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  1. Greatest Acheivements!

    Ditto, you're my hero Casartelli...
  2. Perhaps a tap on the box for next position and a select and hold for the list of positions? Although I'm a drag and drop kinda guy personally! Although last two seasons, auto select and then drag drop the stupid assistant mistakes! Hehe I would like it, perhaps even a bug that clear squad changes the view, I select by condition, clear and select shows selection view... As I was saying and I've logged a couple of other places I would like the ability esp on the team selection screen to have the option to choose if you want to sort or view by what you select... i.e. Click 'sort/view', select 'sort', select 'selection' the list is now sorted by selection, click 'sort/view', select 'view', select 'condition' the list is still sorted by selection, however now it displays the players condition so you have your first eleven all together and you can easily see if anyone is unfit... Currently you will have to scroll up and down to find the player and condition, which is a bit frustrating...
  3. Tut, tut, tut... what ever became of the over zealous test room internet filter... Also pretty sure there were a couple of other things in the OTF FMHi thread I posted like the ability to choose to view or filter pages, so you could keep the order of a page but view different things, i.e. keep selection filter/order but view condition... Capisce?
  4. I think Darth Vaughan might have already fixed this...
  5. Ooooh also noticed 8) that at the end of my last season at the season review Serie A top goal scorer was my striker Serie B was a defensive Midfielder Serie C1A was a Left back Serie C1B was a AM/F RLC I figure DL's and DMC's shouldn't be the leagues top goalscorers... although is only from one season this is the 2015/16 season I think as well...
  6. Hi guys, Well done Marc not a bad little game for a a first crack! I have found a few issues some large, some small...(All before the update, haven't got wifi at the mo to update my game, also running on a 32GB 3Gs with tonnes of memory!) As manager of Rimini in Serie C1/B 1) I had some dross GK's so I relegated all but one to the reserves which then offered me the choice of a "virtual"/grey GK , clicking on him caused my game to crash 100% reproducible 2) Tiny bug, but all San Marino regens are coming through as Italian and not San Marinese! 3) Another tiny bug from the early FMH days that I think I popped in test track, the match commentry always uses "The referee" which can cause lines where there is a capital letter in the middle of a sentence. 4) As has been mentioned the virtual teams are doing too well in the 5/6 seasons I have played every time a team from the first round of the world club championship has made the final, i.e. the team from honduras or guatemala or new zealand or some other awful footballing nation, and 2 or 3 times winning it, by beating the likes of Barcelona or Inter Milan, irl this has never happened perhaps a team from Mexico from the quater finals making the final yes but these tiny crap teams shouldn't make the final let alone win... 5) Not a bug but something missing from the FMH game (I think) that I like is the ability to view teams from a nation.... If I want to scout all the teams from Brazil looking to uncover a hidden gem there is currently no way to do this other than find the club in either a random players history page or from a news item or the transfers page, but if I want to go to a specific club I cannot find a simple route, for example in Italy I would like to have a look at the Hull team, but this is impossible, unless I search for a player who I know plays there, but after 6 seasons I don't know who is and isn't there! 6) I would also like to have, if only in the active nation the clubs division on the info page, I've been drawn against Cremonese in the Italian cup, I want to know what division they are in, currently I must go to the fixtures page and scroll down until the league season begins and then see what division, would be slightly nicer to have that information on the club info screen, and if possible the current league position? 7) Another feature request, this one/two more likely for future versions... Expected/Predicted league finish again on the club info screen, along with the pre-season, bookies expectations news item? Ok enough for now!
  7. San Marino Double Challenge FM2010

    €15 for the shirt
  8. San Marino Double Challenge FM2010

    Probably about 300-350 I'd guess at, 200 probably the away fans alone! By far out sung the 9 San Marino fans that actually wanted to sing.... Okay on the SM website.... "Spettori 250 circa." so change the above to 250 fans and about 150 away fans... Was a cracking goal that won the match as well I'd love to find a video to watch it again!
  9. San Marino Double Challenge FM2010

    I made the pilgrimage yesterday and lived the dream today... In with the "ultras", all 9 of them! And the proud owner of a San Marino Calcio Shirt and scarf! Scarf was a present from the fans I stood with! (So was the beer, wine and shot of something!) P.S. San Marino 1 - 0 Nocerina, Forza biancoazzurri!!
  10. San Marino Double Challenge FM2010

    Right then boys... Thought I'd share this magical day with you... Based on my hugely successful and even more enjoyable FM08 game...
  11. I've stopped playing my FM08 game now but before I start deleting it I just wanted to look at the PA and CA and rep my club and players and see how I did. But I can't seem to find a program that will work on my macbook does anyone know of something that will do the job? Thanks.
  12. Just a thought but if there are weekly updates would it also be possible to arrange a time once a week or fortnight to have the game set up as a server then the people involved could come on at this time have a little nose round the stats of all the players and make their transfers accordingly?
  13. Finally got my internet at home working so I could upload some pics from last season, so here we go: Second Best team in Europe over the last 5 years although come the end of the season we'll be first The league table at the end of our second league win (Check out the goals for column! ) Manager of the year again! San Marino claims all three foreigners of the year places And all three Player of the year awars (and all are different players!) build up to the Champions League Final This is what we aspire to! Then we can get the praise we deserve!! And then watch the job offers pour in! Don't worry though, I stayed loyal to San Marino! Here's the club's Info screen from the end of our treble winning season And Finally My Info/History Screen!
  14. International challenge

    Hi guys just wondering if you could help me out I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a rough estimate (a week or so) when the World Cup Qualifiers Groups are drawn or even the European Championships Qualifying Groups? Cheers!