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  1. In my second season in charge of Bristol City I brought in Scott Robertson as a Center-Mid. He led my team as I demolished the Championship and got promoted to the Premier League. I played his a a BBM or a DLP. He played great had 12 assist with a 7.15 rating. He has 11 in Tackling, 11 in Aggression and the only trait that might matter is that he has Winds Up Opponents. In the Premier League I played him in the same roles BBM and DLP. Iin the 4th game of the season, he does a bad tackle, gets a red card, and is suspended an extra two matches. He plays in the 9th game of the season does great and scores a goal. But then, in the 10th game of the season he does another bad tackle, gets suspended for another extra two games. In the Championship I did play with Get Stuck In on, but I have not used it in the Premier League. Why did my player go nuts? PS: After the second game I demoted him to the U23 and transfer listed him.
  2. So, I admit I really like IF and IW in the Attacking midfield spots. But I wanted to ask what people's thoughts were on a certain situation. I have a team with very poor heading, at least in the attack, that is about the worst in the league. As such I continously make sure I am on "Low Crosses" or "Whipped Croses" as a team instruction. I have a couple of players that could be played as Wingers, that is my assistants preffered role, but I usually play them as IW. Is there a used to playing a player as a Winger when I have to have low or whipped crosses. As a lot of teams sit deep and crowd the box against me I do often play with overlap and my fullbacks send balls into the box. Isn't that the same thing as having a Winger playing? Wouldn't the effect of having a Winger in the spot nullify the overlap on that side?
  3. In 2014 this American, when it came to football, was your average middle aged American. I had played a couple of games when I was 12 and only ever watched or paid attention to anything football when the US was in the World Cup. I couldn't tell one tactic from another and had no idea of what positions on the field were or what team was what. To me it was soccer and American Football was my sport of choice. Then, in 2014, I wanted a good sports simulation game (I have always been far more interested in using my brain then my hand-eye coordination). I had heard about Championship Manager-Football manager, but always left it alone since I knew so little about the sport. In 2014 I decided to give it a go and bought the game. I played for around 50 hours, was completely lost, and turned it off. In 2015 I picked it back up and dedicated myself to learning the game. My 2015 has over 500 hours. I have bought the game every year ever since and will continue to do so. My 2021 game has over 1000 hours and I play little else. (How can I play some other game when that STC is about ready to transfer in leading my to promotion?) I am actually a dedicated Premier League watcher now, still looking for a team to call my own, and have even started watching my local MLS team (Sporting Kansas City). I find that after years of being a dedicated American Football fan I refer it it as American Football and the sport I have learned to love as Football. In fact, I prefer Football to American Football now. This weekend I was in heaven watching the first games of the Premier League. I would have not understood it, I would have missed it, if not for Sports Interactive and Football Manager. Thank you for introducing me to the best sport in the world. A fan for life.
  4. Go to your TEAM REPORT>ANALYST REPORT>COMPARISON Once there I suggest you select specific units and specific attributes to look at specific attributes. For example if you want to know what a good striker would have select Attack and Strikers only. This will limit you to just a few attributes: Fin, Lon, Hea, Jum, Ant, Off, Pac, and Acc. This not only allows you to view how your team stacks against the rest of the league you are in, but if you click or hover your mouse over a bar you can find you league average. Example: In my MLS save when I do this I find Finishing average is 12.16. So I know that a STC with 12 Finishing is pretty average, for a STC that is.
  5. As someone who had to use FM to learn Football I was lost until I started reading threads and guides. I will also recommend looking at YouTube and all the tactics you can download. I DO NOT recommend downloading the tactics, but you can see how other people put together successful tactics. One last thing. Be careful not to over analyze. You can have a tactic that hasn't lost a game in 30 matches, put it on the forums and it will get picked apart. As Bruce Lee said, "Obey the principles without being bound by them."
  6. Using my current tactic I get a lot of shots blocked. I believe it is a result of my narrow possession based tactic that sees a lot of teams sitting deep and just crowding the box. Would, "Hit Early Crosses" help stop this? What other methods can I use to take get away from so many blocked shots?
  7. As someone else pointed out your STC is sitting up top by himself with no one there to help him. I am not shocked that you are having problems scoring goals. 1) With Genpres you should probably be on Positive Mentality. If you are recently promoted it might not be the best tactic for you to use as it requires you to be a very good team in relation to you opposition. 2) I would take one of your CM and put them on some form of Attack duty so you have a runner into the box to aid your STC. 3) I would put your one of you AM on Attack. 4) I would put one of your FB on Attack. 5) Given that you are newly promoted I would not use Genpress. It requires good players in relation to the opposition. All that being said remember....the best tactic, the most correct tactic.....is the one that works.
  8. This is what I thought and understood just wanted to verify.
  9. Just as the title ask how much does experience-age matter when it comes to how well a player performs? Two players. Player A and Player B. Both play the same position, both play the same role, in the same tactic, with the same teammates. Both have the exact same attributes/traits. Player A is 18 and inexperienced. Player B is 30 and experienced. Will Player B perform better or will it be the same?
  10. That gives attributes, and I do that often. Even have my own DNA spreadsheet set up. However, as far as I can tell it does not do Player Traits or the Coach's Report.
  11. Yeah, that is what i have been doing, just hoping there might be a better way out there.
  12. I try to keep track of the Player Traits for each of my players and their Coach's Report which can give some great information. Is there a way to export this information? Currently I am just looking at the player and writing it down. Surely there is a way to export this info.
