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  1. @Freddie Sands Yes it was, a long with the very good USA players that randomly appeared
  2. Save game below with the news item to start contract negotiation. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CAp8wifOEE676AI4JHJC6ikWSEqDi-X9/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hi, Had a bid accepted for a player in the MLS, I'm also currently managing in the MLS. The news item is very blank and when you click the start negations button you get the message "you have made a transfer offer". Images are attached. Regards, Adam
  4. Stupid frustrated question..... Do I just politely forgo all further attempts at trying to get a striker to beat an offside trap and concede to possible imbalances in the ME and just throw in crosses for days? Disclaimer: Told you I was frustrated
  5. See that's where your going wrong, don't check its part of the fun. Get an assistant with good player potential stat.
  6. First decent player to come through into the youth:
  7. I got a 4-5 star potential fullback. The rest have been a joke. He has pace..... PACE!!!!!
  8. I got Simone Scuffet for £4.9 mill ass Udinese got relegated. Only 18/19 and become first choice in second season.
  9. Before I post up my second season are the images too big? Firefox scales them down for me.
  10. He did well on my beta save but with playing one up front I sold him. I've got Origi and Mitrovic as backup. Also got Luka Jovic as he looks promising. Will post my second season update today.
  11. So this just happened: £47 mill up front...... he only played 13 games last season and scored 5. Bye.
  12. Hi, So it's about time I post in here and show you my frustrations regarding the first season. A little bit about me I'm 25 live in North Wales and a massive Red. Played the series since CM03/04. Transfers: I tried to get rid of the players I weren't going to play with huge wages. Season: Finished 3rd reaching my aim of Champ League Qualification. Check out the goals scored and conceded. I also got to the semi's of the champions league being knocked out by Chelsea. Two goals conceded in the last 10 minutes putting me out on away goals. Squad Stats: I've already passed into the next season so I've posted the Best Eleven below. Tactics: I mainly used a 4-3-2-1 but attempted a 4-4-2 and a 4-3-3 DM. As you can see I conceded so many goals it drove me insane. I scored a lot but these were usually me hammering a side but still conceding 2 or 3. Overall I blame the OP crossing and corners for my conceding as that's was also my main outlet of scoring. I tried to create a tactic that when teams played a high line I wanted to use Sturridge's pace but the current ME just wants you to throw in crosses. I was getting so frustrated I was contemplating not playing until this gets fixed. Summary: Frustrated. Injuries to Sturridge didn't help my situation and Rues was very inconsistent and doesn't seem affective at holding possession. I couldn't fit Sterling into the side like I wanted to and gave up and had him as a winger. Clyne was bought as I like pace for my full backs and was an interesting signing. (TBC)
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