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  1. I've recreated this competition since FM17 basing my work on a file that was released for FM15 (always start from scratch each year). I can't get why it isn't working properly on 19. For some reason certain teams that were eliminated in the qualifying phase play on the first round; this never happened in 17 or 18. Here are some examples: CWC.fmf Any help is appreciated.
  2. Same problem, and I've tried every suggestion too. Just follow my order and use my tactic ffs.
  3. The filter messages option resets itself after I press continue. Is there a way to permanetly filter unwanted messages? e.g. every media message.
  4. Interesting. I tried changing based nation and/or nation, but that didn't work. So, you complety remove that city from the original country, or just make a copy of it on the desired country? Wouldn't this method also affect other clubs since it's affecting the whole city?
  5. An in-game example of this would be Lusitans in Andorra, they only get Portuguese players. Is it possible to recreate this behavior in other clubs? For instance, an Andorran team that only gets Spanish players, or an English team that only gets Nigerian ones. Thanks.
  6. So I've been managing in Andorra for 25 seasons now, and for the last 15 seasons I've been facing this big problem which has made think I should just stop the challenge. This one agent really hates me (and so do I). After my tenth season our relationship drastically decreased, they went from very friendly to fierce dislike. I think one or two deals were unsuccessful, but doesn't explain his sudden dislike. This is when the problem "emerges", he just asks for ridiculous fees and contracts for my youth players, and considering he feels hatred for me, I find it funny he always has 20+ players from club. Due to this I've lost several youth players and the funny thing is, he's a really bad agent and most of the high profile youth players that leave my club retire after one or two seasons. I'm fairly confident he's bugged. When he retired, I didn't get a notification or anything. An agent that looks exactly like him and has the same relationships with me other other managers showed up. Also my players (including good youth prospects) have left him many many times, but he still ends up being their agent. For instance, there are two players that have left him at least 6+ times yet he's still their agent. Also some really good prospects that left my club left him 3+ times, yet he was still their agent. If a players leaves his agent, he shouldn't hire him again, period. I don't know if this is problem in my save or FM in general.
  7. Same problem here. Deleting it did not work and I can't find an alternative one in any of the other skins I use. Anyone mind sharing/uploading the "fixed" star rating folder?
  8. How would I go about making the "Instant result" button on any skin directly choose the simulate match option.
  9. There is nothing wrong with using an editor to chage your kits, right?
  10. Yes! I remember looking at that option and thinking if it would make a diference but I forgot where it was. This is a great solution and now the game doesn't stop like crazy (Granted, I'm not up to date with news anymore). I got used to go on holiday one game before a match and now this is going to help during pre-season and tranfer windows (Don't recommend going on holiday during either).
  11. Recently I decided to make the transition from 15 to 17 and my biggest problem with the game so far (apart from the poorly made regens) is the amount of times the game decides to stop when I press continue. It pretty much stops at least three times each day. I ticked the option "have fewer stops in play by increasing the duration of each proccesing game" but the game still stops every single day. Is there a way to "fix" this annoying problem? When I pressed continue in FM15 it never stopped EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  12. Hello, For some reason the cup seems to not be working. When I tested it, the editor said there was a problem with the stages (everything looks good when I check them). I gave it a try in-game, and for some reason the competition never starts. Any help would be much appreciated. CWC_61C83B25-A183-4B0B-9601-AE3CD4067B3B.fmf
  13. Relative age effect "The most commonly used cut-off date for youth international sporting competition is 1 January. The IOC and FIFA and the 6 international football confederations (AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, OFC and UEFA) all use 1 January as their administrative cut-off date when determining an athlete's eligibility to compete in youth competitions, children born before a specified cut-off date are excluded." See, I'm right(this is not rocket science, do some research and don't make stuff up ). They need to fix this bug.
  14. That's exactly what I'm doing, they told me they needed my save, hope they fix this problem . At the end of the day we all want the best for FM!
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