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  1. Why are you talking about FM08? Anyway if the Wishlist was stickied it would give it even more publicity. I completely ignore the top of the page tbh and just scroll down to the threads so I'd forgotten about that link at the top. The wishlist definitely needs to be more structured to make it far easier to navigate and draw ideas from. At the moment it's just a random jumble of ideas which I suspect SI just ignore because they can't be bothered sifting through it. This thread is just to make SI seem as though they take on board the fan's views. They might do but only when there are massive threads that are given much support and publicity.
  2. Here's an idea. Why not bloody stick this. Then you'd get far more ideas because people would find it and if anyone from SI needs ideas they can just look in here. Otherwise this thread is pointless because nobody will pay any real attention to this.
  3. Mine's usually over the Play/Pause button so I can stop the game to make a change when it gets to certain intervals in the match such as 20/25 mins and 60/65 mins. Other than that I put it right at the bottom bar so that it doesn't get in the way.
  4. Can somebody explain to me why these are meant to be so good? Surely you can make better schedules on your own? Or are these based on some research or something? I don't really get the training schedule systems.
  5. Why do people ask for or feel the need to download training schedules? Surely it's easy to make a training schedule say for centre backs? It's common sense isn't it? I only say this because I hear people saying they download these training schedules. They don't even seem to be that good to be honest. Is there another purpose to them? To improve fitness and condition?
  6. The most I've done is 3 seasons. No joke. I've played FM regularly since 06 but I get bored too easily when I win things too easily or things don't go my way. Basically when my previously fantastic players last season suddenly turn to ***** I switch off and get ****ed off. Man Utd are too easy, Bristol City don't have the squad or the money-which is strange seeing how good they are irl -and Udinese flattened everyone too quickly. On the 8.00 patch mind. Gyan is awesome on that. So now I'm on QPR Oh and that's all the clubs I've ever played. The major ones. The small ones were just Rushden and some Chinese team. Interesting but the players were a bit too crap for my liking.
  7. You can. Just go to view, attributes and then pick long throws. It goes something like that anyway. You can do this both in match and any other time.
  8. I'd really love to have an option to sign Brazillian/Belarussian(sp?)/Belgian under 18's on pre-contracts. It's happened irl with Man Utd arranging the transfer of the two 15 year old Brazillian twins from Fluminense. It would make it easier to poach players but since it does happen irl it would add another degree of realism. Or it could kill the fun. Depends on how you see it.
  9. I do get very annoyed with my squad at times. I feel like blasting them in public not just in the dressing room like managers do irl. Unfortunately it's not possible in FM-you can yell at them individually but they get pretty annoyed and I don't like singling players out. What I'd like is an option to Criticise the whole team's performance and give them a bit of a rollicking if you like in public. I don't feel the team talk is effective enough to make them see just how crap they've played. Perhaps there could be a journalist asking how you rated your team's performance. Then I could also tell them that 'you played crap and won but I'm still not happy' or 'you played brilliantly and deserved to win, well done guys' or 'you did OK I'm not too happy but I'm not angry either'. The team talk is simply not good enough for this type of thing. They don't even listen half the time. I can only tell them 'I'm delighted', 'I'm pleased', 'I'm sympathetic', 'I'm disappointed' or 'I'm angry'. Basically if you are annoyed with the way they played after scraping a win you can't say 'I'm angry' or 'I'm disappointed' because they'll start getting unhappy. I'd like to yell at them enough to make them realise that they have to buck up their ideas but not enough for them to get unhappy about it. A happy medium if you like.
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