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  1. Quick question about scouting. I usually use my best JCA/JPP staff to scout specific players that I'm about to sign - is there any difference if I'm asking my Assistant Manager to scout a few players until full knowledge, rather than an actual scout? Can scouts maybe scout more players at the same time / scout quicker or is there no difference?
  2. Question about Look For Overlap team instruction - does it only work when you have wide midfielders/attackers or will it work with narrow formations too, where my only width are wing backs? I read a few guides and it says that it's meant to be used when you want your wide players to hold the ball until the overlap occurs, but what I want is my central players to look for spaces out wide, that my attacking wing back runs into. I could use the Exploit The Right/Left Flank instruction, but I don't think that would help to create space - I want to give the wing back time and space to get into a good position before giving him the ball, I don't want him to get it early on and attract opposition players on him. Same goes for Play Wider instruction I guess.
  3. Question about scouting: How do I find out how much it costs to scout a player inside my scouting range to full knowledge? I know that if I scout a player outside my scouting range, the cost will be taken from the scouting budget, but it still costs money to scout any player, right? It doesn't matter for big clubs, but I have this feeling that I'll drive my 5th tier club into bankruptcy if I keep scouting numerous players to full knowledge, which is what I'm used to doing. I'd be a lot more comfortable if all scouting expenses went from the scouting budget, knowing that if I spend it all, the worst that can happen is that I won't be able to scout anymore until the next season, rather than money being taken from my clubs' balance. I really don't see any logic in splitting costs up like that.
  4. Question regarding this formation - Mezzala or CM-A? I don't fully understand what systems benefit from a Mezzala. I'm also worried about my right flank if I use one, especially because it's vulnerable as it is already, since there's no cover from wide midfield. Alternative option is to change my AP to Attack duty and use CM-S on the right. That would be a better option defensively, I guess. Also, if someone could explain a difference between CM-S and Carrilero in this formation, I'd be very thankful. I tried using him one match, but I was under the impression that he was being very defensive - is Carrilero therefore more suited to systems with attacking Wing Backs, or did I not get it right?
  5. Does anyone know if having scouting packages affects the number of players that your scouts find? Let's say that I have a scout on an ongoing mission to look for hot prospects. Will he report back to me with more findings, if I select a youth scouting package?
  6. Thanks, that makes sense. One more question, why would anyone want to be paying for a package throughout the whole year, when you can just use it before transfer windows and only pay for a few months? In previous FMs I used to sign scouts with vast scouting knowledge, set up ongoing nation/region assignments and then forget about it, while my base of players to search through kept growing, but now I feel like I don't know anything about scouting anymore. Also, I wish all scouting expenses went from the scouting budget, so that I wouldn't have to worry about going bankrupt. I've no idea how much ongoing assignments actually cost me or how many players I can afford to scout to 100%, before my finances take a hit.
  7. I have a few questions and I'd really appreciate if someone could answer them for me. Scouting Packages - why can I keep changing them multiple times a season? How does it make sense that I can select the expensive one, shortlist any players I want and then change to the cheaper one, before even being charged for it (my scouting budget doesn't change at all when I select a package)? Assignments - in previous FMs I would send my scouts on ongoing missions all around the world, but apparently that costs a lot of money now - I can't actually see the price of it anywhere though. I'm managing a club with low finances and I'm worried that if I do that, I'll end up being bankrupt without even noticing. I'd be way less worried if all scouting costs went directly from the scouting budget, but apparently it goes from your club balance, unless you're scouting players outside your scouting reach - makes zero sense to me. Scout attributes - what I used to care about in previous FMs, was that my scouts had good scouting knowledge. I didn't care about their JPA/JPP, because I had one or two ~20/20 scouts that I used for scouting players, the rest was just to build up my scouting knowledge. Apparently these attributes matter more now, apparently scouts with better JPA/JPP send more reports than the poor ones, is that true? Thanks!
  8. What is the actual bare-minimum spec that would run FM18? Can I find the official system requirements anywhere? Also, do you by any chance know if the game will continue becoming more and more demanding from this point on or should the current engine work for a couple of years, like the previous one did? I'm low on money, but god damn am I addicted to this game...
  9. What I don't understand, is why you decided to make the game completely unplayable for a lot of players without gaming PCs, just because of match day graphics. FM is the kind of game where you spend 80% of your time in menus, how the actual matches are looking was always the least of my worries. Especially a few years into the save, where watching matches becomes more a burden than anything else, because you know exactly how your team plays. Let's be honest, how many players do you think will actually enjoy seeing the same 5 seconds long 3D intro before they skip it, 5 years into the save? And this is why you decided to turn your back on a lot of loyal, older, less tech-savvy players, that have been with you since the beginning of the franchise, but will now be unable to play the game unless they buy a new computer? I'm very disappointed with your decision to completely remove the 2D engine. I know that you've mentioned new graphics in the promotional videos, however you also have to understand that a lot of players trusted you to leave the option that helps the performance on older computers, in the game, like you did in previous editions. I'm afraid that FM18 will be the first FM in 6 years that I will not be purchasing.
