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  1. I have complained for many seasons about the negotiation where agent always demands the same, even after 10 times saying no and with player angry i dont want to give him a new contract. After following the debate about the backstop in the Brexit negotiations, i fully acknowledge that it is how it works for some negotiators.
  2. 39 and won it all - probably the best manager of all time
  3. It is a political discussion i dont really believe people knew what they voted for. But if they want to simulate something that might happen (which is of course ok), then they also have to simulate more than one year ahead. It is not realistic if there will be a hard brexit that the rules will stay the same forever and ever. I have 5 wonderkids now in Torquay without WP. Czech, Belgium, Serbian, Argentinian and Italien as i remember. Is it realistic that clubs can take immigrants into the UK without Working permits? Can you take in immigrants today to the UK with out working permits?
  4. Yeah right :-) Im in 11th season and do you really believe there will be 0 modifications to the law during 11 years? I be buy you FM20 for free as a gift, if there will be a hard brexit making it impossible for clubs in the world most famous and commercial League to sign young foreign talent.
  5. I buy a game to play it - not to spend time downloading mods or using editor. It would be much better than community got a game with realistic data, instead of community schould correct things themselves.
  6. So i sign players now without work permit. I hope i can loan them out and they can get later on. My question is - is this really possible in real life? Sign players, bring them to the club and let them train without a work permit? sounds extremely strange
  7. Think it is not possible in running game and i never use editor, cheat scouting or any other cheat software
  8. Im not into the current rules - but know i cant sign any wonderkids as in previous years and when you have small salarybudget it is extremely hard to take the best players from the 6 biggest league in Europe. Utd use half of my salarybudget on this one player.
  9. To be honest - im not even sure they know themselves what they really voted for and that all of the 52% majority really voted for this. If you ask them if "people schould be allowed to move and live where they want freely 64% of the British think it is good idea". If you ask them "if immigration to UK is a good idea - they say no" But it is discussion not for this forum. But i still dont believe the PL will be affected.
  10. Normally it could be done in 10-11 seasons - but seems to be harder this time. Especially because you have problems signing young wonderkids from abroad
  11. Aha, you can find the conditions under the league rules https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/957475188821016123/8524D107C689A00D1C0D3DDA5995E97733322E6A/
  12. Cant find it in the game - but here are 2 examples of players i cant sign - it is extremely hard to sign anything else than UK players https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/957475188820332181/0ECE7E500254724327AF3158B17A79AC99408A81/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/957475188820338137/BD38E2ED3B5C33A5A094792711131331B08D1FFA/
  13. Sorry didnt know about that part of forum. But it seems like no one has actually done it. I will follow it to see if anyone manages
  14. Have anything managed to take a team from Vanorama south/Northern all the way up to win the PL and afterwards CL in this version? It is my usual 1st carreer in FM and it seems to be extremely complicated in FM19 to compete with the rich clubs. So im wondering if others have achieved it?
  15. You dont mean seriously it can be an issue that the squad call a manager for team meeting because he sell a player? How can it even be a question what you answered? It happens in all the versions of FM, even when you play Torquay and sell a player for 10 million euro in Southern conference. And what the biggest problem with this is, that players with bad morale underperform. So you can get a bad season or lose that cup semifinal due to this, which means that players that are angry you sold xxx for double his value, will play badly in an important cup game. Come on ........... This is one of the issues where SI games need to understand that all this psychologist crap in the game are 50% of the times not even close to realistic.
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