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  1. I had one of my players wantedd by 136 clubs, but didn't get a single good offer...
  2. It needs to suit the new update btw.
  3. I was wondering if anyone has made a scandinavian league where all of the teams from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and perhaps Finland and/or Island are all in 1 league system. Coudn't find one in the workshop.
  4. I'm looking for a few good players to buy for my u19's, or u21's as Arsenal. The only really need to be good enough to become decent or good PL players, as long as they dont cost too much.
  5. Any good, young players with great potential available at a respectable price?
  6. Definetly sounds like a fun save, offline or online.
  7. After working hard to make money in my save, I've managed to get a balance of £18m, but I still have debt of £13m. I was wondering if its possible to pay at least a portion of it instantly, instead of paying on a monthly basis.
  8. I'm on the verge of buying a new computer, and I was wondering if my save would transfer. I'm 7 years in and doesn't want to give up the save. Thanks.
  9. I'm looking to buy a new computer for £600 or less. Will mainly be used for FM and "surfing" on the internet, but needs to be able to stream movies and TV shows. Any suggestions??
  10. Search for a coach with good: Determination, Level of Discipline, Motivating (look for those in any coach), technical, and attack (good for finishing). Doesn't need to be very good in all ofthe areas, but try to get the best one possible, but be aware of the wages.
  11. Don't really know mate, but I think it goes up gradually the more you play.
  12. For the second year in a row (in game) I finished in the play-off spot in the second tier of the Norwegian leagues, which means I will be fighting for promotion. The gamesstart 10 days after the league has ended, but the players have already gone on holiday! Can I do anything to stop it???
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