in less risky circumstances than say a midfielder with the same instruction. The opposite rings true for attack players, with a support duty he is still more likely to run with the ball than a defensive player with the same instruction. This is all happening via the mentality/creative freedom slider but we shouldn't concern ourselves with this we just need to understand the game is balancing this out for us. If we can do that then we can create a system we want. I want my wide players to get crosses into the box (winger) and I want him to help out with defence (support). Or I want my winger to get crosses into the box and also try to get into the box and score as I'm not worried about him defending (attack). Of course a full back with an Attack duty is more at risk of giving the ball away in a dangerous position than the same player with a support duty but that is only true to life, football is always about finding the right balance. in a possession based system you need the bodies and the runs from deep to try and create space to exploit so the full backs need attack duties. But in a Counter based system they only require support roles, this is because they'll only be involved in the play if you can't get the ball forward quickly. Other than that you're asking 3-4 attacking players to hurry the passage of play and don't worry about the rest of the team. This means you can ask them to make the forward runs all day long but the play is likely to be over by the time they arrive, so with a support duty if an attack does develop then sure get forward and help out but don't make it a priority. We can think of all the boxes that might be ticked in the background when we select each duty but the simplest way to think of it is with a defend duty the player will look to defend, with a support duty the player will look to support both defence and attack and with an attack duty the player will look to attack. I always look at duties from a position to the ball perspective, a defend duty will be behind the ball, a support duty around the ball and an attack duty ahead of the ball, This may be over simplifying it but it allows me create balanced tactics. If you're looking to create possession based tactics you need more people behind and around the ball (defend and support), but if you're looking at creating a direct counter attacking tactic you'll need your more forward players with attack duties so they'll always be trying to receive the ball.
  8. Here is my fixture list for this season, And here are my career stats,
  9. I believe the issue lies in how the full backs are used and how people use Support and Attack duties. To use Antonio Valencia as an example he will have a support duty and I'm sure anybody who's watched Utd would agree with that. If we then compare him to Nani I'm sure people would believe Nani would be given an Attack duty, I think this is incorrect. I still believe Nani would be given a support duty just Valencia is a better team player and so is more natural in a support duty. Now bring in the full back, in an attacking sense they're most effective when getting past the winger and behind the line which would require an Attack duty in FM. Set both full backs to Attack and one of them actually stays back so the duty appears to only become active if the play passes through said players area. The point I'm making is most people would shy away from using two full backs with attack duties but I think if you're going to use wide players in the AM positions you need the full backs to create for space for them to be effective. To balance that off you also need them to support the team whilst defending and for me the correct way to set your full backs and wingers in this scenerio is Attack for the full backs and support on the wingers.
  10. For me shorter passing and play wider are conflicting instructions, I'm sure you can make it work if you keep tweaking but in the interest of a simple tactic I would drop play wider. If you need to get the wide players a little wider do it individually rather than at a team level which will be stretching you in every area. Going back to FM 2013 I'm sure play wider also focuses your passing down the flanks which in your case a little redundant as your strengh is through the middle.
  11. HI, I've noticed that if my AM is playing directly behind my striker then both their performances are poorer. This is frustrating to me as I'm a little OCD about the symmetry of my tactic, nonetheless try to set them up as strike partners and then just move the AM backwards and you should see a massive improvement in how they utilize space.
  12. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/366111-How-to-Play-FM14-A-Twelve-Step-Guide If you have two monitors have FM open in one and this open on the other and keep referring to it. In regards to how you're playing try to think of team instructions as tweaks, when all said and done how you setup your 11 players is going to dictate how you play. You can tick all the boxes in the world to play short passing but if you stick a big target man upfront then he's going to get long balls pinged at him. What this means to you is try to think how each role you pick will effect the next one, read the descriptions find the best role for your best player and then think the type of player roles that would best work with that.
  13. So many different reasons why this could be happening, but this has been a "problem" for as long as I can remember. If you're playing short passing maybe you need to play more narrow so the person shooting has a pass, the opposite will apply if you're playing more direct then you might need to play wider. Where are all your shots coming from? If it's your wide players perhaps look for overlap will help, or maybe you just need to change the player in question from attack to support duty. Maybe you just need to focus your passing, if i'm playing a team who I think are just going to refuse to play then I just play counter, run with ball, play wider, exploit the flanks. This allows me to sit back and attempt to draw them out and try to hit them quickly on the break. I honestly don't feel theirs a match engine issue though as I've not noticed the same from AI. If you're playing an attack strategy maybe dropping to standard will help you fashion better chances, I'm assuming you're playing as a big team and I'm assuming you're playing attacking and I'm assuming you're dominating games? This isn't the match engine this is game playing out exactly as it should. I've seen some dodgy long shots but then I had created a dodgy tactic, in my more balanced tactics the only issue I've had is with the full backs.
  14. For me looking at your heat maps I would changed your RFB to Attack rather than support and get him closer to the Winger and change the AP-A to an AP-S to bring him closer to the midfielder and get him behind the players who you want to attack, think of the sort of pass he needs to make in the position he is in (sideways). I might also turn off play Wider as shorter passing works better when you're narrow, I would "personally" also turn off pass into space as you're playing attacking and are already pushing the oppo back towards their own goal, for this reason I would also lose run with ball as to me thats about hitting teams quickly on the break which would work better if your where sitting deep. Other than that it all looks ok.
  15. Don't look at team instructions as how you want your players to play but how you want your team to play on a whole. Your better players are going to be running with the ball and trying through balls due to them being set as playmakers so we don't need to use the team instruction to make that happen. So say "Work ball into box" its description basically suggests be more patient in creating chances, so you would use this is your team was struggling to create chances and having alot of pop shots from outside the box. Turning it on from the off just adds an additional variable to your tactic. So run with ball would be better used in a more counter/direct style of play, it's basically saying when we get the ball don't pass it up field just run with the ball so it would work well with hit early crosses. So pass into space, once again this is going to work better if you're sitting deep and have space behind the opponents defence to hit balls into, you'd then want quick players with good anticipation to take advantage of those balls. As for your tactics as I've said figure out if you want to play short possesion football then just tick the two boxes for that "Short Passing" and "Retain Possesion". The key for me is to begin with a very vanilla tactic and tweak it over the course of a season.
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