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  1. I really want to start saves with Nice or Lille in FM18. Ligue 1 really attracts me... In Bundesliga Hoffenheim should be an interesting save, however, even rebuilding Bayern could be interesting if you try to get rid of a few older players and stick to the boards philosophy and dont overspend on signings...:)
  2. This works great for my Hammers side!! great tactic, we get more than 60% possession now!
  3. Andrija Zivkovic!! bought him for 1.1mil in my Hammers save, sold him 2 seasons later to PSG for 50mil + instalments!! Iver Fossum; class midfielder which does the job right away. Juan Cazares!! versatile in attacking midfield, can be sold later on to generate money. Borja San Emeterio! young right back with years to come, can be your right back for the next 15 years and comes in cheap! Sead Kolasinac, got listed by S04 so i picked him up for peanuts, again very versatile and aggresive ball winning type of a player with very good physicals!!
  4. I got Matthias Ginter at West Ham! He was transfer listed by BVB so it was a no brainer. He is very versatile and I use him as a Anchor Man and he does very well for me!!
  5. Brilliant thread, last years thread really helped me out a few times (especially Lewicki in my RBL save)! on my new save at West Ham i bought Iver Fossum & Kristoffer Olsson! While Fossum is just brilliant and other clubs start do show interest in him Olsson was inconsistent and had a few injuries. I loaned him out to Bursaspor (where J. KLinsmann is manager ) and i hope he can start to play more consistent there!! Shame i missed out on Rossbach
  6. FootyManagerTV is doing a save with them this year on his YouTube Channel
  7. WEST HAM should be interesting this season! they are in the europa league, you could build a good squad from that and try to challenge for europa league places in 1st season!
  8. i always pick up Winston Reid after the 1 season. either as a back up for bigger teams or as the leader in my defense when im managing 'smaller' teams... very reliable, aggressive and consequent central defender!!
  9. Winston Reid & Duvan Zapata are always available on the cheap after 1st season! great players!
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