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  1. Being a Wednesday fan it pains me to say how much I will enjoy this content. Very intrigued as to how you play the game though so will be keeping tabs on this. As for the 8 hours manually searching through clubs that is a crazy amount of time would you do that often or maybe once a season?
  2. Store brought laptop. http://www.laptopsdirect.ie/stormforce-wildfire-core-i7-6700hq-8gb-1tb-128gb-ssd-geforce-gt940-dvd-rw-7270-9069/version.asp
  3. Just done the benchmarking test on my new laptop and here are the results CPU: Intel Core i7 - 6700HQ CPU Frequency: 2601 MHz RAM: 8GB 2.60GHz OS: Win 10 64-bit Storage: SSD Test A Time: 4 min 51 sec Test B Time: 9 min 37 sec
  4. I just got it this morning, i'll let you guys know as soon as I can what it's like in terms of loading leagues etc, it might take a while to get everything downloaded though as I still have very poor internet speeds - joys of living in Ireland.
  5. I went with the http://www.laptopsdirect.ie/stormforce-wildfire-core-i7-6700hq-8gb-1tb-128gb-ssd-geforce-gt940-dvd-rw-7270-9069/version.asp in the end, ordered it this morning but then they decided they wanted to ring me while I was at work for a security check (not sure if this is standard procedure) and I couldn't take the call so I probably won't get it until Friday at the earliest. I'll do the benchmark when I can.
  6. There must have only been 1 in stock with three of us looking at buying it. Enjoy. Back to looking for me @GriffiN94
  7. Very frustrating lol I was about to order one and saw your post.
  8. Thanks for all your help pal, I don't even think the low/medium settings on the 3D engine is much of a problem for me to be honest as long as it doesn't lag and I can have the stadium and weather effects showing I think that will be fine. I'd imagine i'll probably purchase the HP laptop then.
  9. To tag you just type @ and then the persons name and to multi quote you press the plus sign under the posts you want to quote and then in the bottom right it'll say "quote 2 (or however many you're quoting) posts" Thank you, you've been really helpful with those two posts. I am tempted to purchase the StormForce one but I don't know if I could justify paying €773.97 plus postage for a laptop which I most probably will only play FM on and use to browse etc. You say the HP would be good but have to run FM at slightly lower settings, would that mean it won't be able to load numerous lea
  10. Is this one of the best laptops to purchase around that price? Considering buying one myself and that fits into my price range.
  11. Hi i've been looking to buy a new laptop recently, due an upgrade on my current one that works fine but can't really cope with the 3D match engine unless I untick the crowd, stadium etc in the preferences also I can only have around 4 leagues loaded at one time and it usually goes down to 3* speed at that point. I generally only play FM on my laptop in terms of gaming but obviously use it for other daily uses. Anyway I am obviously a n00b when it comes to buying something good which is why i'm asking for advice in this topic, i've looked through this and had a look at all the links
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