  10. It will not be removed, because it's a part of the new graphics engine. Sadly, if you can't afford a gaming PC, you're out of luck from this point on. Buckle up and accept the fact that FM17 is the last version of the game that is GPU-friendly.
  11. Very disappointed with the decision to remove the option to completely disable the 3D engine. Football Manager was never about graphics for me and it never will be, no matter how much you guys are proud of your new "fancy" animations, that whether you want it or not, still look very clunky for the most part. 3D views completely ruin my immersion and you guys seem to be trying to shove it down everyone's throats. It's also worth adding that there's a lot of FM players that do not have gaming PCs and will struggle a lot with not being able to choose between the GPU Supported or the Software shaders. Because all of a sudden, graphics matter in FM. I hope that you guys aren't just looking to maximize your profits with appealing to the broadest audience possible, which means focusing on the looks. Because this is what most 12 year old's care about.
  12. How does Advanced Playmaker change the playing style of the team? For example, in my team, AML and AMR are the best players and I want them to be very involved in the play. Would that go against using an Advanced Playmaker in the AMC slot? I'm asking this since we know that Playmakers tend to be "ball magnets" more than other roles and I'm wondering if my team will force the play through the middle because of that. Thanks!
  13. 3CMs vs. 1DM & 2 CMs? Is it true that 3CMs tend to perform better in FM? I've been watching @Rashidi's Torino Diaries on YouTube recently and the fact that he won the Serie A back-to-back and Champions League in his first two seasons, without even making any big signings, made me question a lot of things that I do in my saves. In one of the episodes he mentioned that 3CMs in a flat line tend to perform better. Considering the fact that he eliminated Barcelona and Real Madrid, without having a DM, means he's probably correct. I personally would probably play a DM in these kind of "tough matches", just for that extra security at the back, but maybe I shouldn't. I've also heard before that CMs tend to be "more careless", if they have a DM behind them, but I never took that too seriously. By my logic, having a triangle should be better than having a flat line, because the passing options are naturally easier that way, but are they really? Which formation would be a better choice for a tough, away match, for example? 4-DM-2CMs-AML-AMR-1 or 4-3CMs-AML-AMR-1?
  14. Probably a stupid question, but hey... How do you guys decide when to let a player that starts moaning about leaving for a better club, go? Let's say he's one of your key players and Real Madrid come in with an offer. You don't need the money and he still has 2-3 years left on his contract. Do you let him go if he goes moaning to media or do you just keep him no matter what, since he obviously still has a lot of time on his contract and he won't be easy to replace? When do you decide it's better to sell him? I personally maybe sometimes hold onto my players too much, if they're decent. I don't know when it's better to sell them than to force them to stay. I know that a player's morale goes to **** for a month or two, but sometimes he drops the issue immediately after the transfer window. I usually get a lot of offers for my best players and if I accepted every single one, I wouldn't ever be able to build my squad. How big of a deal is it really, if you force a player to stay?
  15. Guys, how effective would a Structured or Very Structured shape with a 4-1-2-2-1 (DM, 2CMs, AMR, AML) be, against teams that mainly defend? Or to ask in general, what are some examples that would warrant changing the team shape - what do you look for, when deciding if you want to change it (I sometimes struggle to read the game when watching it)? I usually start matches on Flexible and Control. Although with the formation mentioned above, I have no spaces between the lines (as 4-4-2 would have, for example), so maybe Structured would be the natural choice, I pick Flexible because I don't want my front three marked out of the game - I feel like I want more flexibility in attack, to make it harder for teams to defend, since I'm the attacking side most of the time. Then if I want to protect the result, I change it to Structured and Counter or even Very Structured and Defensive (when I do that, I usually also change to 2DMs), if I really want to hold on to the result. However, I struggle to respond when I need a goal. I just came up against a 4-4-2 with 2DMs, where I was supposed to win. The first half on Flexible and Control went well, but we didn't score. So I went wider, lowered the tempo and asked for fullbacks to overlap more, to create overloads in the final third. After no change after 60 minutes, I also changed to Structured and Attacking. My idea was that my AMR, AML and ST are the best players on the pitch, so I want them to focus on attacking more. However, maybe that was the mistake, since I probably made it easier for the opponent to defend. Now that I think about it, maybe I should of used Fluid instead, to drag the opponent's defenders out more and have a more varied attack. I could probably also keep possession more easily that way, with players closer together. But then again, my best players would have less attacking mentality that way and I'm not sure if that would be a smart thing to do, when I need a goal.
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