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  1. HI to everyone I recently bought new ASUS gamer laptop but I HATE THE TOUCHPAD! So thinking of buying new laptop. Any one playing FM17 with Microsoft Surface pro 3 model? I mean the model which has Intel i7, 512 SSD and 8 GB ram? I have no better specs but if someone can help? Thanks
  2. It is the same computer, just 2 different operating systems in it. I try to figure out how to get a screenshot Still trying to remember how Mac works..
  3. Hello. Started using Mac after a while. My problem is that crowd is like pieces of different colour paper when using FM in Mac. In Windows crowd was like "real" people. Why is it isn´t like real in Mac version? Everything else is same like in Windows version. Can someone tell what could be the problem? Tried to change quality in preferences, only colours change.
  4. I always start a long term save with Accrington, every year. I will start this with FM16 this week It is always fun to try to find youngsters cheap or for free and then develop them and get good profit when selling them. Haven´t won promotion with Accrington since FM11, but still very fun to play them every year. Here it starts again....
  5. Hello. Just got email from sortitoutsi.net that my order made from their site, is going to be refunded. So where I could find the best price FM16 with BETA access?
  6. And now I have the activation code. Thank you all very much for helping me!
  7. Nope, nothing has come.... Any contact to them so that I could ask it?
  8. Hello. Anyone else had their code if FM15 was bought from Nexway? Still waiting and getting a LITTLE unpatient.....
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