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  1. yes mate. 100% agree. Penalties are about 50% for me. Guaranteed to lose a shoot out (but I do play youth though).
  2. Please... 1. Ability to make notes 2. Tutoring 3. Custom kits and facepacks 4. M.E. Full option
  3. Cleon did some work on possession football a couple of months ago - paraphrasing (and if I remember correctly), he would say that if your SoT are below 50% then you have too aggressive a mentality - maybe looking at moving down to Standard from Control? On the point re stats - the football analytics community would not be happy...
  4. I vary between watching the games on Full/Comprehensive and also playing on Key - so I do use the stats quite heavily. I will use three tactics quite heavily and will vary between them to drive performance. In your scenario above: Playing a short passing game and have great possession - Tick All shots are long and off target, working it in the box may be helpful - this would make me think that your opposition are in an organised/contain defence - I would look at trying to create more space behind their defenders - you probably have space in front of their back 4 or even midfield But, how to I interpret passing percentage? I tend not to look at this, the lower my pass percentage, the more I am being pressed or I'm playing mroe direct, also which area has low pass percentage. Def/Mid/Att? This can indicate which block your opposition are in I don't have possession and the other team is like 80% passing for example This is to do with your defensive system Or, I have 70+% passing you are being pressed or you are playing direct and hardly any shots? I would guess, and I am just guessing, that you are trying to play a high line, probably 4231 and you are struggling to beat the smaller teams. In the scenario you list here I would play deeper, play wider, use structured/control, work into box - but also look at the roles you are using (take off the ???-A duties) and try to be more patient. What I would say though, is reading the ME, is the easier way to do this - best tip look at the full backs and what they are doing, and adjust. Exploiting this is the simplest way to create an overload.
  5. I use a Pro, and then when the battery runs out, an Air2 and then when that runs out a mini. You won't regret the pro, its super quick, no lag during gameplay. The Air2 will chug slightly in matches. Sometimes when you go deep into a save, post game it takes a while for it to catch up.
  6. Hey all - wondering if there was going to be an update post transfer window? Any ideas? Also what happens with regards to the leagues that run Jan-Dec? (Brazil, Argentina, China for example?) Will all these updates be completed too?
  7. Drop Deeper, play wider, Counter/defensive always seems to do pretty well, as they drop into a contain defence you can probably slow tempo as well. Patience will be rewarded!
  8. Hey all - Happy new year. What do you guys think is the most important attribute for the HoYD? Working with youngsters, judging potential, his personality type?
  9. Scenario is this: -He is an 18 year old, Fairly Professional, natural forward: 4 Star Potential Ability, 1.5 star Current Ability player -Getting Cup Games and some sub appearances in the league -Start training him: 1) STC - Deep Lying Forward, 2) Focus - Finishing -Finishing attribute starts at 12. After 3 Months:- -He's improved marginally in a lot of his attributes, but Finishing remains at 12. -He's played every other game or so -Scored a handful of goals Can his finishing - or any other attribute for that matter - "Top out"? Is it best to (a) change focus or (b) continue to try to improve finishing or secret option © take a look at something that I haven't thought of??
  10. Set the shape and mentality then go to the TI screen, all of the changes factor in there.
  11. Is your corner taker good? Corners, crossing in particular? If he is average or the same foot as side, hit to near post. If he is excellent try far post. Have your best headers stand on and attack that designated post, and have a tall strong player challenge the keeper. Also I think guido for FM15 preferred a penalty spot routine.
  12. Think we've all had the games where we have smashed a team for 75 minutes and then they turn up to score with only their second chance of the game! 0-1 West Brom...Grrrrrr... unbeaten run over! The eternal question for me: What is your favourite and best formation / mentality / shape to play against the organised, park the bus sides? Any other tips and tricks?
  13. I don't think its a coincidence that in-game Poch (and Klopp for that matter) both seem to use 4411 as their base formation as it means that your wide men are better placed to defend and your wings are protected. Also adding Gets Further Forward to the LM/RM will essentially deliver a better formation when in possession. For me the flair comes from the front 4 and the front four alone, so I would look at flexible as I find defenders will take more passing risks as this is increased. Maybe look at Roaming and Expression in the PIs for the front 4? I tend to think about it in terms of a system: A) An "Attacking" Formation - to press high, grab goals - potentially the 4231 B) A "Balanced/Defending" formation - potentially 4411 - to win the ball back slightly deeper and play more directly - good to conserve energy C) A "Breakthrough" formation - the Anti-Allardyce/Pullis/Plan B formation - to counteract organised defences maintaining a lot of possession, trying to create movement from deep - currently look at a 4321 with the CM Aggressively pressing and making a triangle. These will take up my slots in the tactics screen and I will decide the strategy for the match each formation has pros and cons. Typically it will be: Home - 0-30 (A); 30-45 (B) 45-75 (A); 75-90 (B) Away - 0-30 (B); 30-45 (A) 45-75 (B); 75-90 (A) If I get a 2-0 lead I will look to sit back and counter with B, or if I get an issue breaking down opposition I will use © Home or Away This is pretty different to what the experts on here say, but building the game plan in such a way feels more authentic in some ways. I find it more rewarding reacting and making minor adjustments.
  14. Hi Lucas, I'm getting this problem too. Anything doing?
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