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  1. Hi Luke, I've accidentally saved over the separate file with the registration bug. And my B team have been relegated to a division I can't load so I don't know if the same problem has occurred this season as I can't see any of their league fixtures. I did try to upload my save file on the 13th April, when I posted this issue. I dragged my save file into the box on the SI cloud, did that not work? I didn't understand what else I was supposed to do (I didn't find the help section very helpful either for uploading save files), sorry.
  2. I'm now in February (after the next registration window) and FC Liefering are playing the players in their squad so the bug has fixed itself at the moment. I'm still curious as to why it happened in the first place though if someone could look into it? Thanks
  3. Hello, I was looking at raising the same point, I'm not a RB Salzburg fan so can't comment but I was curious to why they have so many legends and icons. If that's the case in real life then fair enough but I found it curious that players like: Andre Ramalho play 4 seasons winning 3 league title and 2 domestic cups Xaver Schlager played 2.5 seasons for the first team, winning 3 league titles and 2 domestic cups Diadie Samassekou played 3 seasons winning 3 titles and 2 domestic cups Hannes Wolf played 2 full seasons only winning 2 titles and 1 cup Roger Schmidt was manager for 2 seasons and won 1 league title and 1 domestic cup Particularly in the case of Roger Schmidt, most of my first team and my players should now be club "legends". What is the criteria? Are there any other circumstances that contribute towards it? RB Salzburg are serial winners in Austria, thus 1 title and 1 cup in 2 seasons doesn't seem like a legendary achievement?? Should more of these people be in favoured personnel or icons? After winning every domestic trophy for 3 seasons, I should be a club legend by now in comparison to some of the other legends achievements?
  4. Hi Sebastian, I have posted where you directed me to. Thanks. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/551739-my-b-team-hasnt-registered-any-players-for-its-league-season/
  5. I'm in my second season on the game, managing Red Bull Salzburg and my B team (FC Liefering) haven't registered any players in my B team squad and won't/can't play any first team players I make available either. I only noticed this a few games into the season and I'm now a third of the way through the season and my B team has lost every game its played because it is having to field a full team of greyed out players. I can't click on the players they play, they seem to have just been generated so that my team doesn't forfeit games, although it might as well do. This is hindering the development of my B team players and none of the fringe players in my first team can gain match fitness. I'm not inside a transfer window so can't try register players myself. My B team players get picked if I arrange a friendly for them so why weren't they registered for the league? This issue didn't occur in my first season. Why is this happening? Is it a bug? Did my B team manager forget to register any players or did I need to somehow do it (My B team manager is responsible for all B team affairs in the responsibilities tab)? I did wonder if for some reason the players needed registering for my first team squad but as I said, even the first team players I make available can't play for the B team either. I've tried to upload my save file to the SI Cloud, I don't know if I did it correctly but if I did it should be called "James Smith - FC RB Salzburg.fm". If not you will need to re-explain how I am supposed to upload the file. Thanks.
  6. I'm managing Red Bull Salzburg and I'm in my second season. My B team (FC Liefering) haven't registered any of the players in that squad and won't play any first team players I set as available either. This means that they're playing every game with greyed out players I can't click on and none of my players are developing or getting match fitness. I'm not inside a transfer window so can't try register players myself. My B team players get picked if I arrange a friendly for them so why weren't they registered? Why is this happening? Is it a bug? Did my B team manager forget to register any players or did I need to somehow do it (My B team manager is responsible for all B team affairs in the responsibilities tab)?
  7. How did you go about sorting out your defence? I'm running out ideas myself!
  8. My first choice CB pairings have 13 and 14 acceleration and 14 and 15 pace. That's pretty quick! I don't want to have to just buy CBs with 16s just to avoid this, it seems stupid. Even in my other save where I play with 3 CBs, one of which is Luiz Felipe on cover with a standard defensive line, we concede from long goal kicks. Mainly annoying cos it's something that's only benefitting the AI on my saves, I haven't found a way of replicating it myself.
  9. 34 game season in the Bundesliga. Can you find me a real life example of a team conceding 10 goals a season from goal kicks? I can't. Thus I believe it worthy of the word frequent..
  10. Help! Across 2 different saves I've been conceding around 10 goals per season from the opposition goal keeper kicking the ball from his hands straight over the top of my defence for the striker to be clean through on goal. Now I know, you might think easy fix! Drop the defensive line back.. No, I've tried numerous combinations of line of engagement and defensive line combined with pressing intensity and preventing short goal kicks. Nothing has worked! I thought if I went v low defensive line and low line of engagement with less urgent pressing it would stop but I still conceded 3 in 10 games from it. I also thought maybe long goal kicks are v effective this year so have been getting my keeper to distribute behind their defensive line for 3 seasons.. Not even produced me a key highlight yet I've conceded about 30 in those 3 seasons from it. Is anyone else having a similar issue? Am I unlucky or is their a key tactical change I should make? (tried cb's on cover as well) Thanks
  11. I am playing on windows, steams and I am the host. Admittedly I haven't tried yet to see if this is still an issue if I am the client.
  12. Hi @John Kendall-Torry How do I find out that information? I don't think I've changed either of those by choice so imagine they might be the default settings of my laptop. I play in windowed (or try to, it often resets to full screen), the size of text and images is "Zoom Out (85%)" and the graphics quality is low. If that's not the correct information I'd be happy to follow your instructions as to find my zoom and resolution.
  13. I also have the same problem with windowed mode. It didn't save last year on FM20 nor on the FM21 beta and the game always starts non-windowed. I have attached my DxDiag info incase that's helpful. DxDiag.txt
  14. I play FM on my laptop and thus have a smaller screen than someone using a monitor, so I like to try and maximise the space that I do get by ticking the option for sidebar icons only and remove the words. However, in a network game this just leaves me with an empty sidebar where I am unable to select anything, such as squad, tactics, staff, scouting etc. I will attach an image. The normal sidebar with the words next to the icons works so the game is playable it's just not ideal.
  15. I begun a save with Arsenal and my Carabao cup 3rd round game has been moved to a Saturday when Premier League games take place. I don't think this would ever happen in real life, I think they'd rather you play 3 games in a week such as Mon Thurs Sun. I was drawn against Blackburn or Bradford which was a second round tie that was played when every other team was playing a third round fixture. Blackburn's first round fixture appears to have been delayed, playing a week on Monday after the other first round fixtures. Neither them nor their first round opponent had a game scheduled near to the first round ties. So unfortunately I don't know why Blackburn's games have been delayed and thus caused this 3rd round tie to be played on a Saturday.
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