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  1. For the developers/Data update personel: http://app.globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/brasileirao-serie-a/guia/avaliacao-dos-elencos-brasileirao-2018/#sao-paulo There are some players on Brazil that CA and PA doesnt correspond to reality you can take a look on this link to have a better look on it. (Ex: Cueva from SPO). Anyway for the job overall, good work! I know it is a hard job to keep up to date. From the most popular sport portal from Brazil (and biggest media group on Latin America). You will need someone who speaks portuguese.
  2. IN the real world, not all countries allow people to have 2 nationalities. On Brazil (where I am from) if you get a second nationality you will be asked by the law to revoke either the brazilian citizenship or the other. (But beware there are many types of different ways to get citizenship, so on many special cases is possible be brazilian and another nationality). So it is not that simple to have multiple nationalities as the process in most cases demand a lot of bureucracy. Getting a citizenship is not that easy. Either you need to be offspring (grandchildren)/marry someone, live in a country for x years (Japan you need to be 10-15 years if I remember correctly), or buy one which is very expensive (Canada charges 1.5 million dollars, or USA 1million on investments). As featured in the game, there arent many benefits of having multiple nationalities. On many cases you will be obligated to pay tax multiple times on the countries you are a citizen. As I said earlier, there are many ways to get access to most benefits from some country without being a full natual citizen.
  3. What I mean is on FM18 Ronaldo has PA 195, and CA 195 at age 32. I know their physical swallow when they get old, but most of my players start getting a gap between PA and CA before completing 30 years. How Ronaldo is different created is what I want to understand. Messi on FM17 kept 199 CA ability in most of my saves till he was 32-33 years if I remember correctly. But when I tried to do the same with my players keeping max CA at age 32-33, I couldnt... Also CA from my old players dropped much faster than Messi and Ronaldo at FM17 at later age... So I want to understand if it is possible to have better longevity to players or Messi and Ronaldo on FM17 were just special.
  4. Does anyone knows what attributes influence players longevity? Is there a way to get a 32 year 'Cristiano Ronaldo' like player that is still top potential ability at his age? I mean all my players start to decrease from their max potential ability at 29-30. The best training facilities and coaches rating in the league (Premier League), and at age of 32 they have a good gap between their max PA and CA. On long saves on FM17 I had this problem, I assume it didnt changed since... Heard that playing a lot of matches during his career is a downsize, but on longer saves I usually have 2 complete team squads the max games for each player a year they play is like 30-35. Also heard that Natural Fitness has a big influence, but had the same problem on 16-20 NF players as their CA started dropping before age of 30. Maybe professionalism influence too, but always preferred Professional Players over Ambitious, and they still dropped... Any real experience on increasing players longevity?
  5. On FM18 you wont receive long individual reports on your inbox anymore and the system is a little different. Try going to Scouting > Players Search... and check some players, there should be some players scouted. Or you are using too many filters on the scout or the search... or maybe you dont have anyone assigned to manage the scout schedules or to update you with the reports (Staff > Responsibilities > Overall > Scouting). Can also be a problem that you are not assigning enough budget or the region is not enough. Check your Scouting > Scouting Centre top infos and check the Scouting Responsibility / Scouting Focus / Scouting Budget. Also on Scouting > Players, check your Packeges. I feel it is much more reliable to search filter players myself than trust my scout assignments.
  6. Watching matches the ME team has a problem with defense, or more specifically marking. Players on the ME have difficulty to do a good individual marking and have a disastrous difficulty to do mark as a team...
  7. Its a thing for sure that players with high potential stop developing if playing in lower leagues. They just stop at some point and dont develop, some after some particular talks suporting their training will develop a little more but stop again. But when moving them to better leagues they start developing again.
  8. Maybe it is me, but I think there are too many Mohican haircuts on this version of FM. I see 1-2 every game, but you dont see those haircuts that often, do you?
  9. Your board expectations are based on The Chairman/Owner personality (ambition the most and some other attributes) and the current ability of your squad compared to others leagues/cups you play. I mean if you have a squad that is the best in the world, they would expect you to win the champions league, if you arent you would probably be judged as underperforming manager...
  10. It increases over time, it takes long time I think less than 10 points per year/season. Determination, Discipline and Motivation as far as I know they dont increase or if they do very very little (1 point). Badges helps on increasing attributes, but coaches need 'potential' (Potential Ability minus Current Ability should have some gap) to complete the courses. As you have 200 potential probably you will be able to complete all your courses. But we cant say the same for the coaches you hire.
  11. Interesting, ty! So not all first team experiences are good to players.
  12. Why on FM18 there are still options to tell a player he did well when his rating is < 6.00? Or did bad on > 7.5? Or for the team you did bad when you won a game 5/0 you can say You should do better next time... How should they? I know, it is good to have options, but when those options are there just to wait for the FM manager to misclick... I dont think it is a good idea... I misclick maybe 5-10 times a year... nobody would say you did well for a 5.0 rating player... So plz add some rating conditions for team talks to appear! It should not be difficult, is it? Also (1), not sure if this matters for game engine or not, but for youths that you are adding to get some first team experience, they normally do bad, but you dont want to say that they did bad on the game, because you know they did bad because they are not fully developed, but you cant also say that they did well because they really didnt. So add an option to say something appropriate for those cases. Also (2), the same as before, when you rotate a squad and they do bad on a game that you were clear favorite, but you know they did fairly well because they are all reserves and got a good result despite the circumstances... you cant say they did bad, but you cant also say they did well. This one may be a little more difficult because the game have to recognize squad rotations. Is it possible to add this function? Also (3), maybe not interesting to the game, but... Add an option to auto team talk on players that has a rating >x or <y?
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