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  1. i was just wondering is it possible to train players in new positions? like say a DM in to a CM
  2. does anyone else on here happen to think that fm 13 is better? i just enjoyed that alot more, cant really get into a save on this one, im gone back to fm13 and all because of it, its so much better
  3. im going into second season now and want a left midfielder and a left back, has anyone any ideas?
  4. hes super for me, that good he's my first choice LB and doing well, although he did just cost me a champions league semi final by getting sent off all will be forgiven!
  5. heres valencia for me, not too shabby here's my ins and outs and here's my league position i plan on training nick powell in as a direct replacement for carrick when he comes back off loan, don't know how well that will work :-/
  6. jesus, thats a serious amount of transfers in your first season haha
  7. i started a save with united when i first got the game on tuesday just messing about with tactics and signings, i had valencia on the right and nani on the left and they where immense, starting again now, gonna try make it a long term one, although i do get bored or pissed off fairly easily lol
  8. i find it weird that most people sell valencia, he is an absolute assist machine for me
  9. bring him on towards the end if winning, send him out with a bang
  10. sweet jesus, cracking thread, but how long did that take? im thinking days
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