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  1. "Okay son I want to to complete this cone drill as fast as possible" "But sir, I'm on crutches, I don't think this is a fair-" "Look you don't get to determine the format of the physical, jump to it" (some time later) "Your time is 2 minutes 23 seconds. That's terrible, the worst time I've ever seen! Players at this club are expected to complete the drill in no more than 18 seconds" "But please sir, with respect, I am recovering from a broken leg! Once the cast is off and I can lose the crutches I'm sure I can-" "You're a disgrace lad! This club treats fitness very seriously, we're don't deal with players who don't take care of their body." "But-" "Out!"
  2. Awesome, thanks guys For both sets of stats, are the increases random or do they relate to your actions? I.e. are you more likely to improve defensive coaching if you spend time coaching defensive positioning etc?
  3. I wanted to do a real 'start from the bottom' game, so I made myself unemployed with no badges and no playing experience. So obviously I didn't really have too many attribute points to assign to myself. But how do I raise my attributes going forward? I assume my coaching attributes will increase as I get my coaching badges, but what about my mental attributes, how can I increase them?
  4. I would like the possibility of 'game changing events' occurring which rewrite the rules of the game in some way. For example: - A country could join or leave the EU, imposing/removing restrictions from players from that country. - A country's teams could get banned from European competition for x years. - The structure of a country's pyramid could chance (e.g. maybe the Premier League goes down to 16 teams). - New rules are imposed or relaxed on a league - e.g. longer/shorter disciplinary suspensions, more/less foreign players allowed, transfer windows change etc. - A particular country's government invests heavily in football causing a lot of good youngsters to emerge from that country in 5-10 years. Or the opposite. You get the idea. Note that I think these events should be rare and you should be able to choose whether they are included in a new game or not. The idea would be that those of us who like to play long saves of 20+ seasons could, if they choose, have their game evolve in completely unique ways.
  5. Wut? The entire game is a series of unpredictable scenarios playing out. You could use the same justification to argue in favour of saving before every single game just in case you got an undesirable result. If you want to do that then fine, it's up to you to enjoy the game how you want. But it's kind of pointless to give that as a recommendation to somebody asking a question about strategy. Otherwise you may as well copy and paste that response on everything: Q. How do I succeed against this tactic? A. Just keep reloading until you win Q. No players want to come to me! A. Just reload every time you lose. Once you win the league and champions league every player will want to come to you. Q. I keep running out of money! A. Just reload every time you lose and the prize money from all the trophies you win will keep you afloat.
  6. Well if there were certain things you could say to players that always got a positive or neutral response, then wouldn't that be pointless? You would just identify those options, say them at every opportunity without thinking and it would just be a grind.
  7. I think pretty much every single thread about strategy comes with the unwritten caveat "...assuming I don't want to cheat". Because if you're happy to cheat then you don't need to ask the question.
  8. Hi all Returning to the game after a break of several years. I want to start right at the bottom - unemployed with no badges or reputation. That's just how I roll. What is the best set up of leagues where I will have the highest range of possible starting jobs? Obviously turning on more leagues would do it, but I don't want to make the game unplayable. What if I turned on all the leagues and then, once I got a job, turned a lot of them off again, would that work? My PC isn't terrible, but it's not top-end either. I have an Intel i5 2.7 ghz quad-core with 8GB Ram and just on-board graphics.
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