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  1. Stupid frustrated question..... Do I just politely forgo all further attempts at trying to get a striker to beat an offside trap and concede to possible imbalances in the ME and just throw in crosses for days? Disclaimer: Told you I was frustrated
  2. Would you say this is abuse? If abuse is buying their game each year and pointing out "balance" issue's on every release then I've got it all wrong. I'm also not that guy, as pointed out I'm more sick of seeing the OP crossing and corners scoring and conceding. I'll give SI credit they will fix it and it will improve but why after release? Also if they dumped the game and left us I wouldn't be here and you wouldn't moderate for a firm like that. It doesn't need explaining I'm just pointing out the process isn't currently working and that's clear to see. Responding to everyone like they are th
  3. It's a huge part of the game, I use broke as a loose term but as a user that's how it feels. My question is why isn't it balanced? Why isn't it balanced every year? I understand everything has a knock on affect but surely that's why you have beta testing. Fine tuning should be done before release. My issue is it's every year, some more than others and it needs addressing for future releases.
  4. Not only wingers, a decent full back will rack you up assists. Man UTD are top of my league and top assists are currently Rafael and Blind playing left back. Daley Blind......... I appreciate most of the work is on the match engine but they spend a year on updating it (probably longer) and by release its broke, every year without fail. I'm actually had enough up of basically watching replays of goals. If it's noted then why has it took till release to spot the issue? They really need to review the whole process because it doesn't work and the proof is in the pudding.
  5. Game is not enjoyable, clean sheets are impossible with the near post corner and crosses being OP. This is not only a complaint of conceding but also into the way I want to play, If I'm not smashing crosses in or abusing near post corners then forget about winning. You should take out the composure stat as all you need is a lump up front to tap away the crosses. Let me guess tactics guru's..... it's my tactics. Disappointed on release again. What you need is a competitor to stop you releasing a new UI and "updated" 3D match engine (which looks shocking) every year. At least you can choose whe
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