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  1. They really can't. You haven't grasped the mechanics of FM yet. He'll be lucky if they even get to 10 by his peak.
  2. Unfortunately not. He has 3 for decisions and 1 for concentration. For that reason he will never be Man Utd quality. Even with some crazy tactics training and tutoring.
  3. FM10: Sölvi Ottesen

    Looks great all round and doesn't have any real weaknesses.
  4. I Need a High Scoring Stricker/poacher

    Don't buy Dzeko. He's not better than any of your current strikers in any way except maybe aerial ability. And also. He's not that good. Try and buy Pato or Villa. Only players who are better goalscorers than Berbatov/Rooney otherwise there's no point.
  5. Player's reputations as well as player's ability.
  6. FM10: Mamadou Sakho

    Tbh might as well buy Otamendi if you're looking for a great prospect who needs some work. He's faster, he can't jump that well either and he costs far less. Sakho's only really has decisions and heading over Otamendi. But main things are that Sakho is slow, can't really jump and costs a ridiculous amount.
  7. Wth is it with people and Dzeko? He's basically Berbatov with less technical ability and better aerial ability.
  8. Wow you guys are really far on. I'm still in my first season, a couple of games in and top I haven't really bothered to buy any more players as I feel I've bought enough but if Cristaldo gets a work permit I'd definitely bring him in. Just because Maynard isn't looking as good as I thought he'd be and he keeps missing easy one-on-ones. So I need somebody with pace, strength, finishing and composure to play alongside Smolarek. Saborio has no composure, not much pace. Clarkson hasn't got much pace or strength. And Haynes...his mental stats are just amazingly bad. Brilliant impact sub though. Especially with him set as targetman with a 'Run onto ball' supply. Anyway Maynard has all the stats to be that guy but he's not performing atm.
  9. Yes but I think's it more down to strikers being much too good in FM. Even so his finishing and composure are especially too high for a player with his finishing ability. Or rather, lack of.
  10. FM10: Ebi Smolarek

    He looks decent for Premiership teams except for the fact he is a bit lazy. I have him at Bristol City and he's scored a few but I think he'll need time to adjust.
  11. Fm 10 - silviu lung jr

    Brilliant player. And he'll come to Championship clubs as well. I have him at Bristol City and he's very solid and dependable even at his young age.
  12. FM10: Lee Cattermole

    Hiow did he gets stats like that? Passing 16 and creativity 17? Who the hell is responsible for this?
  13. Just put your save game on a USB stick when you upgrade to Windows 7. And FM on Windows 7 is the ****. I got through about 10 matches in an hour. It's ridiculously quick. FM10 now the best FM so far because I'm playing it on a competent computer with Windows 7.
  14. Is that supposed to be a compliment?
  15. Official Loan thread

    I didn't need a loan fee for Weiss. Granted I am managing Man City's feeder club but I offered to take him on loan way before the link was confirmed and on the loan offer screen it said they require not wage contribution so if they wanted a loan feee it would have said.