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  1. It would be a great game if the problems with the transfer system and player interaction were sorted out (I suspect they're linked, ie AI is having the same problems with player interaction as we do hence the bonkers transfers of all the world's best players), but until then it's a horrible, broken, unplayable mess. I realise as much as anyone that fixing things like this isn't always a quick process, but I sincerely hope SI aren't planning on doggedly sticking to the "Next patch in January" philosophy that they espoused after 11.1.
  2. Until the transfer problems are fixed, the game is unplayable for me. I think the game has potential, but this is, IMO, a true game breaker.
  3. You - "I think you should work on your passing" Player - "I don't see how that would benefit me" You - "Well I really think it would improve your game" Player - "WAHHHH! I HATE YOU!!! I WANT A TRANSFER NOW!!" etc. I think it may be happening to the AI too, behind the scenes, hence why all the famous players are getting fed up and getting offered around for peanuts after demanding transfers.
  4. Not talked to any of your players yet then?
  5. That's for SI to answer, I don't know. Lots of things get spotted / reported but not fixed, for a variety of reasons. I know from reading threads in the bugs forum that they're aware of the transfer issue though, and I know from reading the patch notes that it's not fixed. That's as far as my knowledge on the subject goes though. I can't attempt to justify leaving the product in such an obviously broken state on their behalf. I have every confidence it will be addressed though, SI normally leave the game in a fairly decent state after the last patch, but it'd be nice to know whether we're looking at waiting until January or not. What's annoying is that although the transfer system in FM10 wasn't perfect, it was a massive improvement over what we currently have. I find such a blatant backwards step extremely frustrating, especially in an area that players of long term games such as myself find so important to be robust.
  6. It's not been missed, it's just not been fixed. There's a massive difference. Ah well, back to FM10 for me. FM11 is unplayable, IMO, in it's current state. Shame as it looks nice. I just hope we're not waiting until January for it to be fixed.
  7. Pretty much feel entirely that way. I've played the demo for an hour or 2, just to check that things are as I want them prior to investing in the real game. However I've got a great save going on FM10 (Currently in 2031 with Peterborough after a career that's taken me all round Europe!) and would rather spend time on that than waste time playing a demo that will cut out after 6 months. Sure, I could continue the demo save on the real game, but I'd rather start off with things as I want them, ie database size, other leagues etc. I'd rather get everything right for my first proper game of FM11 as I know I'll probably spend a very long time playing a save once I get the starting conditions right.
  8. In my current game I've won the league with: - FC Eindhoven - Schalke - Juventus - Real Madrid and after getting bored of winning everything with Real I'm currently 4th in the Premier League with Peterborough.
  9. Yeah his physical stats are poor, but given that you're Solihul in 2011 you're probably quite pleased with him, and rightly so. I'd probably play him as a CM, where he can stay still and spray some passes round. SC, winger, fullback and DC all need pace more than CM in my opinion. Though pace is important everywhere, of course.
  10. Glad I turned them down when they came calling, nearly took over as their manager. Didn't realise it was such a poisoned chalice.
  11. Yannis Tafer - GOAL MACHINE!!

    When I was managing Juventus I tried to sign him from Lyon, but he chose Genoa instead. Was gutted as I thought he'd be the last piece of my jigsaw in building an awesome team. 2 years down the line and I moved to Real Madrid, and shelled out £59m for him after the board gave me what amounted to an almost unlimited transfer budget. By now he was about 26. 103 goals in 176 games over the last 5 seasons has repaid that expenditure just fine. Getting old now though, I need to find his replacement.
  12. Don't think it's unrealistic at all to be liked with the job of the manager you just got sacked. I do think it's a little unrealistic for the Newcastle manager to be linked with the Sunderland job though. Can't see that going down well on Wearside.
  13. Not working on windows 7 :(

    Win 7 was a pain for me, the graphics just would not run smoothly initially. Finally got it sorted but can't remember what I've done.
  14. Records are nice, but I don't look for them. If they come, they come.
  15. No idea but I'm currently managing in Spain so I doubt it's very cold at all!