  13. The best way I have found to think about it is to forget Roles and Duties and think about instructions. In the Tactic Creator you are giving instructions to your players. Instead of having to tick a bunch of boxes the nice people at SI have given us preset list of instructions. The one issue I have is that there are hard coded instructions in roles that are not listed. An example is the Playmaker roles. As I understand it hard coded into those roles is the idea that the other players on the team will look to pass to them more often.
  14. Excuse my ignorance, but why would you give an IW the PI of stay wide? If you want them to stay wide, make them a winger and just have them cross less.
  15. I cannot disagree with you. However, I have followed my local college American football team. Tier 3 and the lower part of Tier 3. So I understand the love a person has for the local club that will never go anywhere. They will NEVER EVER play in the NFL. It is impossible. You are right that it is improbable that teams can go up the chain like we do in FM, but improbable is very different than impossible. I mean look at West Ham this season. Everton will not make it, but are still within range. Up until 2008 Manchester City would not have been in any conversation. If the league went forward as they had described it all that goes away. Yes, right now the haves are really far ahead, but there is the possibility for some clubs to break through. That would go away.
  16. Whether there is an ESL or not I am buying FM22, FM23, FM24...etc. I love SI. Think FM is the best sports game ever. I can always mod, and I do journeyman saves more than anything else so this changes nothing for me except IRL football will die a little.
  17. I am an American, so let me explain to anyone who thinks this Super League is a good idea what is going to happen. Imagine it. The Tottenham Hot Spurs against AC Milan. Sounds great doesn't it. Until you realize that Tottenham hasn't won anything or even gotten into the playoffs the last 5 years. The current season sees them with 1 win, 5 draws, 14 losses. AC Milan isn't any better. Sure a couple of years ago they got into the playoffs, but now they have 2 wins, 4 draws, and 12 losses. Neither team has anything to play for. A meaningless game with nothing on the line. Then there is the rumors that Tottenham aren't happy with their local deal and are looking to make a move to Berlin like Inter Milan did to Paris and Atletico did to Moscow. What is worse though is the fact that neither AC Milan or Tottenham have any desire to spend more money to improve and get better. Why should they? They are making a profit. There is no risk they are going to be relegated and sure they could spend more and maybe make the playoffs, why do that? Any money gotten from getting to the playoffs and championship aren't going to replace the money that is needed to bring in the players to reach that level. Do you really think someone greedy enough to pull what they are doing now is going to loose money just to hold a trophy?
  18. I want to thank everyone that replied. I think I would boil it down to this: Either you defend by having the ball and when your opponent has the occasional possessionl you try and defend that attack. or You defend by allowing the opponent possession and having your defenders defend (hoping they do not make a mistake) and then attacking on the occasion you have the ball.
  19. I love possession style tactics and it is usually what I go with. For me, if I don't have > 55% possession my tactic isn't working. It is what I know and what I am comfortable with. Something I heard sparked interest in me. I heard that José Mourinho stated, "We don't want possession, we want the space." What kind of formation, team instructions, and roles would you use for a style that said, "We don't want possession, we want the space."
  20. I just spent 4 hours working on some excel spread sheets....for a video game. I spent 7 hours doing nothing but meeting my new team, setting schedules, hiring managers, and scouting players. I advanced one week in game time. I have spent 7 hours doing nothing but advancing through preseason. Sometimes this game scares me.
  21. So we all know that when you take over a team you never have any players scouted. I can understand why you might not be able, as a manager, to take the player information you have scouted from one team to the next. But why doesn't your new team have a list of players they have scouted? Example: Going into my 6th season I have taken over a tier 2 team. Their scouting center has like 3 players scouted. For 5 seasons they should have been scouting. Why can't they already have a database of players scouted?
  22. I am by now means an expert and like you I have watched a lot of videos and read a lot articles. Here are some tips of what I do (PS I play a lot at lower league levels). 1- At the first of each month I set my training schedule for that month. 2- Whenever I get a news item in my inbox about a change in my fixtures I change the training from the news article. 3- What I do for training depends upon: How my team is playing. My team's Tactic Familiarity. How good the next opposition is. 4- After every match I have a Recovery, Match Review, and Team Bonding (Increases Team Cohesion and Happiness). 5- Before every match I have a Match Preview and either Match Tactics or Teamwork (I do a lot of Possession/Pressing). 6- Before each match I try to do Match Preparation Attacking Movement and Defensive Shape. So, in weeks where I have one Match I am able to get in get in some sessions other than Match Preparation. In weeks where I have more than one match I usually do not get much of any other training done. It might look something like this: Teamwork Rest Recovery Attacking Movement Teamwork Rest Recovery Rest Match Match Review Defensive Shape Match Tactics Match Match Review Match Preview Rest Rest Rest Match Preview Rest Team Bonding If there is travel I lose something. I do not do a lot of "General" training. I am sure I lose something because of that, but I figure my job is to win games and Match Preparation helps that. Plus Match Preparation does train the areas the player is using. If there are 3 matches in a week I get no training done at all. In weeks where I have only one Match and I get to do something other than Match Prep I train in areas I feel my team is playing bad in.
  23. "Struggling for possession in the opponents half" for me seems to be the "being overrun in the midfield." What are some tips to stop the struggling?
  24. Hope this does not break the rules but I had to share this for others. I have no contact or relation to FM Stinger on YouTube, but his positional and tactic videos have done a lot to help me understand different roles and what they do on the pitch. He makes it simple and uses in game footage to show exactly what is going on. Lots of great help.
  25. I am not the greatest at tactics, but when I use the analyst reports for clues. For instance, if it says that the other team is scoring a lot from crosses I know to put my defensive width wider to make sure to press their FB's and Wingers. Stuff like that.
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