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  1. Sorry I don't as this issue happened after the playoff the season prior, as I thought I was due to stadium requirements I continued another season with a due upgrade only after the 2nd final did I become suspicious of an external issue
  2. Hi I believe this one is only the original update, apart from an Derbies 2.1 update.
  3. #fm20 Won the playoffs twice in the Vanarama League yet not promoted I have no idea why i wasnt promoted on 2 occasions from the league, on the first occasion i though it was due to the league rules of having to have a min of 2000 seats which i didnt. This issue was resolved in preseason so now this is a problem Files Uploaded to the ownCloud : Sean Carter - Southport.fm
  4. ive managed to upload this (Stockport County.fm) is the file same saved to ftp
  5. if i knew how to do this i would be happy too, only using PC.
  6. I do, however I'm not sure how to provide an ftp or what it is?
  7. Quarter way through second season, usually all the season ticket sale revenue is collected in preseason?
  8. I sold 2500 season tickets for stockport in my second season, how made £0 income from this?
  9. Have these been completed, as they are excellent. I'm unable to find them ........ please can you share what you have?
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