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  1. I'm not sure how it's exploitive in any shape way or form. It's not as if it's the only way to acquire the game is via Steam/anyone's holding a gun to your head. You've listed two other ways yourself. Digital/Physical markets and economies are completely different. http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/gb/en/pc/games/strategy/football-manager-2014/ Even here there are two completely different prices for digital/physical copies.
  2. Look it from another angle: Steam is giving you the opportunity to be playing the game in an hour, whereas you're waiting for delivery which could take one or two days etc. There's a premium for not having to wait.
  3. It's practically impossible to apply a lot of what's in Moneyball to football. The environments and variables are simply too well structured and defined in baseball compared to most other sports, especially football. At any one time in a football match, the parameters and possible vector of those parameters are impossible to count. That's not to say you can't make some informed, albeit limited decisions, but in terms of building a team it's tough to apply.
  4. I haven't played in the lower leagues in God knows how long, however I think the problem stems with defenders rather than attackers. There's not enough sense of 'pressure' on the player with the ball, or the engine isn't giving defenders enough of a chance against players with stats that compound well (dribbling, agility, acceleration, pace etc.). We're a leap forward from where we were last build, but there are imbalances which while tolerable do detract from the sense of realism.
  5. Better, but hmm... Cross-field diagonal defence splitting runs happen too often. Maybe (Antonio) Valencia is just THAT good, but players with decent pace and dribbling stats still continue to destroy defenders like a warm knife to butter who seem completely unable to track the player with the ball.
  6. There's little point in running a passing game in this build. Find a winger who can dribble and just make sure they always get the ball and watch them waltz through the defence like a warm knife to butter. Just played Barcelona in the CL Final - not even a hint of being passed to death. Defenders have a seemingly irrational fear of tackling players running at them. No one expects an accurate rendition of football; but it can't look as blatantly broken as it does right now. Incentives are too skewed to giving the ball to players with pace & dribbling.
  7. Gents, My ambitions are to be constructive, and I seldom post (these days) but this is one of the most frustrating ME's ever released. Certainly as a 'whole package' it feels like a big step back from FM12. I'm sure there are many 'under the hood' changes for the better in the long term, but it doesn't seem to resemble a real football match when you take a step back and consider the whole game for what it is. - Passes are too perfect; one touch headers or cross pitch volleys despite the ball rocketing towards them like a bullet in the first place, seem to have little problem reaching their i
  8. Gents; It's been a while since I've posted here, however this years (release ME) seems to feature the most WTF moments I've seen in a while. - Defenders seem resolute in keeping hold of the ball, whilst there are two opposition players on their shoulder and three free team-mates to pass it to. - Midfielders seem capable of threading the finest of needles, regularly, with no pause or stutter. On that note a lot of actions by players seem to require no hesitation before they thread the ball between four defenders, despite the ball coming at them like bullet from a gun. - Wingers often appear
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