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  1. Many thanks, I'll take a look! Do you know how to set it up so I have 2 leagues/divisions/groups for relegated teams? i.e. north and south? In 'Division For Relegated Teams' I only have the option to pick one and not two. Also the 'Division For Promoted Teams' is greyed out as well
  2. It's one league with 18 groups. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_football_league_system
  3. Hello, I'm currently building the Spanish football pyramid down to level 9. I'm currently going through the Tercera Division Groups 1-18 and have come to the promotion/relegation play-offs, which I have became stuck on. The way the promotion play offs work is by the following; Champions Play-Off 18 group winners play each other over 2 legs - the 9 winners on aggregate are promoted. Non-Championship Play-Off The 18 runners up are drawn against one of the seventeen fourth placed clubs outside their group and the 18 3rd place teams are drawn against one another over 2 legs. The 27 winners advance with the 9 losing teams from the Champions Play-Off to determine the 18 teams that enter the 2 leg matches for the last 9 promotion places. The 18 teams play each other and the winning 9 are promoted. Is this even possible to set up? When I go into Tercera Division Group 1 rules and go to the playoffs section it asks for how many teams are entered. Do I enter 1 for the winning team or enter 4 for the top 4? Is there a way to add another play off for the Non-Championship Play-Off or do I just set the how many teams entered to 2 and then let them battle it out? Is it possible to set up the play off structure so 1st v 1st, 2nd v 4th and 3rd v 3rd and then the losing 9 from the Championship Play-off join the non-championship play off structure? Do I set it up as 2 cups instead? Thanks
  4. Yes I have the original game and I'm running on the 18.3.4 patch. Note sure on the editor file but it should be fine, downloaded it and played it on the 18.3.4 patch
  5. My current schedule is the friendlies that I have played and the J.A Walton League 1&2 Challenge Cup First Round and no league fixtures So it has me in the cup comp for the league one and two
  6. Cheshire Football League Division One. Promoted in the first season and bow should be promoted from this league as well
  7. I’m with Orford who start in Cheshire div 2 also we are currently goin through the process of becoming semi pro but that isn’t supposed to be completed until 2020
  8. Wondering if someone can help me. I’m currently in the middle of July 2019. I have won the Cheshire football league division one yet I haven’t been promoted nor have any fixtures for the premier division been released. The editor says that the winner gets promoted to the premier division but I’m worried that my save is dead and I won’t actuallly be promoted?
  9. I loaded up fm earlier to find that my save wasnt there. Infact non of my saves was. I opened up my SI folder and went through each file to find that all my saves, graphics, tactics, skins, databases, editor data had all gone. I looked in my recycle bin, nothing was in there. Ive looked high and low throughout my computer to find them and I cant find them anywhere. I havent been on my computer since I last played fm which was 4 days ago, everything was in there then. What has happened and is there a way to get my saves and editor data back?
  10. I'd love to be able to create training plans and sessions. So if you have a bad game in front of goal, you can create a training session that focuses only on shooting etc. Also to introduce more things into what you want being trained, now we have; Fitness, balanced, tactical, ball control, defending, attacking, team cohesion. Introduce things such as, shooting, positioning and so forth. After every training session you should get a report on how the session went, who looked good, who looked bad etc. I remember playing a game that had this and it was so good because you could then decide who should be dropped for the next match. Better and more realistic transfer offers and requests. I've lost count on how many times I've bid for a player worth 5m then get counter offered saying they want 30m even though he will never reach that price. Also when receiving an offer for a player worth 3m I've have numerous offers of like 600k and then money over a certain amount of time. Its stupid and annoying and needs to be fixed I think the main thing that needs to be done is the AI, its awful this season.
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