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  1. I can only suggest that you choose from one of the game's existing lower level managers, and edit his potential abilities to suit your needs. You can do this with the in-game editor.
  2. You can edit individual players' abilities of each team using the in-game editor. Go to 'attributes'. However, to edit each player for each team will be tedious and time consuming. There is no quick way to do it. I suggest you do a few each day, week, or whatever suits. Then again, I'm not sure doing so would make much if any, noticeable difference overall. The computer A.I. sneakily alters these stats over time to suit the game's dynamics. Even after I've altered certain stats on players, I've checked back at a later time, and they've been changed. Players' contract start and finish dates al
  3. Why not download real people's faces off the net ? Type a random male's name into Google images, and choose a face that you like. Download it as a .png, use Windows Paint to resize to 140 pixels by 180 pixels ( so that it fits into the player's profile page ). Then move the face into the game's graphics - players folder. Assign the player i.d. config. file to it, and then go to preferences, and refresh e.t.c. Real faces look much more authentic in the game.
  4. Why not just do what I (occasionally ) do, and use the in-game editor to do so ? Just click on the player's name that you want and then the "Move to my club" option. ( Though of course this is cheating ). You need to buy the in-game editor for a small fee, from Steam first, though.
  5. Unfortunately it seems not. What they could and SHOULD have done, is provide us with a lot more variety of kits, so that we wouldn't need to consider having to do this.
  6. Terrific, Weiry. Much appreciated. Sincere thanks for the work you've put in to it up to this stage. I won't say anymore about the public relations aspect of it, too many on here gang up on me for simply expecting punctuality*. ( *Wow. What a crime, eh ) ? Hopefully we can forget about this present disappointment, and look forward to a completed file for FM 2017. Best wishes to you and your family.
  7. Weiry - Sorry mate -I don't want to sound overcritical or ungrateful for the great work you're doing on this file. But we have been EXTREMELY patient while you have been assiduously working away at it, and yet we are STILL waiting for the final product. You have assured us that it is ALMOST ready a number of times, and some on here have even offered to help you test it e.t.c. to speed up the process of finishing it. I appreciate it takes time, but it's now the 6th of March ( ! ) as I write this.... if you aren't able to ultimately deliver on your promises, then, with respect - perhaps you shou
  8. Ooops ! Sorry Weiry. I got the versions mixed up. I forgot that I'm using FM 2015, not 2016 !
  9. "....and put folder in the following location: Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2016/graphics...". Don't you mean FM 2017 /graphics ( folder ) ? Or will this work just as well for FM 2016 ? For that to happen however, it would mean that EVERY player, team and logo i.d. number would have to be unchanged between the two versions, so that they would match up. How likely is this ? If they aren't, you will have some missing / mistakenly assigned items. Or even possible conflicts / crashes ? Just wondering.
  10. "....Need to get config's right and it takes to much time atm)...". Weiry, are you aware that there is a very handy utility called "FM Graphics Configurator" that is provided to take all that tedious time consuming work away ? It automatically and instantly assigns configs. It's simple to understand and use, and I have used it myself many times when adding new player portraits / faces and team logos e.t.c. to the game. All you need is the player or team's I.D. number, which as you'd know, can be found under "Preferences - interface - show i.d.'s." in the game. Download it here ; http://www.
  11. Hi Weiry. Hope you enjoyed your recent holiday / break. We're all waiting in anticipation for your file. Is it ready now ?
  12. Hmmm. It might well work with the graphics side of things, but the player I.D.'s could be problematic, as they might not all match up with the latest version's player database. Which could result in crashes e.t.c. I suppose I'll have to wait until I'm ready for FM 2016, and then use Weiry's new "Australian Pyramid" file. Should be worth the wait !
  13. Hi Weiry. You asked in your earlier post if anyone could help you out with graphics in relation to 3D kits, among other things. As far as the 3D kits are concerned, have you been able to find some help in making them ? If so, which teams / divisions will have them ? Hopefully the N.P.L. at least ? ( As I'm still playing a career game with FM 2015, I thought I could use the 3D kits from your file ( ? ) and transfer them into my current game - until I'm ready to play FM 2016 ).
  14. Good stuff, Weiry. We're all encouraging you. Your dedication is admired and appreciated. I'm still playing FM 2015. Pity this project of yours can't be "retrofitted" to work on it.
  15. So would we be right in assuming that there will also be a version of your Pyramid for FM 2017 ? That would be great. Would it be a matter of just building / updating on what you've already done ? If so, then it shouldn't take as much time and intensive work for you as this one has. We could get it pretty quickly ?
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