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  1. No it's not for over 35's at all. Quite a few older players have gone to play in it from Europe but then so have the likes of Jermaine Pennant.
  2. Hi, Haven't got FM15 yet but I wanted to know if the ISL is on the game. Or at least are the teams in the editor?
  3. Not somebody I've managed but Gonzalo Higuain had 31 goals after 14 league matches in the first season in a recent save. He finished on 48 league goals with a further 17 in all cup games. Still didnt win Real the league, my Barca side sorted that out!
  4. When applying for a job, instead of just being rejected/offered it maybe the clubs board/chairman could interview you. Questions like "what do you feel you can bring to the club", "what tactics would you be using". Things about scouting policy and building for the future.
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